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[TV Recap] WWE ‘Main Event’ – 2/6/2013

WWE Main Event Recap

On this week’s episode of Main Event, Sheamus takes on Cody Rhodes in the “main event”. Can Rhodes and his mustache overcome the pale-skinned fury of “The Celtic Warrior”?

Click “read more” for a full recap of the show, either as it airs or to catch up after the fact.

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[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 2/4/2013


The end of last week’s Raw saw not only proof that Paul Heyman has been working with The Shield this entire time, but also heralded the return of Brock Lesnar who ended last Monday taking WWE Chairman Vince McMahon out with the F-5. Heyman has a lot to answer for this week and he will start right at the beginning as a guest on The Miz’s talk show “MizTV”. What will Heyman have to say? Will Lesnar and/or The Shield appear? And, perhaps most importantly, what does now former WWE Champion CM Punk think about all of this? Those are the big stories going into this week’s show. Also on the docket Punk will continue to build his Elimination Chamber rematch against the man who usurped him The Rock and the personal feud between World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio and The Big Show will continue to build. Smackdown GM Booker T also has a big decision to make in regards to who will be entered in the “Elimination Chamber” in two weeks. The winner will get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship come Wrestlemania 29 so it is not a decision to take lightly.

Click “read more” for quick results from the show plus a fully-detailed recap of the events, matches, segments, etc. as they air or as one giant report after the show concludes.

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[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 11/12/2012 (‘Survivor Series 2012’ Go-Home Show)

This week on Raw:

  • Jerry Lawler makes his triumphant return to the announce table after two months away recovering from his on-air heart attack. He will be joined by Michael Cole and Jim Ross.
  • Brad Maddox will take on Ryback for the chance at a “1 Million Dollar contract”. For Maddox it’s a chance at stardom; for Ryback it’s an opportunity for revenge against the man who cost him the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell.
  • WWE Champion CM Punk will face John Cena in a preview of this Sunday’s Survivor Series triple threat main event.
  • Vickie Guerrero continues her crusade against John Cena and AJ Lee, this time presenting “audio” evidence of their alleged “affair” that cost Lee her GM job.
  • Cena will also be involved in a face-to-face with Ryback, who stared him down something fierce to end last week’s show.
  • With a week to go until the “traditional” Survivor Series match, Team Foley still needs a fifth man. Team captain Mick Foley will fill that spot tonight…and hopefully explain why he still cares now that “Team Punk” has become “Team Ziggler”.

All this and much more awaits you on the Survivor Series Go-Home edition of Raw. Click “read more” for a full breakdown of the entire show plus my own thoughts/observations/analysis/blatherings.

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[TV Results] WWE Super Smackdown – 11/6/2012

Last night WWE presented a special Super Smackdown special on SyFy to counterbalance all of the Election night coverage (guess which one I paid more attention to). Click “read more” for results from the show, as well as storyline/segment/etc. notes.

All information taken from Jake Barnett’s detailed live coverage over at

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[TV Recap] WWE Raw – 11/5/2012

On this week’s edition of Raw:

  • The show comes live to tape from jolly ol’ Birmingham, England so there’s a good chance you can find spoilers. Don’t though; this is a much better and cooler recap.
  • Brad Maddox will make his first appearance since costing Ryback the WWE Championship at Hell in a Cell. 
  • Vickie Guerrero will present video evidence of John Cena/AJ Lee‘s alleged “affair”. Expect Cena to retaliate and for Dolph Ziggler to also get involved.
  • With two weeks to go until Survivor Series, expect the WWE to continue building its already announced matches as well as (hopefully) add a couple more.

All this and much more on this U.K. edition of Raw. Click “read more” for a detailed recap of the entire event plus my own thoughts.

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