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[Feature] Great Moments in Heel Commentary: Royal Rumble 1992

ric flair royal rumble 1992

Royal Rumble 1992 is widely considered to be the greatest Royal Rumble of them all, featuring the best lineup of superstars of any year and the biggest prize of them all: the WWF World Heavyweight Championship. Lackluster undercard aside, minus the joy of seeing Roddy Piper finally win WWF gold, it’s one that I go back to on a regular basis to the point that my taped from PPV VHS has warped to eyesore levels.

But as brilliant and drama-filled as that Rumble was, I go back for a very distinct reason: the commentary of Bobby “The Brain” Heenan. Heenan is the benchmark for all heel commentators, a man who could make any dull match worthwhile on his gift of gab alone, and in 1992 he turned in a standout performance that borders on transcendent. And as we head into the 2013 Royal Rumble it’s worth looking back on one of the greatest commentating performances of all-time as a way to remind ourselves that, yes, a heel commentator can be done correctly. Here’s hoping someone forces Michael Cole and JBL to watch this A Clockwork Orange-style on repeat.

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[Flashback PPV Recap] WWF Summerslam 1991

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Date: August 26, 1991

Location: Madison Square Garden (New York, New York)

Commentators: Gorilla Monsoon/Bobby Heenan/”Rowdy” Roddy Piper

It’s been 21 years since Summerslam 1991 first aired live on Pay Per View. Does the event still hold up? Read this detailed and stream of consciously written recap to find out.

Lineup for WWF Summerslam 1991:

  • Match Made in Heaven: The Wedding of “Macho Man” Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth
  • Match Made in Hell [Special Guest Referee: Sid Justice]: Hulk Hogan/The Ultimate Warrior Vs. The Triangle of Terror (Sgt. Slaughter/Col. Mustafa/Gen. Adnan)
  • Jailhouse Match: The Big Boss Man Vs. The Mountie
  • No Countouts, No Disqualifications: The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs/Jerry Sags) (c) Vs. The Legion of Doom (Animal/Hawk) for the WWF Tag Team Titles
  • Mr. Perfect (c) Vs. Bret “The Hitman” Hart for the WWF Intercontinental Title
  • The Bushwhackers (Luke/Butch) Vs. The Natural Disasters (Earthquake/Typhoon)
  • Greg “The Hammer” Valentine Vs. Irwin R. Schyster
  • Ricky Steamboat/Davey Boy Smith/Kerry Von Erich Vs. The Warlord/Power and Glory (Paul Roma/Hercules)

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[TV Recap] WWE Raw – August 13, 2012 (Summerslam 2012 “Go-Home” Episode)

Announced Matches:

  • [WWE Champion] CM Punk Vs. The Big Show (Non-Title Match)

Also on the Docket: Alberto Del Rio tries to get his World Heavyweight Title shot back after Smackdown GM Booker T canceled his Summerslam match against Sheamus last Friday, Shawn Michaels makes an appearance to probably get beaten up by Brock Lesnar, and Jersey Shore cast member Pauly D makes us embarrassed to be wrestling fans by acting as this week’s Social Media Ambassador (hopefully we’ll at least get a Zack Ryder TV appearance, bro).

All that and much more on this week’s Summerslam go-home edition of Raw!

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[TV Recap] WWE Raw Supershow – 7/23/2012 (1000th Episode)

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WWE celebrated their 1000th episode of Raw and threw the kitchen sink at it in order to make the three hour show compelling. Did it work? Did they prove that the switch to three hours a week will be worth it? Read on after the break to find out!

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[Movie Review] Alien Opponent (2010)

The Pro Wrestling Nerd is not only your source for wrestling, but also the world of movies…sort-of. Whenever I get the chance, I will review either a movie about wrestling or a movie featuring a wrestler in a prominent role and post it here. 

Starring: “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, Jeremy London,  Adrienne LaValley, Ashley Bates

Written by: John Doolan

Directed by: Colin Theys

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Alien Opponent is a movie that doesn’t aspire to be anything other than schlocky B-movie fun and for a good chunk of the movie it is. But then it starts to drag…and drag…and draaaaaaaaaaaaaag…quickly wearing out your patience and giving you ample time to point out its flaws.

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