[TV Results] WWE ‘Raw’ – 2/11/2013


With one week to go until Elimination Chamber, this episode of Raw was all about building to this Sunday’s PPV…in between all of the filler. On this week’s show the final spots in the Elimination Chamber match were filled, Jack Swagger debuted a potentially awesome manager/mouthpiece, Paul Heyman and CM Punk have an emotional moment, and WWE Champion The Rock returned to hype up his match this Sunday and, erm, tell a story about a Nashville crackhead he bought a car from.

Click “read more” for results and notes from the show. Match times and other information come from Jason Powell‘s detailed recap over at ProWrestling.net.


Match Results:

  1. Mark Henry pinned The Great Khali [w/ Hornswoggle & Natalya] after the World’s Strongest Slam (1:35).
  2. Chris Jericho pinned Daniel Bryan after the Codebreaker to win a spot in the Elimination Chamber (10:45).
  3. John Cena, Ryback, & Sheamus defeated 3MB (Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, & Drew McIntyre) when Cena pinned Mahal after an Attitude Adjustment (2:45).
  4. Jack Swagger [w/ Zeb Colter] made Zack Ryder tap out to the Patriot Act (2:35).
  5. The Miz defeated Cody Rhodes by disqualification when Antonio Cesaro interfered (3:05).
  6. Brodus Clay & Tensai [w/ The Funkadactyls] defeated Primo & Epico [w/ Rosa Mendes] when Tensai pinned Epico following a running senton splash (1:10).
  7. *World Heavyweight Champion* Alberto Del Rio [w/ Ricardo Rodriguez] made Damien Sandow tap to the Cross Armbreaker in a non-title match (1:15).
  8. *WWE Intercontinental Champion* Wade Barrett pinned Kofi Kingston in a non-title match with the Bull Hammer (3:05).
  9. Kane pinned Dolph Ziggler [w/ AJ Lee & Big E Langston] after the Chokeslam to earn a spot in the Elimination Chamber (10:20).

Storyline/Etc. Notes:

  • Chris Jericho, Kane, and Jack Swagger are the final three entrants in this Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match. They join Randy Orton, Mark Henry, and Daniel BryanRey Mysterio was initially in the match but was announced as being taken out during the show.
  • Paul Heyman opened the show saying he was going to quit being CM Punk‘s advisor, but Punk came out and talked him out of it.
  • Paul Heyman spoke to Vince McMahon backstage using Vickie Guerrero‘s phone. A stipulation was added to Rock/Punk II: if Rock is counted out or disqualified he loses the WWE Championship.
  • After defeating The Great KhaliMark Henry returned to the ring and flattened Hornswoggle with the World’s Strongest Slam.
  • The Big Show was in full force tonight, first knocking out Yoshi Tatsu and Alex Riley backstage and then knocking out Matt Striker before a planned in-ring interview. Show teased talking but just let his Knockout Punch speak for him instead.
  • After defeating Zack Ryder in short order Jack Swagger got on the mic and introduced his friend Zeb Colter (Southern wrestling legend and former TNA booker/WWE employee Dutch Mantel). Colter cut a racist promo, saying he didn’t even recognize America anymore due to the illegals and people of color and concluded with saying that America was the home of the free, not for those who illegally crossed a boarder.
  • Antonio Cesaro sat in on commentary during The Miz‘s match against Cody Rhodes but ended up interfering by throwing Miz into the ring post. Afterwards he repeatedly drove Miz into the barricade via his old indy signature move the “Giant Swing”.
  • The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, & Roman Reigns) made their way out and cut a live promo in the ring to hype their six man tag match at Elimination Chamber against John Cena, Ryback, & Sheamus. Ambrose and company trashtalked the three good guys until the lights went out and Cena/Ryback/Sheamus showed up to clear the ring of The Shield.
  • Before his match against Kofi KingstonWade Barrett was attacked backstage by Bo Dallas to continue their feud-ish.
  • The Rock returned at the end of the show, told a story about buying a car from a Nashville crackhead, then got into a brawl with CM Punk to end the show. After a GTS, Punk stole the WWE Championship.


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