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[TNA News] Jeff Hardy Signs For Two More Years; More ‘IMPACT Wrestling’ Dates Announced

jeff hardy tna champ

Source = IMPACT Wrestling

To keep the cross-pollination going between the two shows, TNA President Dixie Carter appeared on the MMA show Bellator to drop some news about TNA. First, and most important I’d argue, Carter announced that their World Champion Jeff Hardy has signed on for an additional two years locking him up and preventing him from making the jump to the WWE without having ever lost the title. A very smart move on TNA’s part to sign Hardy as he continues to be a license to print money for them, no matter how much some of us hope he loses the title soon (maybe now that the contract is signed…).

In addition to this big news, Carter also announced some new IMPACT Wrestling dates and locations. They are as follows:

  • March 28 in Jonesboro, Arkansas at the ASU Convocation Center
  • April 11 in Corpus Christi, Texas at the American Bank Center
  • June 6 in Duluth, Georgia at the Gwinnett Center

Two decent-sized news bites for Carter to break on Bellator and more importantly I’m glad the MMA fans now also get to suffer this forced co-promotion between the two.


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[TNA News] ‘Genesis 2013’ Preview; Lineup + Predictions

TNA Genesis 2013 Banner

Later today TNA presents their first PPV of 2013 Genesis live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. Click “read more” for the full lineup of the show plus my own thoughts and predictions.

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[TNA News] Company Announces New PPV Structure; New Pricing Plan Also in Place


If I ever meet the person who came up with this idea, I am going to kiss them on the mouth (tongue optional). TNA announced yesterday that they are altering their PPV structure for 2013, moving to a “Big Four” structure with additional “niche” PPV events in the additional months. The four main PPVs, which will be built up by the IMPACT Wrestling show on SpikeTV, are as follows:

  • Genesis (January)
  • Lockdown (March)
  • Slammiversary (June)
  • Bound For Glory (October)

In addition to these four events, TNA will also release eight PPV “specials” under the name of TNA: One Night Only. Largely unrelated to the main show, these PPVs will be three hours long, released on the first Friday of the non-“Big Four” months and each featuring its own theme. The first of these airs in April and is called “X-Travaganza”. As you can probably surmise it will be X-Division themed and essentially acts as a replacement for the former July PPV Destination X. The second event, airing in May, will feature a “Joker’s Wild Tournament” where enemies will team up with one another in a series of tag team matches that lead into a battle royal final. For you old school fans, this is pretty much the same concept as WCW’s “Battlebowl”. Both of these are being taped this weekend.

In addition to these two, PWInsider also uncovered the six other themes for the One Night Only specials, and if you love tournaments then you are in luck. They are as follows:

  • TNA Hardcore Justice 2 – ECW reunion-style “hardcore” show featuring hardcore stipulation matches bringing in ECW talents.
  • TNA “10 Reunion” – Stars from the early days of TNA battling inside a Six-Sided ring.
  • TNA Knockouts Knockdown – One night Knockout tournament with the first round being all stipulation matches and the final four in a “test of their stamina” to see who the final victor is.
  • TNA International Incident – One night tournament featuring talent from ” United States, India, Mexico, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Japan & the UK” with the winner earning a TNA title shot.
  • TNA X-Division World Cup Tournament – four teams of X-Division wrestlers in a one night tournament featuring singles, tag, six man and eight man tag bouts.
  • TNA World Cup of Wrestling- Four teams, each captained by a TNA wrestler featuring a Heavyweight wrestler, a tag team and an X-Division wrestler battling in singles, tag and stipulation bouts. The finale will be a “two ring, triple chance Battle Royal.”

PWInsider also did some more journalistic work and uncovered that a new pricing plan will also be implemented alongside the new PPV structure. Here’s the breakdown of that:

  • Genesis and Lockdown will both remain at 34.95, but starting with Slammiversary the price for these three events going forward will go up to 39.95.
  • Bound For Glory, TNA’s Wrestlemania, will also go up in price and now cost 44.95.
  • The “TNA One Night Only” specials will be the cheapest option, running at 14.95.

It looks like TNA has finally figured out its PPV strategy has been a failure and is adjusting itself accordingly. I absolutely love this new layout for a variety of reasons (more build time for the main PPVs, cool niche PPVs that could translate into impulse buys, etc.) and I hope that it ends up working out well for them in the end so they don’t panic and go back to the old model. First the Gut Check changes and now the entire PPV structure changes; TNA seems to really be ready to switch things up for 2013 and I’m genuinely interested to see where it goes.


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[TNA News] Gut Check Format Changing for the Better

tna gut check

TNA has decided to change how they do “Gut Check” from now on and I couldn’t be happier about it; the company announced the format change on their official website, stating that instead of having  contestant face a member of the TNA roster, there will two contestants and they will do battle with one another. The Gut Check judges (Taz, Bruce Prichard, Al Snow) will then evaluate both of their performances and make a decision on the next week’s show. This new format debuts tomorrow on IMPACT Wrestling.

I haven’t been the biggest fan of the Gut Check segments since they debuted; having the contestants continually lose (Wes Brisco being the exception) to already established talents made them look weak and the judges look even weaker by signing said losers. Having the two contestants face off with one another makes a ton more sense and actually makes the stakes even higher. I am all for this and can’t wait to see it on tomorrow’s show. Now if only they’d jump the “sob stories” portion…


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[TNA News] The Pope, Sarita, and Rosita All Gone from the Company

the pope

TNA is now down three wrestlers, as “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Knockouts Sarita and Rosita have all left the company. PWTorch reported on Dinero’s exit yesterday, stemming from an announcement he made on his official Twitter, and reported on Sarita’s release today. PWInsider handled the reporting of Rosita’s release earlier today. All three of their profiles have been removed from TNA’s official website.

And here’s where I piss everyone off: while it sucks to see people leave any company, especially one that could use the talent, the simple truth is Dinero, Sarita, and Rosita have done barely anything in the past year and change. Sarita and Rosita held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles while those were still a thing but after the belts were taken over by Eric Young and ODB, that whole division was promptly forgotten about and so were they. Dinero participated in last year’s Bound For Glory Series, but after sustaining an injury, he was removed from the competition and hasn’t been seen since. In short their releases aren’t going to hurt or change anything. I hope all three land on their feet though; they are all talented, Pope especially, and deserve a real shot at doing something. God knows TNA wasn’t going to do much with them.


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[TNA News] ‘Final Resolution 2012’ Preview; Lineup + Predictions

final resolution hardy roode

This weekend TNA presents their last PPV of 2012, Final Resolution, live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. Click “read more” for a full lineup plus my thoughts and predictions for each one.

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[TNA News] Eric Young Back with the Company; Former Knockout Also Returning

eric young

TNA is welcoming back two of its homegrown stars; Eric Young announced today on Twitter that he has officially re-signed with the company. His last appearance was on the Thanksgiving episode, where after his Turkey Suit match, he was promptly beaten up by The Aces and 8’s. Given his contract status at the time this was seen as a way to write him off the show, but now it appears that the adventures of EY and his “wife” ODB are far from over. Young’s fishing reality show Off the Hook: Extreme Catches airs Sundays on Animal Planet.

There is also news of another return, but since it’s being treated as a potential spoiler for tonight’s show I’m going to give you ample time to avoid reading it (ALSO DON’T READ THE TAGS TO YOUR LEFT).

Alright here we go. has reported that former Knockout Velvet Sky has signed a new deal with TNA and will be making her return to television on tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling. PWTorch also went ahead and independently confirmed that she is, in fact, in attendance at the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL today so take that for what you will. Sky parted ways with TNA back in July after they couldn’t agree to a new contract. After launching her own clothing line as well as making independent appearances with former “Beautiful People” partner Angelina Love, Sky and TNA have apparently come to a new deal and considering she was making what I assume is decent money with her outside ventures, it must have been pretty lucrative.


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[TNA News] AJ Styles to Write Autobiography

VIP Ink Publishing announced yesterday that TNA superstar AJ Styles has signed on to pen his autobiography. According to the publisher, the book will cover his whole life from his humble beginnings in a miltary family, through his struggles with poverty, to his rise in the world of professional wrestling and his time with TNA. The press release also makes mention of Styles’ devotion to Christianity and further probing has found that the publisher is definitely steeped in the faith, so expect a lot of talk about that as well. No word on a release date or anything.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t peg Styles as one to want to write an autobiography but I’d definitely be interested in checking it out as long as it reigns in the preachier aspects. There’s a fine line here and judging by the publisher he’s signed on with and his own religious beliefs, it could potentially overshadow the other aspects of the book (namely the pro wrestling stuff, which yes I care about the most). We’ll see though; I’m willing to give it a shot.

[Extra props go to PWTorch for first reporting this and, in turn, bringing it to my attention.]


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[TNA News] Updated ‘Turning Point 2012’ Card; 3 Matches Added Plus a New Stipulation for the Main Event

Last night on IMPACT Wrestling, TNA announced three new matches for its upcoming November PPV Turning Point. In addition to that, a change has been made to the Jeff Hardy/Austin Aries main event: it will now be a Ladder match. Check out the updated card below (new matches marked with asterisks):

  • Ladder Match: Jeff Hardy (c) Vs. Austin Aries for the TNA World Heavyweight Title
  • No-Disqualification Match: Samoa Joe (c) Vs. Magnus for the TNA Television Title*
  • #1 Contenders Match: James Storm Vs. AJ Styles Vs. Bobby Roode [The winner gets a TNA World Title shot; the man who gets pinned loses World Title contendership until Bound For Glory 2013]*
  • Kurt Angle Vs. Devon*
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez (c) Vs. Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

TNA Turning Point 2012 takes place live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL on November 11, 2012.

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[TNA News] ‘Bound For Glory 2012’ Preview; Final Card + Predictions

Tonight TNA presents their biggest show of the year Bound For Glory, live from the Grand Canyon University Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. Click “read more” to see a rundown of the card plus my own thoughts and predictions.

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