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[TNA News] The Pope, Sarita, and Rosita All Gone from the Company

the pope

TNA is now down three wrestlers, as “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero and Knockouts Sarita and Rosita have all left the company. PWTorch reported on Dinero’s exit yesterday, stemming from an announcement he made on his official Twitter, and reported on Sarita’s release today. PWInsider handled the reporting of Rosita’s release earlier today. All three of their profiles have been removed from TNA’s official website.

And here’s where I piss everyone off: while it sucks to see people leave any company, especially one that could use the talent, the simple truth is Dinero, Sarita, and Rosita have done barely anything in the past year and change. Sarita and Rosita held the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles while those were still a thing but after the belts were taken over by Eric Young and ODB, that whole division was promptly forgotten about and so were they. Dinero participated in last year’s Bound For Glory Series, but after sustaining an injury, he was removed from the competition and hasn’t been seen since. In short their releases aren’t going to hurt or change anything. I hope all three land on their feet though; they are all talented, Pope especially, and deserve a real shot at doing something. God knows TNA wasn’t going to do much with them.


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[TNA News] Three BFG Series Matches Announced for ‘Hardcore Justice’

Dixie Carter took to Twitter today (whoa, alliteration) to announce three BFG Series matches for the upcoming August PPV Hardcore Justice. Each of these three matches will be a 4-way dance, with the winner of each netting a cool 20 points. The matches announced are as follows:

  • A.J. Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Kurt Angle Vs. Samoa Joe
  • James Storm Vs. Bully Ray Vs. Jeff Hardy Vs. Robbie E.
  • Rob Van Dam Vs. Mr. Anderson Vs. “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero Vs. Magnus

Here are the current BFG Series standings (via TNA’s official site), which were last updated on July 29th (I think Ray may have won a match since then but I’m not great at keeping up with every damn result ever):

  1. Samoa Joe        47 points    (5-2)    7 MATCHES
  2. James Storm     45 points    (3-1-2)    6 MATCHES
  3. Kurt Angle         41 points     (5-3)    8 MATCHES
  4. Mr. Anderson    40 points    (5-4-1)    10 MATCHES
  5. Jeff Hardy         28 points    (4-3)    7 MATCHES
  6. Rob Van Dam   28 points     (4-2)    6 MATCHES
  7. Daniels            26 points    (4-2)    6 MATCHES
  8. Magnus           21 points     (3-5)    8 MATCHES
  9. AJ Styles        16 points    (2-2-1)    5 MATCHES
  10. The Pope        7 points    (1-4)    5 MATCHES
  11. Bully Ray        7 points    (1-3)    4 MATCHES
  12. Robbie E        5 points    (1-7)    8 MATCHES

Out of those three matches announced, Storm looks to have the 20 points “in the bag” so to speak, while Styles/Joe/Daniels/Angle will almost undoubtedly be the most fun to watch. The BFG Series has been great so far, so I wouldn’t mind if a new wrinkle got involved. The fact that all three BFG Series matches are going to be 4-way contests though seems a little bit like overkill, especially since they’re all on the same show. Seems like an easy way to quickly burn a crowd out. I hope they space them out.

Hardcore Justice, which will feature Austin Aries defending the World Heavyweight Title against Bobby Roode in the main event, airs on PPV/TNAOnDemand August 12, 2012.

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