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[TV Review] WWE Raw – 1/14/2013

Raw Review

WWE celebrated the 20th anniversary of their flagship show with a concert from The Rock, a MizTV featuring Ric Flair, and a main event of John Cena Vs. Dolph Ziggler in a cage match.

Click “read more” for quick match results as well as a review of the show. For a more detailed recap, check out my coverage over at 411Mania.

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[TV Review] WWE Superstars – 11/29/2012

Superstars Review

This week on Superstars, Santino Marella is in action against David Otunga and Brodus Clay goes one on one with JTG. Oh and a whole lot of Raw recaps.

Click “read more” for a review/recap of the show. For a more detailed rundown of this week’s episode check out my full blown recap over at Lords of Evolution.

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[TV Review] NXT – 11/28/2012

nxt review

With two weeks to go until NXT Champion Seth Rollins defends against #1 contender Jinder Mahal, the focus shifts towards that feud with an in-ring confrontation between both men mediated by WWE announcer Michael Cole. Also on NXT, Trent Barreta attempts to get revenge against Leo Kruger for last week’s attack and in the main event Team Hell No defends the WWE Tag Team Championship against Michael McGillicutty and Johnny “Not Fandango Quite Yet, Bro” Curtis.

Click “read more” for a review of this week’s show. For a more detailed recap, check out my coverage over at Lords of Evolution.

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[TV Review] WWE Superstars – 11/22/2012

This week on Superstars, Zack Ryder/Santino Marella square off against 3MB and in the “main event” Darren Young is in singles action against Justin Gabriel.

Since this is a short show, check out my review of it right below. If you’re looking for a more full and detailed recap check out my coverage over at Lords of Evolution.


Match #1: 3MB (Heath Slater/Jinder Mahal) [w/ Drew McIntyre] defeated Zack Ryder/Santino Marella in 8:48.

  • This was billed as a “Survivor Series pre-show rematch” but to be honest this is more like a rematch of the last 5,000 times they’ve worked together since 3MB first began. That being said the two teams do work well together and this was another decent match with the highlight being Marella showing off some of his actual wrestling talent in the midst of his normal comedy routine. The guy has way more talent than any of us probably realize. Also as a side note, I think McIntyre might be the highlight of 3MB; he’s really taken a shine to the gimmick and is outshining even Slater at this point on presence alone. (C+)

Main Event: Justin Gabriel [w/ Tyson Kidd] pinned Darren Young [w/ Titus O’Neil] in 9:08.

  • Considering that last week’s Superstars main event was The Great Khali Vs. JTGI automatically consider this an upgrade (I also didn’t watch last week but I can assume it was pretty terrible because, seriously, The Great Khali). This turned out to be a pretty decent singles match that was given a good amount of TV time thanks to the fact WWE overlooks this show and probably doesn’t regulate it at all. O’Neil was fun acting as Young’s coach, blowing a whistle and yelling “TOUCHDOWN!” after a particularly brutal move. And if you’ve seen Gabriel in action before you know he can bring the thunder and did so here. Even though this was a singles match and Gabriel has far more singles experience (and wins), I was still surprised to see him get the nod here; seems like The Prime Time Players are higher on the WWE food chain so I just sort of expect them to win against lower level talent no matter a singles or tag team match. But I’m not disappointed in who won at all. (B-)

Other Points of Interest:

  • Scott Stanford and Matt Striker handled commentary and yes Striker’s creepstache is still in full effect. Shudder.
  • The show featured two RAW Rebounds: the first showed the Vickie/AJ/Cena/Ziggler in-ring confrontation in its entirety and the second was a video package that highlighted CM Punk’s celebration of being WWE Champion for one year (including Ryback getting sent through a table once again by Ambrose/Rollins/Reigns).
  • No mention was made of Thanksgiving on this episode since Superstars mainly (if not exclusively) airs in foreign markets.


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[TV Review] WWE Raw – 10/8/2012

This Week on Raw:Vince McMahon made his return to WWE television in an explosive way, John Cena came out to open (and help close) the show, Sheamus helped make another up and coming superstar look like a million bucks, the tag team tournament raged on, and CM Punk proved once again why he is the true reason that the show has remained watchable. Click “read more” for quick match results and a review of the show.

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[TV Review] NXT – 10/3/2012

This Week on NXT: The Richie Steamboat/Kassius Ohno feud continues, Seth Rollins and Michael McGillicutty have a final confrontation before their NXT Championship match next week, and Big E Langston teaches the college kids at Full Sail how to count to five. Click “read more” for a mini-recap/review of the show

Note: Due to Hulu Plus’ shorter commercial breaks, match times may vary.

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[TV Quick Review] WWE Superstars – 10/4/2012

This week on Superstars, The Rhodes Scholars continue their ascension to the near-top of the tag team ranks by facing off against The Usos in the main event. Plus Wade Barrett brings his barrage to the C-show, David Otunga takes a break from being Brogue Kicked, and Yoshi Tatsu will once again try to score a win (you can guess how that turns out). Click “read more” for a quick review/recap of the show plus some thoughts of my own.

Note: Due to Hulu Plus having shorter commercial breaks, match times may vary.

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[TV Quick Review] WWE Superstars – 9/27/2012

Spoiler Free Match Lineup:

  • Yoshi Tatsu Vs. Heath Slater
  • Ted DiBiase Vs. Michael McGillicutty
  • [WWE Divas Champion] Eve Torres Vs. Layla in a Non-Title Match
  • Main Event: Kofi Kingston Vs. Dolph Ziggler 

Note: This quick review is done through Hulu Plus, so commercial breaks between matches might be shorter and match times might be off.


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[TV Review] WWE Raw – 9/24/2012

Raw in Brief:The first match is the best match, a legend returns to yell at CM Punk, WWE kicks the NFL while they’re down, the misfit Tag Team Champions get a horrible name thanks to the WWE Universe, and John Cena introduces the world to his latest protege: an inanimate carbon rod.

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[TV Quick Review] WWE Superstars – 8/30/12

Spoiler-Free Lineup:

  • Ryback Vs. Johnny Curtis
  • The Usos (Jey Uso/Jimmy Uso) Vs. Epico/Primo (w/ Rosa Mendes)
  • Main Event: Alex Riley Vs. Jinder Mahal

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