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[WWE News] Company Sort-of Apologizes for A.W.’s Kobe Bryant Joke

During a match between Titus O’Neil and Kofi Kingston on last night’s edition of Raw  manager A.W. (who was there to back up O’Neil alongside his tag team partner Darren Young) let loose with the most awkward of compliments, stating that O’Neil’s ferocity in the ring was “like Kobe Bryant at a hotel in Colorado…unstoppable!” For those of you with short-term memories, this was a reference to allegations made against the basketball star back in 2003 where he was accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year old at a hotel in, well, Colorado. It was a throwaway comment, but one that the WWE immediately responded to, having Michael Cole apologize for the comment following a commercial break.

That wasn’t the end of the story though, as wrestling sites everywhere have been lambasting A.W. and the WWE for letting the rape joke get uttered in the first place. WWE has responded by giving a statement to the parasitic TMZ (a site I’m done linking to, proper sourcing be damned) about the incident, supposedly apologizing again (their apology consisted of saying they already apologized on TV for it) while also adding that they have taken “appropriate action in the matter”. Whether A.W. is suspended, fined, or possibly even fired is still unknown. All we do know is he fails horrible about it, which I’m sure is more of the “sh*t my boss is mad, I don’t want to lose my job” variety rather than actual remorse. And that’s the way it should be; yes it was an off-color remark made on a show largely aimed at children, but I personally didn’t find it all offensive. In fact it was more dated than anything, so it was a pointless joke because of that. Either way I hope A.W. doesn’t lose his job over this; he doesn’t deserve that harsh of a punishment over something that is seriously not as big of a deal as the WWE has made it by overreacting to the situation.

What do you think of this whole situation? Is it being blown out of proportion, or should more people be mad about it? Also are people not covering wrestling even mad about it to begin with?

[WWE News] WWE Title Match Added to ‘Summerslam’

At the conclusion of last night’s Raw, new GM A.J. Lee officially announced her brand’s main event for next month’s Summerslam: CM Punk will defend the WWE Championship against John Cena and The Big Show in a “Triple Threat” match. This match was signed due to the fallout from last night’s main event, when Punk attacked both Cena and Show during their #1 Contenders match causing it to be ruled a no-contest. Lee came out a few minutes after to announce that due to Punk’s actions, he would now have to face both men. Here is the current Summerslam card:

  • Triple Threat Match: CM Punk (c) Vs. John Cena Vs. The Big Show for the WWE Title
  • Sheamus (c) Vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title
  • Triple H Vs. Brock Lesnar

Expect the card to fill out a little more in the next 20 days, but outside of Chris Jericho/Dolph Ziggler and a potential Daniel Bryan/Charlie Sheen confrontation/match/whatever, I don’t exactly know what they are going to fill it with. But it’s not like they lack the time; they have five hours of prominent TV a week to figure it out. Still there aren’t a lot of feuds going on that could be milked for the show. We’ll see what happens.

What matches do you want to see at Summerslam?

[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 7/30/2012

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On this week’s edition of Raw, a new #1 contender is named to CM Punk‘s WWE Title and Punk himself explains why he left The Rock laying at the end of the 1000th episode special. A.J.‘s first week as GM has its ups and downs (and pants suits), while Daniel Bryan finally loses his mind. All that plus Chris Jericho, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus, and many others in action!

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[WWE News] John Laurinaitis Steps Down as Senior VP of Talent Relations

WWE announced today that John Laurinaitis has officially resigned as Senior Vice President of Talent Relations after eight years. According to the statement, the “Dynamic Dude” and proponent of “People Power” has stepped down to being burned out at the position but I’m sure the reasons behind it are for more political than that. Laurinaitis, who’s on-screen role ended last month at No Way Out, will remain with the WWE as a producer.

It’ll be interesting to see how a post-Laurinaitis WWE will look like, as he was responsible for bringing in new talent. With someone else now stepping into the job, we could see a roster that looks completely different in the next couple of years. I’m kind of excited to see what happens. And for anyone who’s unfamiliar with what Laurinaitis actually did as Senior VP of Talent Relations, here’s the original job posting which lays it all out. Sounds pretty godd*mn grueling, if you ask me.

[Feature] The Many Faces of… Ed “Brutus Beefcake” Leslie

The Many Faces of… takes a look at wrestlers who have had gone through a bit of an identity crisis over their professional career, changing from gimmick to gimmick sometimes with reckless abandon due to either internal or external outside forces (copyrights, character not getting over with the fans, etc.). Consider these guys the chameleons of professional wrestling.

Ed Leslie has had a storied career in the world of professional wrestling both as a tag team competitor and a singles star. He is undoubtedly best known as Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake, the master of the sleeperhold, Hulk Hogan‘s best friend, and more importantly a neon fishnets aficionado. But while that’s what Leslie is best known for, that’s just merely one of many gimmicks he had over his two decades in the industry and today we’re going to go through them all, from barber to butcher to dancer to mute biker (again with the biker gimmicks!). These are the Many Faces of Ed “Brutus Beefcake” Leslie.

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[Misc. News] Amusing ‘Funny or Die’ Skit Starring Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam

Today the 2012 London Olympics officially begin, with countries from all around the world competing to see who is the best at sports such as, erm, Badminton and Handball. To celebrate this momentous day, Funny or Die has released a short comedy skit starring former Olympic Gold Medalist/TNA star Kurt Angle as he tries to find his way back into the Olympic games with the help of his coach/buddy (and fellow TNA star) Rob Van Dam. Unfortunately since wrestling is out, Angle has to find a new way in and try some sports he’s not so good at which lead to some disastrous results. It’s an amusing skit, especially if you’re a gigantic wrestling fan (which you are if you are currently reading this) and it shows that Angle and RVD work well together as a comedy duo. I’m also aware that this isn’t exactly “news” but it’s a Friday and a slow news day so sue me. Sometimes we all need to laugh. Check it out on the FoD website or watch it below.

Favorite part? Has to be either Angle beating up his Fencing opponent or RVD’s Van Daminator. What part did you find funniest? Leave a comment and let me know.

[TV Recap] Impact Wrestling – 7/26/2012

Note: Unlike Raw, I will not be covering Impact Wrestling on a constant week to week basis due to real-life situations (work, school, etc.). I’ll do my best to keep it as consistent as I can but no promises. I’m also going to rework my recap style through this one as well for the 8000th time since this site opened three days ago.

On tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling:

  • TNA president Dixie Carter names a new interim GM to replace an injured Hulk Hogan.
  • A new number one contender will be named for Zema Ion‘s X-Division Title and Ion himself will defend the belt.
  • The “Bound for Glory Series” continues with two more matches (James Storm/A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle/Bully Ray)
  • Chavo Guerrero Jr. will make his TNA debut.
  • The Aces and 8’s will undoubtedly make their presence felt once again.
  • Sam Shaw will get another chance to prove himself in the TNA Gut Check.
  • And a whole lot more!

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[WWE News] Kharma ‘Officially’ Announces Her Release

After a week of speculation, WWE Diva Kharma confirmed today via Twitter that she has indeed been released from the company. Kharma, real name Kia Stevens, joined the WWE last Spring but her run was cut short when she found out that she was pregnant one month into the run. Her most recent appearance on WWE programming occurred earlier this year at the Royal Rumble where she made her return as a surprise entrant into the Rumble match, making her the third woman (after Chyna and Beth Phoenix) to be given that honor. Stevens is probably most well-known in wrestling circles for her run in TNA as Awesome Kong, where she helped pioneer the Knockouts division. No word on when or where Stevens will pop up next.

Thoughts: Ms. Stevens is one of the best women’s wrestlers in history and definitely in the top 5 when it comes to the past two decades. Her WWE stint never got the push that it deserved, and for once it wasn’t due to poor booking decisions it had to do with some severe personal tragedies. I wouldn’t be surprised to see her return to the WWE once she has fully recovered and is ready to go. She’s simply too good to not be invited back and judging by the way she confirmed her release I think she and the company both already know that.

[TV Recap] WWE Raw Supershow – 7/23/2012 (1000th Episode)

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WWE celebrated their 1000th episode of Raw and threw the kitchen sink at it in order to make the three hour show compelling. Did it work? Did they prove that the switch to three hours a week will be worth it? Read on after the break to find out!

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[ROH News] August iPPV Announced; Steen/Kingston to Headline

Looks like ROH has one more iPPV pit-stop to make before Death Before Dishonor X; the company announced today via their official website that they will hold Boiling Point on August 11th, live on iPPV. ROH also announced the main event for the show, which will emanate from Providence, RI: Kevin Steen will defend the ROH World Heavyweight Title against CHIKARA Grand Champion Eddie Kingston. And according to the official announcement, seeds have been planted for this match for a long time. Check out the official announcement after the jump in its entirety, which helps summarize the feud between the two.

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