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[TNA News] Spike TV Putting ‘Impact Wrestling’ Online

If you’re a DirectTV customer dreading the loss of Impact Wrestling due to the dispute between the satellite provider and television giant Viacom (who own SpikeTV), I have wonderful news for you. PWInsider reports that episodes of the show will now be put on SpikeTV’s official website. The catch? They will be posted a week after the show’s initial airing on SpikeTV. Minor inconvienence aside, you folks with DirectTV (and those of you who just don’t have cable at all) will now have access to Impact Wrestling again. Take that, DirectTV/Viacom feud!

Thoughts: It sucks that it took a major fallout between two big companies to get this to happen, but I’m estatic that SpikeTV will now be putting Impact Wrestling on their website. The week-long delay kind of sucks, but at least now those of us without the time (or the access) will be able to watch the show and I think it will do a lot for not only building their fanbase, but it will also create goodwill among said fanbase. Let’s just hope that this deal continues after DirecTV/Viacom inevitably make up in the future. I personally hope so; the internet is the real future of television.

[TNA News] Are You a DirecTV Subscriber? (Potentially) Say Goodbye to TNA! *[UPDATED: 7/11/12]*

News Update (7/11/12): At midnight, Viacom officially parted ways with DirecTV. Turns out even the Hulkster himself couldn’t save this from happening. DirecTV and Viacom are continuing discussions so hopefully this will work itself out. The following article was written before it was official.

Source: PWInsider

Every year it seems like TV networks and service providers get into a bidding war over rights and fees; a network will ask for more money and the provider will balk at having to pay a higher premium. From there outrage ensues, petitions are signed, and either deals are made or programming is lost. The latest war is between satellite provider DirecTV and Viacom, one of the largest TV corporations in the country if not the biggest. Viacom is looking to increase their revenue by charging higher fee rights for their stable of channels and DirecTV is not looking to indulge. If no deal is reached, all Viacom channels go black at midnight and the millions of DirectTV users will lose a chunk of the programming they pay for (or surf right through to get to the stuff they actually want to watch).

Why does this matter to you, you sassy rasslin’ fan you? Because one of the networks owned by Viacom is SpikeTV, home of Impact Wrestling. Naturally TNA is not excited to lose a chunk of potential viewers 10 hours from now and have sprung into action on their official website with Hulk Hogan himself imploring DirectTV subscribers/TNA fans to call the company and beg them not to drop Viacom programming (also if you like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, or any of the other 20+ channels they own). We’ll see in 10 hours if it works or not.

Thoughts: I don’t have DirectTV but I’m tempted to call myself. Impact Wrestling is finally getting watchable again and for them to get dealt this harsh of a blow is pretty unfair and downright cruel. Plus who wants a TV service monopolized by WWE programming? Variety is the spice of life! If you can, call 1-800-531-5000 and complain until you’re blue in the face. I don’t know if it’ll end up working, but I can always hope. Maybe the South Park fans will convince them if the wrestling fans fail.

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