[WWE News] Take-Two Interactive Buying WWE Game License from THQ

take-two-interactive-logo1 (Small)

THQ, one of the longstanding game publishers of the past few decades, has officially gone belly-up. The company has auctioned off its assets to other game publishers and as it stands is no more. It’s a sad day for gamers and my heart goes out to the THQ employees affected by this.

With THQ now gone it’s time for the WWE games license to find a new home and according to IGN Take-Two Interactive is stepping up to the plate to acquire it. Take-Two is a subsidiary of 2K Games and is responsible for developing the legendary Grand Theft Auto franchise for Rockstar as well as the NBA2K series. In short they’re a powerhouse publisher and should the sale end up final, it’s still not totally official yet, it puts WWE in tremendous hands and gives them a very promising future.

It’s truly an end of an era for WWE games; THQ has been behind them all since the days of the N64 and we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing their logo as we boot the game up. With Take-Two stepping in, sky’s the limit on the changes they’ll make and how much the new games will differ from the ones we know and love. I, for one, can’t wait. WWE ’13 was a giant mountain of disappointment to me and I was all but ready to never buy another wrestling game until a major shakeup occurred. I would consider this a major shakeup.

So as we enter a new era in the realm of WWE video games, I will leave you with this parting thought: the last two companies to make mainstream wrestling video games (Midway and THQ) both went belly-up. Interesting how that is.

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