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[TV Report] WWE ‘Raw’ Recap + Commentary – 2/25/2013


This week RAW comes to us live from Dallas, TX and it’s looking like it’s going to be a stacked show, between the John Cena/CM Punk main event, the Vince McMahon/Paul Heyman “fight”, and potentially an appearance by a certain “Deadman”. Let the build to Wrestlemania 29 continue…or something.

Click “read more” for a live recap of the show as it airs, or click “read more” later when it’s not so live and you’re looking to catch up. Just click it either way, please.

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[PPV Recap] WWE Royal Rumble 2013

royal rumble 2013 rock

One of the WWE’s biggest shows of the year, Royal Rumble, has concluded and if you have a Twitter account you’re probably being bombarded by some harsh comments in your feed. Take a break and read my recap-ish of the show, plus my own thoughts.

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[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 1/25/2013

WWE-Friday-Night-Smackdown (Small)

With two days to go until Royal Rumble, WWE presented the “go-home” edition of Smackdown featuring another verbal confrontation between WWE Champion CM Punk and his challenger this Sunday The Rock. Also on the show Booker T goes one step above making on the fly tag team matches, Natalya is in action against Rosa Mendes, and 3MB continue to be cannon fodder this time for Randy Orton.

Click “read more” for full results/storyline notes, taken from Jake Barnett‘s much more detailed coverage at

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[TV Recap] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 1/11/2013

WWE-Friday-Night-Smackdown (Small)

With a Friday off and the potential for an actual eventful Smackdown, I’ve decided to give the show a shot this week. The main event tonight is The Big Show Vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Championship in a Last Man Standing match. WWE has already spoiled who wins, but I won’t be doing the same because of reasons. Also The Rock will be in attendance. That’s a thing.

Click “read more” for a full recap of the show as it happens.

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[TV Results] WWE Tribute to the Troops – 12/19/2012

tribute to the troops 2012

In addition to WWE Main Event on Ion yesterday (results here), WWE also ran its 10th annual Tribute to the Troops show on the USA Network continuing with “WWE Week” festivities.

Click “read more” for the results from that show, taken from James Caldwell‘s much more detailed report over at the PWTorch.

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[TV Results] WWE Super Smackdown Live! – 12/18/2012

super smackdown

 In case you weren’t already burned out from Raw on Monday (recap for that here), WWE put on a special commercial-free Super Smackdown yesterday on the USA Network with the main event pitting John Cena/Sheamus against Dolph Ziggler/The Big Show.

Click “read more” for results/storyline notes from the show taken from Jason Powell‘s live recap of the event over at

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[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 12/7/2012

WWE-Friday-Night-Smackdown (Small)

This week on Smackdown, Sheamus and The Big Show go head to head with old foes in singles action, The Miz gets into a verbal tussle with the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”, and 3MB pull a “Freebirds” and wrestle in six man tag team action.

Click “read more” for a full breakdown of the show in chronological order. All information from the show comes from Chris Shore‘s live (and far more detailed) coverage of the show on

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[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 11/30/2012

WWE-Friday-Night-Smackdown (Small)

This week on Smackdown Damien Sandow continues to tread water, John Cena makes a rare wrestling appearance, and in the main event Dolph Ziggler takes on former World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus. And given Sheamus’ upcoming match against The Big Show at TLC, you can guess how that one turns out.

Click “read more” for a breakdown of the matches, plus storyline/segment notes. All information about this show taken from Jake Barnett‘s far more detailed coverage over at

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[TV Results] WWE Main Event – 11/28/2012

Another WWE Main Event has come and gone; here are the results/storylines notes from this week’s episode. All information comes from Chris Shore‘s live coverage over at


Match Results:

  • John Cena pinned Damien Sandow (19:30).
  • [WWE United States Champion] Antonio Cesaro pinned Zack Ryder (8:49).

Segment/Etc. Notes:

  • Commentary was handled by Michael Cole and JBL.
  • The Josh Matthews post-match backstage interview with Damien Sandow was just Matthews reading a note Sandow had written proclaiming “enlightenment was postponed due to ignorance”.
  • Next week’s showcase match pits champion against champion, as WWE I.C. Champion Kofi Kingston takes on WWE U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro. The match was made official after the Cesaro/Ryder match, when Kingston came out post-Cesaro promo and told him to back up his claim as being the greatest champion in WWE history.


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[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 11/26/2012

Raw 11/26 Preview:

  • After putting Ryback through a table not once but twice last week, the mysterious “NX3” (Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns) have a lot to answer for and tonight Michael Cole will try to get those answers in their first ever live interview.
  • Vickie Guerrero brings out even more evidence of a John Cena/AJ Lee “affair”. Deja vu, much? Also the John Cena/Dolph Ziggler feud that has sprung from this scandal continues and it’s Ziggler’s turn for revenge after being locked in an STF last Friday on Smackdown.
  • The Sheamus/The Big Show feud continues as we get closer to their “Chairs match” at next month’s TLC.
  • As of today, the WWE Championship reign of CM Punk has lasted 371 days with no end in sight. However Ryback is still on the hunt. Will there be a match announced for TLC? Who knows!

Click “read more” for a full and detailed recap of the event, plus my own thoughts and analysis (now with fewer letter grades!).

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