[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 1/18/2013

WWE-Friday-Night-Smackdown (Small)

It was celebration time this week on Smackdown as Alberto Del Rio held a “fiesta” to celebrate his new reign as World Heavyweight Champion. U.S. Champion Antonio Cesaro was also in action and Randy Orton teamed up with Team Hell No to take on I.C. Champion Wade Barrett and The Rhodes Scholars in a six-man tag.

Click “read more” for match results/storyline notes, taken from Jake Barnett‘s far more-detailed coverage on ProWrestling.net.


Quick Match Results:

1. *WWE U.S. Champion* Antonio Cesaro pinned Kofi Kingston in a non-title match with the Neutralizer in 2:50.

2. The Great Khali pinned Tensai after the Brain Chop in 1:15.

3. Randy Orton & *WWE Tag Team Champions* Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan & Kane) defeated *WWE I.C. Champion* Wade Barrett The Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow & Cody Rhodes) when Orton pinned Sandow after an RKO in 7:44.

4. The Miz defeated Primo (w/ Epico & Rosa Mendes) by submission with the Figure Four Leglock in 5:31.

  • Storyline Notes: This match was signed earlier when Primo, Epico, & Rosa Mendes made fun of The Miz for using the Figure Four and relying on catchphrases. Miz zinged back and challenged either one of them to a match later in the night.

5. *WWE Divas Champion* Kaitlyn pinned Aksana after the spear in 3:01.

  • Pre-Match Notes: Kaitlyn was hanging out with Layla backstage talking about shoes and such (sigh) and the new Divas Champ let Layla hold the belt. She did and she appeared to space out. Potential new feud brewing so I figured I’d note this.

6. *World Heavyweight Champion* Alberto Del Rio & Sheamus (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) defeated Dolph Ziggler & The Big Show (w/ AJ Lee & Big E Langston) via countout in 14:28.

  • Match Notes: Del Rio dumped a bucket of water on Show, causing him to walk out and cause his team to be counted out.

Storyline/Segment/Etc. Notes:

-The show opened with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez throwing a party (FIESTA!) to celebrate his World Heavyweight Championship win last week on the show. Dolph Ziggler and company made their way out to interrupt and told Del Rio that as champion he had a bullseye on his head. The Big Show then came out to join in but out came Sheamus to defend Del Rio. Sheamus told Del Rio that even though they have quite the history together as rivals, he wanted to congratulate him on his win against Show last week. Smackdown GM Booker T came out and made a tag team match main event for later tonight then did a spinerooni once the party started once again.

-Most of The Rock‘s concert from Monday was replayed. First song was cut.

The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, & Seth Rollinscut a pre-taped promo saying they were holding 2013 HOFer Mick Foley accountable for all the broken bodies/dreams that came from his career as a hardcore wrestler. They then lobbed threats at both Sheamus and Randy Orton.

-They cut to Sheamus and Randy Orton who were watching the promo backstage. It quickly became tense between the two, building on their rivalry headed into the Royal Rumble.


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