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[Site News] ‘Pro Wrestling on Netflix’ Added to Site

No real news per say, but just a site update: I have created a “Pro Wrestling on Netflix” page on here, indexing all the pro wrestling-related content available on Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” service (from actual wrestling stuff to movies that feature wrestlers). On that page is a Netflix link as well as an Amazon Instant Video link in case you don’t subscribe to Netflix and want to still stream some pro wrestling (Amazon does charge a la carte however, just to warn you).

I know this isn’t exactly anything new, but it’s something I think is important and worth spending the time to curate. You can either click the page on the top right of this site or you can head over to the page by clicking this very phrase you are reading.

If I’ve missed anything, please email me at theprowrestlingnerd[at]live[dot]com or leave a comment below.

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