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[TV Quick Review] WWE Superstars – 9/27/2012

Spoiler Free Match Lineup:

  • Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Heath Slater
  • Ted DiBiase Vs. Michael McGillicutty
  • [WWE Divas Champion] Eve Torres Vs. Layla in a Non-Title Match
  • Main Event: Kofi Kingston Vs. Dolph Ziggler 

Note: This quick review is done through Hulu Plus, so commercial breaks between matches might be shorter and match times might be off.


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[WWE News] Kelly Kelly Released

WWE announced today that Kelly Kelly has been released from the company. Kelly, real name Barbara Blank, joined the company in 2006 and debuted for the ECW brand as an exhibitionist who was always at odds with her “boyfriend” Mike Knox. After that she bounced around from feud to feud, winning the Divas Championship on one occasion and becoming one of the most popular Divas on the WWE roster.

Kelly returned to the WWE last month after taking the summer off, but outside of a TV match and an appearance at Summerslam she was all but a ghost in the company. Ultimately it won’t be a big loss for the WWE but part of me is disappointed; although I wasn’t a huge fan of her, she was a hard worker and had consistently gotten better in the ring over the years. Plus it always sucks when the Divas division loses another wrestler; they’re running with a skeleton crew as it is.

Will you miss Kelly Kelly? 

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[TV Review] IMPACT Wrestling – 9/27/2012

This week on IMPACT Wrestling: A new TV Champion is crowned, the latest Gut Check contestant faces the judges, more matches are announced for Bound For Glory, and Hulk Hogan and Sting head to the Aces and 8’s clubhouse…through awkward circumstances.

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[TNA News] Updated ‘Bound For Glory 2012’ Card; 3 New Matches Added

Last night on IMPACT Wrestling, TNA announced three more matches for its flagship event Bound For Glory. Here is the updated  card, with new matches marked with an asterisk (*).

Main Event: Austin Aries (c) Vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

*Miss Tessmacher (c) Vs. Tara for the TNA Knockouts Title*

Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (c) Vs. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle Vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

*”The Cowboy” James Storm Vs. Bobby Roode in a Street Fight (Special Enforcer: King Mo)*

*Two TNA Wrestlers (TBD) Vs. Two Aces and 8’s Members (TBD) – if Aces and 8’s win, they get full legal access to the Impact Zone*

It’s refreshing to see TNA having Bound For Glory this mapped out 3 weeks in advance; in this day and age, most PPV’s are put together on the fly but they know that this is their Wrestlemania and need to pull out all the stops. And frankly this is already one nice looking card. Can’t wait to see what they add next.

TNA Bound For Glory 2012 takes place live from Phoenix, AZ on October 14, 2012.

[TNA News] ‘IMPACT Wrestling’ Preview for 9/27/2012

Here’s what to expect on tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling, according to the official preview on TNA’s website.

  • With Devon gone from TNA, the TV Title has officially been vacated and a new champion will be decided tonight on “Championship Thursday”. GM Hulk Hogan will hear the cases of four wrestlers (Samoa Joe, Magnus, Mr. Anderson, and Garett Bischoff) and decide which two will meet in the squared circle to decide the new champion.
  • Speaking of Hogan, he promised the Aces and 8’s last week that he would meet them on their turf, a place known as “The Clubhouse”. Given their kidnapping and brutal assault of Joseph Park last week, will Hogan still go through with it? Also expect some sort of update on Park’s condition following said attack.
  • TNA Gut Check prospect Evan Markopolous came up short last week in his match against Douglas Williams and tonight the TNA Gut Check judges (Bruce Prichard, Taz, and Al Snow) will meet and decide if he’s deserving of a TNA contract.
  • With 3 weeks to go until they meet in the main event at Bound For Glory (peep the up to date lineup of the show thus far after the preview), TNA World Champion Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy will be both be on the show to continue building to the match and adding new wrinkles to their newfound rivalry. Will Aries once again attempt to try to prove that he can do anything Hardy can do?
  • Bully Ray shocked TNA fans by defeating Aries in the main event of last week’s show. What does this mean for the superstar going into TNA’s biggest event of the year?

All of this and much more will happen tonight on IMPACT Wrestling at 8PM/7PM Central on SpikeTV.

Current Lineup for TNA Bound For Glory 2012:

Austin Aries (c) Vs. Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian (c) Vs. AJ Styles/Kurt Angle Vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez for the TNA World Tag Team Titles


[TNA News] TV Title Officially Vacated; New Champ To Be Decided on ‘IMPACT Wrestling’

Umm…I think they spelled “Television” wrong…

Last week on IMPACT Wrestling, TNA announced that the TV Title situation would be settled on “Championship Thursday”. Although many speculated that Devon, who didn’t renew his contract and left the company, would return to lose the TV Title to someone, others figured that meant the belt was vacated and a new champion would be crowned. Well those who thought the latter can pat themselves on the back because in TNA’s new IMPACT Wrestling preview for Thursday’s show they officially addressed the situation and formerly vacated the belt.

TNA also announced that for “Championship Thursday”, four competitors will plead their case as to why they deserve the TV Title to GM Hulk Hogan. Hogan will then decide which two will square off to decide the new champion. The four “contestants” are as follows: Samoa Joe, Magnus, Garett Bischoff, and Mr. Anderson.

Although the belt has been wasted again and again, I still believe in the potential of the TV Title division and now they’ve got a chance to start anew with a strong champion. I’m hoping for either Joe or Magnus to get the belt so that can be added as another cog to their feud going into Bound For Glory but I’d just as easily accept Mr. Anderson becoming the champ. Anyone but Bischoff really; he’s getting better but he still has a long way to go before he’s ready for that sort of run (assuming TNA doesn’t drop the ball again with it).

Either way, let’s at least hope they actually change the name on the physical belt this time around. No more of the “champ holds his hand over the “Legends” plate in pictures” thing, please. That’s bush league.

Do you see any potential in a TNA TV Title division or am I just being (as the kids like to say) “cray”?

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[TV Review] WWE Raw – 9/24/2012

Raw in Brief:The first match is the best match, a legend returns to yell at CM Punk, WWE kicks the NFL while they’re down, the misfit Tag Team Champions get a horrible name thanks to the WWE Universe, and John Cena introduces the world to his latest protege: an inanimate carbon rod.

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