[WWE News] Company Partnering with Hulu Plus; Will Not Affect Any Future WWE Network Plans

Interesting development today in the world of distribution for World Wrestling Entertainment. The company announced a multi-year agreement with Hulu Plus to exclusively stream their television shows. The service, which costs 7.99 a month (a marked difference from the original Hulu’s price point of “free”), is available on a variety of platforms from video game consoles to smartphones to Roku boxes. Through this deal, WWE flagship shows Raw and Smackdown will be available for viewing the next day in their entirety, as will the upcoming Ion show Main Event and even NXT (although according to NXT Champion Seth Rollins, the Full Sail version of NXT isn’t available quite yet). Also if you’re a TV nerd, Hulu Plus also has a whole bunch of current TV available to watch with new episodes going up the day after they air on TV. So that’s nice.

So does this mean that the WWE Network is now a Hulu Plus channel? Absolutely not. The WWE Investor Relations Department tweeted that the new deal with Hulu Plus has absolutely no bearing on the plans to create a WWE Network. It’s just merely another digital distribution avenue for the company.

Although I don’t subscribe to Hulu Plus, this new announcement is making me consider sucking it up and paying the 7.99 a month for the service. WWE putting up their shows online is nothing new, Smackdown is already put up online legally the next day, but having all of the WWE TV content available in one place plus (hopefully times infinity) NXT is very very enticing. I’ll be keeping an eye on the channel to see just what they put up and make my decision from there.

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