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[TNA News] Eric Young Back with the Company; Former Knockout Also Returning

eric young

TNA is welcoming back two of its homegrown stars; Eric Young announced today on Twitter that he has officially re-signed with the company. His last appearance was on the Thanksgiving episode, where after his Turkey Suit match, he was promptly beaten up by The Aces and 8’s. Given his contract status at the time this was seen as a way to write him off the show, but now it appears that the adventures of EY and his “wife” ODB are far from over. Young’s fishing reality show Off the Hook: Extreme Catches airs Sundays on Animal Planet.

There is also news of another return, but since it’s being treated as a potential spoiler for tonight’s show I’m going to give you ample time to avoid reading it (ALSO DON’T READ THE TAGS TO YOUR LEFT).

Alright here we go. has reported that former Knockout Velvet Sky has signed a new deal with TNA and will be making her return to television on tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling. PWTorch also went ahead and independently confirmed that she is, in fact, in attendance at the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL today so take that for what you will. Sky parted ways with TNA back in July after they couldn’t agree to a new contract. After launching her own clothing line as well as making independent appearances with former “Beautiful People” partner Angelina Love, Sky and TNA have apparently come to a new deal and considering she was making what I assume is decent money with her outside ventures, it must have been pretty lucrative.


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[TNA News] Bully Ray Re-Signs With Company

PWInsider has reported that TNA wrestler Bully Ray has signed a two year deal to remain with the company as both an in-ring performer and as an agent backstage. Since splitting from Devon (who himself left TNA last week), Ray has gotten himself in shape and evolved into not only a capable singles performer, but arguably the best heel TNA has at their disposal and maybe even a future TNA World Heavyweight Champion (YES PLEASE).

As you can tell I’m happy about this news; Ray is one of my favorites on the TNA roster and one of the reasons I tune into IMPACT Wrestling every week; he’s gotten a lot better in the ring and his heel persona is both unique and old school at the same time (and also has shades of his old Dudley Boyz “yell at the crowd” routine from ECW). I’m rooting for him to eventually become World Champion and I think leaving TNA would be an absolute mistake for him career-wise. Here’s hoping he gets that main event run in the next two years.

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