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[iPPV Results] DGUSA Heat 2013

dgusa heat 2013

Dragon Gate USA concluded its busy weekend yesterday afternoon with Heat 2013, the last of three shows during Royal Rumble weekend. Here are the results of the iPPV courtesy of PWPonderings.

  1. Rich Swann pinned Arik Cannon with the standing 450 splash.
  2. Jon Davis beat Drake Younger by knockout after a knee and a series strikes.
  3. Chuck Taylor pinned EITA with the Awful Waffle.
  4. Johnny Gargano (c) defeated Brian Kendrick by submission with the Garga-NO Escape to retain the Open the Freedom Gate Title.
  5. Samuray Del Sol pinned Ryo Saito.
  6. Sami Callihan defeated Jimmy Susumu by submission with the Stretch Muffler.
  7. AR Fox & Akira Tozawa defeated The Young Bucks.

DGUSA Heat 2013 is available for On-Demand viewing on WWNLive.

[DGUSA News] ‘Heat 2013’ Lineup

dgusa heat 2013

Dragon Gate USA concludes its busy weekend with Heat 2013, a matinee event live from Huntington Park, CA. For those of you wondering if it’ll conflict with tonight’s Royal Rumble you have nothing to worry about. Here’s the lineup for the show which will air live on WWNLive.

  • Main Event: AR Fox & Akira Tozawa Vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)
  • Jimmy Susumu Vs. Sami Callihan
  • Samuray Del Sol Vs. Ryo Saito
  • Chuck Taylor Vs. EITA
  • Johnny Gargano (c) Vs. Brian Kendrick for the Open the Freedom Gate Title
  • Jon Davis Vs. Drake Younger
  • Rich Swann Vs. Arik Cannon

The show takes place at 1PM Pacific Time and you can order the event on WWNLive.

[iPPV Quick Recap] DGUSA Revolt! 2013

dgusa revolt 2013

The second of the three Dragon Gate USA events this weekend has concluded and it was definitely well worth the money. Click “read more” for a quick recap breakdown of the events, plus my own thoughts on the matches and the overall presentation.

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[Event Results] DGUSA Open the Golden Gate 2013


Last night DGUSA held the first of their three events this weekend, Open the Golden Gate 2013, from Santa Maria, California. Although the show isn’t available on WWNLive yet, here are the results for the show if you can’t wait courtesy of PWTorch.

  1. Samuray Del Sol defeated EITA
  2. Brian Cage defeated Ray Rosas; Cage officially joined The Scene (Caleb Konley, Scott Reed, & Larry Dallas) after the match.
  3. Chuck Taylor defeated AR Fox and Jon Davis in an “EVOLVE Records Match”. Davis was eliminated first, then Taylor defeated Fox with the Awful Waffle to win the whole thing.
  4. The Jimmys (Ryo Saito & Jimmy Susumu) defeated *Open the Freedom Gate Champion* Johnny Gargano Rich Swann.
  5. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) defeated D.U.F. (Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon).
  6. John Morrison defeated Akira Tozawa; The Young Bucks then attacked Morrison after the match (Book It Cam video of the post-match attack)

Stay tuned for DGUSA’s second show of the weekend, Revolt! 2013 (peep the announced card here), live on iPPV tonight starting at 8PM Pacific Time. I will have a quick recap/review of that show after it airs. Go to WWNLive to order the show.

[DGUSA News] ‘Revolt! 2013’ Lineup

dgusa revolt 2013

Dragon Gate USA rolls on with their big triple-shot weekend as Revolt! 2013 comes at you tonight live on iPPV over at WWNLive. Here is the announced lineup for the show:

  • Main Event: Johnny Gargano (c) Vs. Jon Davis in a “No Ropes Match” for the Open the Freedom Gate Title
  • Jimmy Susumu & Ryo Saito Vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)
  • AR Fox Vs. Samuray Del Sol
  • Akira Tozawa Vs. Sami Callihan
  • Rich Swann Vs. EITA
  • Brian Cage Vs. Drake Younger Vs. Johnny Yuma Vs. Johnny Goodtime Vs. Ray Rosas Vs. ??? (rep from Brian Kendrick’s wrestling academy) in a “California FRAY Match” [two men enter, a new man enters every two minutes, eliminations occur from pinfall, submission, or DQ]

Brian Kendrick, Chuck Taylor, and Arik Cannon will also be in attendance though their involvement has not be announced at this time. DGUSA Revolt! 2013 starts at 8PM Pacific Time, and you can go to WWNLive to order the show. I will be watching live but am unsure if I’ll recap it or not. Either way check back for results as the show goes on.

[DGUSA News] ‘Open the Golden Gate 2013’ Lineup for Tonight; Will Not Air Live on WWN


Dragon Gate USA begins their triple-shot in California tonight with Open the Golden Gate 2013. Unfortunately, due to internet issues, the event will not be broadcast live on WWN; instead, the company will tape the show and put it up on the streaming service soon after (time ballparked at between 24-48 hours). Here is the lineup for the show:

  • Main Event: John Morrison Vs. Akira Tozawa
  • Tag Team Bonus Main Event #1: *Open the Freedom Gate Champion* Johnny Gargano & Rich Swann Vs. Jimmy Susumu & Ryo Saito
  • Tag Team Bonus Main Event #2: D.U.F. (Sami Callihan & Arik Cannon) Vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson)
  • EVOLVE Records Match: Chuck Taylor (9-5) vs. AR Fox (7-5) vs. Jon Davis (5-3)
  • Special Attraction Match: EITA Vs. Samuray Del Sol

You can order Open the Golden Gate 2013 once it’s made available on WWNLive. Until then though you can probably catch the results as the event goes on over on Twitter. Show starts at 8PM Pacific Time.

[iPPV Results] EVOLVE 18

Evolve 18

The Dragon Gate USA sister promotion EVOLVE held their final iPPV of 2012 yesterday live from Voorhees, New Jersey. Here are the results of the event, courtesy of my overlords at Pro Wrestling Ponderings (click the link to see their analysis of the event).

  1. [Freestyle Qualifier Match #1]: AR Fox pinned Tony Nese.
  2. [Freestyle Qualifier Match #2]: Masada pinned Papadon.
  3. [Freestyle Qualifier Match #3]: Rich Swann pinned Jigsaw.
  4. [Freestyle Qualifier Match #4]: Jon Davis pinned Chuck Taylor.
  5. El Generico/Samuray Del Sol defeated Super Smash Brothers (Player Uno/Player Dos).
  6. [4-Way Freestyle Match]: Rich Swann defeated AR Fox, Masada, and Jon Davis.
  7. Johnny Gargano (c) defeated Sami Callihan by KO to retain the DGUSA Open the Freedom Gate Championship.


EVOLVE 18 will be available for On-Demand purchasing over at WWNLive sometime soon.


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[iPPV Results] CHIKARA Under the Hood 2012

under the hood 2012 (Small)

Here are the results of Chikara’s Season 11-ending event Under the Hood courtesy of Mike Johnson over at PWInsider.

  1. 3.0 (Shane Matthews/Scott Parker) defeated F.I.S.T. (Johnny Gargano/Chuck Taylor) to earn a Campeonetos de Parejas title shot in 2013.
  2. Icarus (w/ Sugar Dunkerton) defeated Dasher Hatfield.
  3. Jigsaw/The Shard/DeviaANT/Soldier Ant defeated Mike Quackenbush/Fire Ant/Green Ant/AssailANT.
  4. “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti (c)defeated ACH to retain the Young Lions Cup (Angelosetti’s “girlfriend” Veronica assisted in the victory).
  5. The Homecoming King and Queen of Chikara were announced. Veronica won Queen while The Mysterious and Handsome Stranger won King. Stranger was then unmasked to reveal himself as Archibald Peck.
  6. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster/Blaster McMassive) defeated Los Ice Creams (Ice Cream Jr./El Hijo del Ice Cream).
  7. Crossbones/Blind Rage/The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black/Hallowicked/Frightmare) defeated Delirious/Ophidian/The Batiri (Obariyon/Kobald/Kodama).
  8. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson) (c) defeated The 123 Kid/Marty Jannetty to retain the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas.
  9. Eddie Kingston (c) defeated Tim Donst to retain the CHIKARA Grand Championship.

Under the Hood will be available on Smart Mark Video On Demand for those who didn’t get to see the show live (like me). CHIKARA will return in 2013 with Season 12.


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[Indy Wrestling News] CHIKARA ‘Under the Hood 2012’ Lineup for Sunday

This Sunday, CHIKARA presents Under the Hood live on iPPV. This big show will “end” the 11th season of the promotion, so expect a whole lot of storyline payoffs and other important events to go down. Here is the scheduled lineup for the show, then check below for ordering information.

  • Main Event: Eddie Kingston (c) Vs. Tim Donst for the CHIKARA Grand Championship
  • The Young Bucks (c) Vs. 123 Kid/Marty Jannetty for the Campeonatos de Parejas
  • “Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti (c) Vs. ACH for the Young Lions Cup
  • Crossbones/???/The Spectral Envoy (UltraMantis Black/Hallowicked/Frightmare) Vs. Delirious/Ophidian/The Batiri (Obariyon/Kodama/Kobald)
  • 3.0 (Shane Matthews/Scott Parker) Vs. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor/Johnny Gargano) in a #1 Contenders Match
  • Mike Quackenbush/The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant, AssailANT) Vs. Jigsaw/The Shard/Soldier Ant/DeviANT
  • Dasher Hatfield Vs. Icarus

CHIKARA’s Under the Hood 2012 airs this Sunday at 4pm/3pm Central. You can order the iPPV for 16.99 over at Smart Mark Video on Demand.

[Indy Wrestling News] CHIKARA Announces ‘King of Trios 2012’ Night 1 Lineup

In just two short weeks, CHIKARA will hold its annual King of Trios tournament, where three-man tag teams (and one “quatro”) will battle over the course of a weekend (Fri/Sat/Sun) to decide which team is the best of them all. The promotion has announced its complete lineup for Night 1 and it sounds like a doozy. The matches are as follows:

  • Team WWF (123 Kid/Aldo Montoya/Tatanka) Vs. The Extreme Trio (Tommy Dreamer/Jerry Lynn/Too Cold Scorpio)
  • The Faces of Pain (Meng/The Barbarian/Warlord) Vs. Ring of Honor (Mike Bennett/Matt Jackson/Nick Jackson)
  • The Spectral Envoy (Hallowicked/Frightmare/Ultramantis Black) Vs. The Submission Squad (Evan Gelistico/Gary Jay/Pierre Abernathy/Davey Vega)
  • Team JWP (Commando Bolshoi/Tsubasa Kuragaki/Kaori Yoneyama) Vs. The Throwbacks (“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti/Dasher Hatfield/Matt Classic)
  • Team Osaka Pro (Kikutaro/Ebessan/Takoyakida) Vs. F.I.S.T. (Chuck Taylor/Johnny Gargano/Icarus)
  • The Colony (Fire Ant/Green Ant/AssailANT) Vs. Team Sendai Girls (Dash Chisako/Meiko Satomura/Sendai Sachiko)
  • Quack, Jig, & Toyota (Mike Quackenbush/Jigsaw/Manami Toyota) Vs. The Swarm (CombatANT/DeviANT/Soldier Ant)
  • 3.0 & Akuma (Scott Parker/Shane Matthews/Gran Akuma) Vs. The Batiri (Obariyon/Kobald/Kodama)

CHIKARA’s King of Trios 2012 takes place September 14-16 at the Palmer Center in Easton, PA. The weekend will also include the 5th annual “Fan Conclave”. To buy your tickets click HERE or wait for the DVD set to come out which is what I’ll have to do.

For more information on CHIKARA itself, visit their official website.

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