[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 9/24/2012

Raw Preview:

  • At the end of the show last week, CM Punk berated a new referee for his loss during the big tag team main event (Punk’s foot was on the rope). Undoubtedly Punk is still steaming will have a lot to say (maybe even more) about the injustice that occurred.
  • John Cena underwent elbow surgery last week and is not cleared to wrestle, but will be on the show in some capacity tonight.
  • Michael Cole will conduct an exclusive on-air interview with Jerry Lawler, who’s still recuperating from his almost-fatal heart attack two weeks ago.
  • The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil) made their presence felt last week by taking out Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara after their match. The Players are now ready to “take” whatever they want; what will they do this week and will Mysterio/Cara try to extract a little revenge?
  • Kane/Daniel Bryan continue their mis-matched Tag Team Champions shenanigans.
  • After destroying The “MizTV” set last week, Ryback has caught the ire of WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz. Does Miz have something sneaky up his sleeve?

All this and much more on the latest 3 hour edition of Raw.

We are live in Albany, NY and instead of pyro or the usual intro, CM Punk is sitting in the ring. Paul Heyman stands over him. Heyman says he has some bad news: Raw will not go on as planned until justice is served. Heyman gestures to the TitanTron, where we see the end of last week’s tag team match (John Cena pins Punk, but Punk gets his foot on the rope). Heyman says the WWE Universe is witness to a grand injustice put upon Punk. Heyman calls out the ref from last week’s match, Brad Maddox, and tells him he will apologize then resign as a referee.

After a brief pause, Maddox reluctantly heads to the ring. Maddox admits to making a mistake due to nerves and should have checked the ropes before completing his count. He feels terrible. Heyman then asks him to resign. Maddox says he does apologize but that he doesn’t feel…before he can finish, Punk gets up and says the only thing he should feel is shame. Punk gets in his face and asks him how he even got the job as a ref. Punk dresses him down. Maddox says that when Raw expanded to 3 hours and got the call from GM AJ Lee they needed more referees. Heyman yells at him for not being a ref and calls him a “scab”. Heyman hands him a sleep mask with both the WWE logo and the NFL logo.

  • Thoughts: Wow, that was not subtle.

Punk says if AJ was good at making decisions, she would come out and fire Maddox. Naturally, her music hits and out she skips to the ring. AJ gets in the ring and sends Maddox away. Heyman assumes she must be out here to reverse the decision from last week. AJ says assuming makes an “ass” out of you and me. AJ says that Maddox made a mistake but he’s not about to let Punk and Heyman berate an official and hold her show hostage. She asks Heyman who he thinks he is, and Punk walks over and says that he knows who he is: the WWE Champion. Punk says he’s the reason AJ has a job and tells her not to disrespect him. Punk says he knows why there’s hostility between them and looks to the TitanTron. It’s a clip from two months ago when she asked Punk to marry her and he turned her down.

  • Thoughts: Deja vu. I feel like this gets brought up every time they talk.

We go back live and Punk laughs while AJ angrily looks at him. Punk says that’s why there’s tension between them. Punk says if she forgets last week’s match ever happened, he’ll forget how much she used to stalk him and wear his t-shirt. Punk tells AJ to tell the WWE Universe how intimate they actually were behind the scenes. Heyman pushes Punk aside, and asks to help navigate the political waters.  Heyman turns to AJ, gets down on one knee, and proposes! He says together they will trump all the other power couples in the world, and be the most influential power couple in sports entertainment history. Heyman says he can come up with all of the ideas and AJ can take credit for his brilliance. Heyman says he likes his women young, dumb, uninhibited, and ambitious.

AJ takes a second to think it over, then slaps Heyman across the face before angrily stomping away. Punk helps Heyman to his feet. Michael Cole and Jim Ross call Heyman a slimeball.

  • Thoughts: This was ridiculous nonsense…and for some reason I really liked it. Why? You guessed it: Paul Heyman. He played the slimeball to the tee and his proposal had such a mocking tone that it was easy to sympathize with AJ. I actually want to see her get some revenge tonight.

Raw Hype: Exclusive live interview with Jerry Lawler.

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Backstage one of the refs is consoling Brad Maddox. AJ Lee walks in and the other ref leaves. Maddox thanks her for standing up for him and promises he’ll never make a mistake like that again. AJ is happy about that because if he does make a mistake like that again, she’ll make sure he never works in this business again. AJ says he embarrassed her and made her look like an idiot. Maddox apologizes again, and AJ stares into space while crying. Maddox walks away and AJ tries to gather herself

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler try to talk about what just happened but are interrupted by the shrill voice of Vickie Guerrero. She introduces her man, MiTB briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler, to the ring. We see a Twitter war he’s been having with Kofi Kingston over the past week. TWITTER FEUD! Out comes Kingston next, accompanied by R-Truth. R-Truth sits ringside with Little Jimmy, and Guerrero walks over and makes faces at his invisible friend. Kingston and Ziggler come out and all four argue. R-Truth throws his drink in Guerrero’s face. She shrieks wildly, and the ref throws both her and R-Truth out of the ringside area.

Match #1: Kofi Kingston (w/R-Truth) Vs. Dolph Ziggler (w/ Vickie Guerrero)

Kingston and Ziggler trade blows to begin the match. Kingston gets the upper hand with an uppercut and a dropkick. Kingston clotheslines Ziggler out to the floor and follows it up with a cannonball splash. Kingston celebrates the move as we go to commercial.

*Commercial Break*

We’re back live and Ziggler is in control. Kingston reverses an Irish whip in the corner but misses a splash and gets back T-Bone suplexed to the mat. Ziggler goes for the pin. 2-count. Ziggler locks on a front facelock. They get to their feet and Kingston tries to break out. Instead Ziggler reverses the attempts into a reverse neckbreaker for another 2-count. Ziggler showboats for the crowd, allowing Kingston to start mounting an offense. Ziggler stops it with a beautiful dropkick for the 1…2…kick out.

Ziggler locks Kingston in the Kokina Clutch (essentially anyway). They get to their feet once more, and Kingston fights out. They trade right hands, and Ziggler knocks him into the corner. Ziggler tries to follow it up with a splash, but Kingston moves and Ziggler eats turnbuckle. They trade right hands in the center of the ring, and Kingston follows it with a couple of clotheslines and the “Boom! Drop”. Kingston attempts the Trouble in Paradise but Ziggler catches him. Kingston flips out of a suplex and gets the offense back. He hits a springboard right hand for the 1…2…kick out.

Ziggler moves from a splash, but Kingston jumps to the second rope and hits a flying cross body for the 1…2…kick out! Ziggler kicks Kingston and connects with the FameAsser for the 1…2…KICK OUT. Ziggler jumps on Kingston’s back and Kingston turns it into the S.O.S. for the 1…2…KICK OUT. Kingston goes to the second rope. Ziggler tries for a dropkick but Kingston catches his legs and catapults him. Ziggler lands on the second rope and jumps off but Kingston ducks then jumps to the second rope and hits another flying crossbody for the 1…2…KICK OUT. Ziggler throws Kingston into the corner and hits the Zig Zag for the 1…2…3! EXCELLENT MATCH.

Winner [via Pinfall]: Dolph Ziggler (11:08)

  • I sincerely doubt that it’ll get better than in-ring wise tonight. Tremendous match between the two. Goddamn. (A-)

At the announce table, Michael Cole and Jim Ross talk about John Cena‘s surgery from last week. They then hype Cena’s appearance later in the show.

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Smackdown Recap: Daniel Bryan costs Kane his match against Damien Sandow. They argue in the back and Dr. Shelby gets Bryan a match later to make Kane feel better. Kane costs Bryan his match against Cody Rhodes.

Dr. Shelby’s Radical Form of Therapy

We see footage from earlier today, where Dr. Shelby and Daniel Bryan are talking at a cafe. Shelby says he set up a roleplaying scenario to show he and Kane can co-exist outside of a competitive environment. Bryan asks him what it could be and out pops Kane wearing an apron and acting as their waiter. Bryan says he wants a steamed vegetable platter and a tag team partner who isn’t a 7 foot freak. Shelby reminds Bryan that Kane is “Gerald”. Kane says he beat up the old cook and makes a ton of references to the cook being Bryan. Shelby asks him if he’s kidding, and Kane says he has no idea because he’s Gerald.

  • Thoughts: A funny segment thanks to the deadpan acting of Kane and the shot of that old lady’s reaction to Kane’s proclamation he sprinkled hair in all the food he’s been serving. The whole Kane/Bryan thing was getting sort of dumb, but this is making me like it again. Sigh.

RAWactive: Vote for Bryan/Kane’s tag team name.

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The Raw Social Media Ambassador tonight is Criss Angel. Sigh.

The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil) are already in the ring for the next match. Their opponents come out next: Zack Ryder and Santino Marella. 

Match #2: Zack Ryder/Santino Marella Vs. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’ Neil)

Ryder and Young start off. Young shoves him and Ryder slaps him. Ryder then hits a backdrop for a quick 2-count. Young reverses an Irish whip and ducks a cross body attempt. Young applies a front facelock. Ryder goes to break out, but Young knees him. Ryder slips out of a suplex attempt and tags in Marella. Marella goes on the offense. He hits a diving headbutt. O’Neil breaks up the count. Young sends Ryder into the post and he falls to the floor. O’Neil gets the blind tag and Marella sets up for the Cobra. O’Neil connects with a sitdown spinebuster for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: The Prime Time Players (1:54)

  • A quick and painless win for The Prime Time Players. Ryder/Marella should never team again though. I also like that Ross and Cole are making it a point to remind everyone that the refs are working harder to not mess up this week. Good way to sell the issue, methinks. (C)

Raw Hype: Interview with Jerry Lawler via satellite.

We see a door marked “Raw Special Guest”. Ross says we’ll find out who it is…next!

*Commercial Break*

We’re back at the announce table and Cole/Ross talk about the WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen in fighting breast cancer. Rise above cancer such.

Mick Foley Confronts CM Punk

A familiar car crash is heard and out comes WWE legend Mick Foley to the ring. Foley says he comes here as a card carrying member of the WWE Universe. Foley talks about CM Punk‘s ascension last year and how good it felt, and then talks about how Punk has changed since then.

“Cult of Personality” almost immediately cuts Foley off, and out comes the WWE Champion wearing a blue hoodie. He brushes past Foley and grabs a mic. Punk tells Foley to stop grandstanding and to just tell him why he’s out here. Foley says he struggled with issues of relevancy until last year when Punk won the WWE Championship and texted him back after Foley texted him with congratulations.

  • Thoughts: Ugh what is this high school?

Foley brings up his association with Paul Heyman but before tackling that subject, Punk yells at the booing audience in Albany, NY. Punk says Foley has no idea what he’s talking about. Foley says he used to also be a “Paul Heyman Guy” but didn’t get to where he was until he stopped listening to him. Foley says Heyman is only going to do what’s best for him, and not for Punk. Foley asks why Punk needs a mouthpiece, and says he needs to decide if he’s going to be an inspiration to the WWE or a “Kool-Aid drinker”.

Punk yawns and asks if they’re done, because he’s done. Foley says he’s not done, and brings up Hell in a Cell. Foley says no one understand that match’s barbarity like he does. Foley says he never asked for respect; he earned it at King of the Ring 1998 through that match. Foley says anyone who endures that match is essentially granted respect. Foley names the legends who have fought in a Hell in a Cell match.

Punk asks Foley if he wants the “old” Punk. Foley says he wants Punk to meet John Cena in a Hell in a Cell at, erm, Hell in a Cell. Punk says he heard that same speech from Cena after winning at Summerslam when he was goading him into a match at Night of Champions. And then Bret Hart also tried to “talk sense into him” and give a similar speech. He says Hart embarrassed him in Montreal. Punk says it’d be more embarrassing if he put his hands on Foley because he wouldn’t lower himself to that. Punk says Foley is beneath him. Punk says the one thing he doesn’t need to do: anything for the fans. Punk brings up Foley’s hardcore past, matches to get the adulation of the people. All Punk wants to bring the people to their knees. Punk says he can do that with a microphone and won’t put his body through that stuff. Punk then brings up how many days he’s been WWE Champion (309).

Foley brings up his own statistic: 29 days (the total of his three title reigns). Foley asks if Punk wants to be a statistic or a legend. Foley says no one remembers numbers, they remember moments. Foley begs Punk to meet John Cena tonight and make the “right” decision. Foley tells him to have a nice day and exits the ring, leaving Punk to think it over.

  • Thoughts: Good mic work from Foley but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes every time he called himself “relevant”. If you have to say you’re relevant, then you’re irrelevant. This wasn’t as compelling as it should’ve been, but still a pretty good segment overall. But, come on, how is this different from the other “let’s talk sense into CM Punk” segments that seem to happen every week.

Raw Hype: Ryback will face The Miz next! Awesome!

*Commercial Break*

WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz makes his way to the ring. We see a clip from last week’s show where Ryback destroyed the “MizTV” set.

Match #3: Ryback Vs. [WWE Intercontinental Champion] The Miz

Miz hits him with a left hand, which doesn’t phase Ryback. Miz tries to keep it up, but Ryback lays him out. He smashes his shoulder into Miz’s mid-section in the corner then launches him out. Ryback rushes in but Miz gets an elbow up. Ryback quickly recovers and picks him up. Ryback delivers a powerslam, then smashes Miz into the mat repeatedly. Miz escapes to the outside. Ryback follows and continues his offense even as Miz tries to fight back.

Back in the ring, Miz hits a series of running kicks and a DDT for a 2-count. Ryback regains control and power bombs him to the mat. Ryback goes to the corner and connects with a hardcore clothesline. Ryback picks him up and hits the marching Samoan drop for the 1…2…3.

Winner [via Pinfall]: Ryback (2:57)

  • The fan running into the ring took away from the finish a little bit but otherwise a big win for Ryback. Unfortunately it was just the same Ryback squash we always see. (C)

Daniel Bryan and Kane at the Diner

Bryan and Kane are eating and discussing beating up eight guys last week on Smackdown. They both freak out and we see Mae Young say “I’ll have what they’re having”. Gag me with a spoon.

  • Thoughts: Hey, Bryan and Kane are starting to become friends! Too bad they got stupid and did that When Harry Met Sally reference. Cool to see Mae Young still around though; she is indestructible.

Raw Hype: John Cena addresses the WWE Universe.

*Commercial Break*

AJ Lee is holding a meeting with the referees in her office. Lee says that everyone makes mistakes, and singles out Brad Maddox in particular. She tells them all to have a great rest of the show and shoos them away. In comes Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga, and Ricardo Rodriguez. She has made a six-man tag team match for tonight: Del Rio/Otunga/Rodriguez against Sheamus/Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara! Del Rio tries to argue he’s not a competitor as Lee leaves. Rodriguez rips off his neck brace and is excited to wrestle. He says “let’s do this, ARRRRIBA!” then runs off.

Wade Barrett heads to the ring for the next match. His opponent, Tyson Kidd, is already in the ring.

Match #4: Tyson Kidd Vs. Wade Barrett

Kidd uses his speed to hit a series of kicks. He hits a running dropkick for a 2-count. Barrett back kicks Kidd in the gut to stop the run. Barrett smashes his knees into Kidd’s face, then kicks him, knocking Kidd to the floor. Barrett goes to the outside to continue the attack. Barrett rams Kidd back-first into the apron and throws him back into the ring. Barrett jaws with the crowd, then rolls back in. Kidd rolls to the apron, and jumps over him to roll him up. 2-count. Kidd runs into a Tilt a Whirl Sidewalk Slam. Barrett picks Kidd up and hits the short arm elbow (“The Souvenir”) for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Wade Barrett (2:19)

  • Kidd can make anyone look good. Even a man with a short arm elbow strike as a finisher. I desperately want to like Barrett’s new gimmick but it’s just not working yet. (C)

Raw Hype: Cole/Ross will interview Jerry Lawler via satellite…next!

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole Interviews Jerry Lawler

Michael Cole is in the ring and he recaps Jerry Lawler‘s heart attack a couple of weeks ago as we see stills of it (wow). Cole introduces Lawler, and the crowd goes wild. Lawler is at his home in Memphis, TN sitting on a throne (naturally). Cole says Lawler looks fantastic. Lawler thanks him and apologizes for his raspy voice due to a ventilator. Lawler says it’s great to be back with the WWE Universe on Raw. Cole asks Lawler the last thing he remembers of that night. Lawler says all he remembers is the first segment of the show (the Bret Hart/CM Punk confrontation). He says he doesn’t remember the match he competed in later.

Cole asks Lawler what he remembered after waking up. Lawler says he thought he was still in Aruba, not in a Montreal hospital. Cole says Lawler has received thousands of well-wishes and asks him if Lawler expected that kind of outpouring. Lawler says he didn’t, but he’s thankful for all of the well-wishes and prayers. Lawler thanks everyone for it. Cole asks Lawler when he’s going to return to Raw. Lawler says it was inevitable to have a heart attack having to sit next to Cole for 3 hours a week. Lawler says he’ll leave his return date up to the doctors.

Lawler’s music plays as he soaks in the cheers of the Albany, NY crowd.

  • Thoughts: Good to see Lawler talking and being the opposite of dead. His Cole joke was hilarious too, and probably made some of the WWE office cringe. But since he beat death he can do whatever he wants. Here’s hoping they don’t rush him back though; he looks to still need a lot more recovery time.

The music of David Otunga awkwardly transitions us to the next match. Otunga comes out. Ricardo Rodriguez then comes out and introduces both himself and Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes out driving another fancy car. Otunga claps as Del Rio poses. The match is coming up…next!

*Commercial Break*

Sin Cara makes his way out for the face team as we come back from commercial. Rey Mysterio comes out next, doing his usual schtick, and then finally World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus heads to the ring to finish out the team. The match will start…next! Sigh.

*Commercial Break*

Match #5: [World Heavyweight Champion] Sheamus/Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara Vs. Alberto Del Rio/David Otunga/Ricardo Rodriguez

We join the match in progress (shocking). Sheamus throws Otunga to the apron but before he can do the forearms, Rodriguez and Del Rio pull Otunga to the floor. Sheamus goes to the apron and hits a shoulder block on Otunga. Mysterio and Otunga take to the air and splash Del Rio and Rodriguez. Sheamus and Otunga take back into the ring. Cara tags in and delivers a series of kicks. He hits the ropes but Otunga shoulder blocks him to the mat. Rodriguez tags in and tries to continue the offense but Cara easily takes him out with an armdrag. Cara hits the ropes, but Del Rio kicks in to allow Rodriguez to go for the pin. 2-count.

Del Rio tags in and connects with a snap suplex for a 2-count. Del Rio applies a front facelock to wear Cara down. The crowd chants Cara’s name. They get to their feet and Cara breaks out, but Del Rio regains the advantage easily. Rodriguez begs to be tagged in and Del Rio reluctantly obliges. Rodriguez tries to take off Cara’s mask but Cara kicks him and it’s a spinning head scissor. Rodriguez tags Del Rio in, but Cara also tags in Mysterio. Mysterio cleans Del Rio’s clock with a kick and goes for the pin. 2-count. Del Rio pushes Mysterio in the corner, but goes head-first into the second turnbuckle thanks to a drop toehold. Mysterio goes to the top rope, but Del Rio scales the ropes and hits an enziguri. He goes for the pin. 2-count.

The Prime Time Players are watching backstage. Otunga tags in and bodyslams Mysterio. Rodriguez tags in and goes for the pin. 2-count. Mysterio starts fighting back so Otunga quickly tags in to stop the assault. Del Rio then tags in and hits another enziguri for a 2-count. Del Rio applies a rest hold to wear Mysterio down. Mysterio gets to his feet and tries to elbow out but Del Rio pummels him to stop it. Del Rio attempts a sunset flip but Mysterio rolls through and dropkicks him.

Sheamus gets the hot tag and beats down the newly tagged in Otunga. Sheamus attempts the White Noise, and Otunga ducks the Brogue Kick. Rodriguez gets tagged in and Sheamus drags him into the ring. He tries to escape, and Sheamus catches him in between the ropes to deliver his heavy forearm shots. Mysterio tags in and hits the 619 on Rodriguez, following it up with a hurricanrana to Del Rio on the outside. Cara tags in and hits the Swanton for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: Sheamus/Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara (7:52 of the match shown)

  • A predictable finish but I enjoyed the match anyway. Rodriguez is pretty damn good at taking punishment; for some reason I was really enjoying how he flipped during hurricanranas and head scissors and such. And Del Rio also had some cool spots, especially that top rope enziguri. Nothing special overall but a serviceable six man and a damn good performance from Rodriguez. I hope he gets to actually wrestle more in the future. (B-)

Otunga recovers in the ring, and Sheamus connects with a Brogue Kick to add insult to injury.

  • Thought: What a bully!

Raw Hype: John Cena will address the WWE Universe concerning his elbow surgery.

*Commercial Break*

Kane and Daniel Bryan At a Diner, Part 3

Dr. Shelby, Daniel Bryan, and Kane are sitting at their booth. Shelby says they’ve made tremendous progress, but has one more exercise. The waitress gives Bryan Spaghetti and meatballs and Kane a salad. Shelby wants them to each take a bite to feel how the other feels. Kane takes a bite of the salad and Bryan begrudgingly takes a bite of the meatball. Shelby asks Kane how he feels; he loudly burps. Shelby asks Bryan how he feels. Bryan says it wasn’t as bad as he thought, but then throws up in Shelby’s lap. Kane laughs and says “Check please”.

  • Thoughts: It was what it was and in a lowest common denominator way it was funny (vomit is funny to me, suck it). But it was a bit of a lackluster way to end these series of videos. Oh well.

Michael Cole gets on the house mic to hype RAWactive. We see the choices. The results will be revealed soon, and the tag champs will be in attendance to accept/hate the name.

*Commercial Break*

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to his music. The fire pyro goes off at the entrance stage bringing out his partner Kane. He gets into the ring and makes the posts spout flames as per usual. Michael Cole gets back on the house mic to deliver the RAWactive results. Daniel Bryan and Kane are now known as…Team Hell No. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes attack them from behind, then escape to the entrance ramp. Rhodes gets on the mic and announces that his and Sandow’s team are now called “The Rhodes Scholars”. Sandow then says Kane and Bryan now have a real reason to be angry then ends with an emphatic “You’re welcome”.

  • Thoughts: Team Hell No? Sure why not. The attack from Sandow and Rhodes was way more interesting though. Although I would prefer them to be singles competitors, I can’t argue with the genius of “Rhodes Scholars” as a team name. Hell yeah.

Raw Recap: Paul Heyman sarcastically proposes to AJ Lee to begin the show. Lee slaps him.

Raw Recap: CM Punk/Mick Foley confrontation.

Raw Hype: John Cena blah blah interview.

*Commercial Break*

Layla and Alicia Fox come out for their next match, a Divas Tag Team encounter. They bring up Kaitlyn‘s mysterious injury. Their opponents: WWE Divas Champion Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix.

Match #7: Layla/Alicia Fox Vs. [WWE Divas Champion] Eve Torres/Beth Phoenix

Layla and Phoenix start off. Layla gets an early kick and rams her into the top turnbuckle. Layla hits a flying crossbody for a quick 2-count. Fox tags in and dropkicks Phoenix. She ducks a clothesline and hits another dropkick. Phoenix throws Fox in the corner, but Fox jumps over and connects with a sunset flip for another 2-count. Fox hits the ropes but Phoenix catches her and hits a powerslam. Phoenix chokes Fox in the corner with her boot. Phoenix hits a slingshot suplex as Torres tags herself in. Torres hits Fox with her finisher for the 1…2…3!

Winners [via Pinfall]: Eve Torres/Beth Phoenix (1:28)

  • This match certainly, um, existed. The Divas deserve better than this. (C-)

Kaitlyn comes out on a crutch, and says she scored the security footage from Night of Champions. Kaitlyn says the attacker was a blonde. Torres starts blaming Phoenix, and Phoenix maintains her innocence. Torres hits her with a spinning neckbreaker.

  • Thoughts: Torres being the master manipulator continues. I’m digging it even if I would rather not see her and Kaitlyn face off in a match.

John Cena is talking with a stage hand backstage as Ross again hypes Cena addressing the WWE Universe later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

We are greeted with Brodus Clay‘s whole entrance as we come back from commercial. His opponent, Tensai comes out next. Mr. Sakamoto is nowhere to be found.

  • Thoughts: I audibly groaned once I saw the damn disco ball.

Match #8: Brodus Clay Vs. Tensai 

Clay and Tensai lock up all around the ring until they settle in the corner. Tensai delivers an uppercut and a series of headbutts. He gets pulled away by the ref, and then runs back in to splash Clay in the corner. Tensai hits the ropes and gets caught with a Clay headbutt. Clay hits a sort of exploder suplex. Clay goes for the Big Splash but Tensai moves out of the way. Tensai then attempts a back splash but misses.

And out comes The Big Show to effectively end this match. The Big Show gets on the apron and delivers the WMD punch to Tensai, knocking him out and causing the disqualification. Tensai wins technically!

Winner [via DQ]: Tensai (1:45)

  • It could’ve been a cool hoss fight, but this match was just a means to an end. Shame. (C-)

Show gets into the ring immediately delivers another WMD to Clay, who runs at him trying to take him down. Show then leaves the ring.

  • Thoughts: Apparently they’ve run out of ideas for The Big Show.

Raw Hype: John Cena will address the WWE Universe next!

*Commercial Break*

Michael Cole and Jim Ross announce the Smackdown main event this Friday: The Big Show will take on Randy Orton.

John Cena Addresses the WWE Universe

“My Time is Now” plays, bringing out John Cena, right arm in a sling. He heads to the ring and lets the crowd cheer/boo him for a bit before talking. Cena says he wasn’t supposed to be here tonight, but with his future in question he wanted to personally thank the WWE Universe. Cena thanks the crowd for their support of Rise Above Cancer. Cena says never to doubt the WWE Universe for they are all powerful.

  • Thoughts: “Powerful at giving us their money, we mean” – WWE

Cena says he’s happy to hear the people after the bad week he’s had. A “Cena” chant sort of breaks out, but the boos drown most of it out. Cena apologizes for CM Punk, a man who pretends to tell the truth but misquoted him. Cena says Punk has turned into another guy, a (lamely replacing expletives with PG language). Cena then puts over the WWE Universe for making every Monday night crazy, or something. Cena says it sucks he has to sit on the bench for a little while. Cena guarantees that he will walk into Hell in a Cell in order to fight.

Cena goes to guarantee a match between him and Punk but “Cult of Personality” cuts him off. Out comes the WWE Champion and Paul Heyman. Punk stares down a red head kid and denies another kid a high five. Heyman raises the WWE Championship for everyone to see as they make their way to the apron. Punk gets into the ring and circles Cena. Punk gives him a mocking round of applause then grabs a mic. Punk calls Cena’s speech beautiful and says he should be a politician. Punk says Cena certainly has the character assassination part of a politician down.

Punk says he doesn’t buy into the crap Cena shovels. Punk says there’s one CM Punk and there always has been. Punk says his title reign is not going to end any time soon, especially not because of a one-armed man. Cena asks him to just accept Punk’s challenge. Punk says he won’t accept the challenge and says Cena’s constant title shots are not fair to the rest of the WWE locker room. Punk says the reason he’s not competing against Cena at Hell in a Cell is because Cena won’t be medically cleared. Punk says talking trash about him every Monday is stupid but doing so with an injured arm is even stupider. Punk tells Cena to run. Punk says he’s going to turn his back and count to 5 and if Cena is still there he’s going to hurt him.

Punk and Heyman turn around. Punk starts the count down, as Cena brandishes a lead pipe. Punk gets to 1, turns around, and gets a lead pipe to the stomach courtesy of Cena. Cena says real men wear pink and he hopes to see him at Hell in a Cell. Cena stares Punk down, who’s trying to gather himself on the entrance ramp. Cena is super happy at hitting him with a lead pipe. Cena leaves the ring and gives the pipe to a fan (?!?) before shaking hands with Cole and Lawler. Cena then starts shaking hands with the fans ringside and gives his hat to one of the kids.

  • Thoughts: Let’s face facts: this wasn’t an interesting way to end the show. The promo was boring and Cena hitting Punk with a lead pipe was just ridiculous. That did absolutely nothing for me.

Punk walks backstage, coughing and weasing. He makes eye contact with Mick Foley and goes to walk away but stops and returns to kick him down. Punk starts walking away again but stops. He goes to turn around and say something but gets scared by someone off-camera. The camera pans over to Ryback who stares him down as we fade to logo.

  • Thoughts: Ryback? RYBACK?!? I did not see that coming. For that alone that was an interesting way to end the show. But Ryback? RYBACK?!? That came out of f*cking nowhere.

Overall Show Grade: C+

  • Favorite Match: Kofi Kingston/Dolph Ziggler
  • Least Favorite Match: Brodus Clay/Tensai
  • Favorite Segments: Paul Heyman’s douchey proposal to AJ, the Ryback staredown to end the show, the first two parts of the Daniel Bryan/Kane stuff, the creation of The Rhodes Scholars.
  • Least Favorite Segments: Cena/Punk showdown.

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