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[Etc. News] “Diamond” Dallas Page Helping Jake “The Snake” Roberts Mount a Comeback

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In an interview with Newsday, professional wrestling legend “Diamond” Dallas Page announced that he is currently in the process of helping fellow legend Jake “The Snake” Roberts get back into shape for a potential comeback to the squared circle. The process began three months ago in Gainesville, TX when Page contacted Roberts and offered to help him get back into shape (Roberts at the time was 302 pounds) using his “DDPYoga” program, a low-impact workout system Page himself developed to cope with a series of nagging injuries he had related to his in-ring worked. Page has since expanded the program which is used by athletes and non-athletes alike to great results.

Roberts has already lost 35 pounds thanks to the program and Page has moved him to a house in Atlanta to continue the workouts as well as train the 57 year old superstar on how to use current day social media (Facebook and Twitter, for example) to both self-promote and connect to his fanbase. Naturally with both being used to being in front of the camera, the Page/Roberts union is being taped for a possible documentary on the recovery and (hopeful) return of Roberts whose “personal demons” have continually derailed his career and life over the past thirty years (most notably chronicled in the 1999 documentary Beyond The Mat which showed Roberts as a broken-down drug addict who had thrown away his legendary career). Page will be keeping tabs on Roberts’ sobriety and if he slips up even once, Page will kick him out of the house and end the treatment.

This story has the potential of becoming one of the ultimate comeback stories if Roberts can stay healthy and stay off the drugs/alcohol. Much respect to Page for reaching out like he has to help a fellow journeyman; yes it’s good promotion for DDPYoga but he is going above and beyond the call of duty here and doing more good than most wrestlers ever find themselves doing. I’ll be keeping an eye on this story as it develops and keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t end in yet another Roberts tragedy. You can do this, Snake.

For more information on DDPYoga and how you can jump onto the program, check out the official website.

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[TV Recap] WWE Raw Supershow – 7/23/2012 (1000th Episode)

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WWE celebrated their 1000th episode of Raw and threw the kitchen sink at it in order to make the three hour show compelling. Did it work? Did they prove that the switch to three hours a week will be worth it? Read on after the break to find out!

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