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[Etc. News] Brad Armstrong Passes Away at 51

Armstrong during his long run in WCW

Sad news to report; WWE has reported that Brad Armstrong, a member of the legendary Armstrong wrestling family, has passed away today at the age of 51. Although never reaching the heights of popularity like his younger brotherĀ Brian (known best as “The Road Dogg” Jesse James), Brad was a mid-card mainstay for the entirety of the 1990’s in WCW, wrestling under such names as Buzzkill and Arachnaman as well as his birth name. Armstrong found early success in WCW, becoming the last man to win the original Light Heavyweight Title before its vacancy in 1992, and from there was used most of the time to put other wrestlers over. He also had a successful run in Jim Cornette’s territory Smoky Mountain Wrestling in the mid-90’s, winning the Heavyweight Title. No word on the cause of death, but he had been to the doctor for an undisclosed medical issue the week prior.

With WCW being my drug of choice as a young wrestling fan, I saw a lot of Brad Armstrong and always enjoyed his work. I still remember the first time I ever saw him wrestle: he acted as the replacement partner for his father Bob Armstrong, teaming with Georgia legend Thunderbolt Patterson to defeat Baron Von Raschke and Ivan Koloff at Slamboree 1993.It was my first WCW PPV and even though Armstrong would languish silently in the midcard for most of the time after (minus his Buzzkill stint in WCW during the Vince Russo years) I was always happy to see him wrestle (I marked out hard when he showed up to wrestle at the 2005 WrestleReunionconvention in King of Prussia, PA). Brad was one of the good ones, but the subtle sort of good that few fans ever talked about due to the lack of a big push.

My thoughts, condolences, and prayers go out to the Armstrong family during this trying time.

Got a Brad Armstrong memory/know more about his career than I do? Share it below in the comments section.

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