Hiring Kwee Wee as my secretary is easily the 54th best idea I’ve ever had.

Love the site? Hate the site? Want to help correct some factual errors? Want me to review something? For all of that (and other inquiries) you can reach me at (copy and paste it, I’m trying to avoid spam by not making it a link). I will get back to you as quickly as I can, even if it’s just an email filled with curse words and death threats.

Anyone sending DVD’s/Movies/Documentaries/Etc. for Review Consideration: Please let me know when your particular item will be released so I can plan to release the review accordingly. I will do my best to review everything sent to me (if it’s not possible to do so in a timely fashion, I will notify you), but bear this in mind: I can’t be bought, so if I dislike your product I will not hold back.

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