[TNA News] ‘Genesis 2013’ Preview; Lineup + Predictions

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Later today TNA presents their first PPV of 2013 Genesis live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. Click “read more” for the full lineup of the show plus my own thoughts and predictions.


Main Event: Jeff Hardy (c) Vs. Bobby Roode Vs. Austin Aries in an “Elimination Rules Triple Threat” match for the TNA World Heavyweight Title

  • Thoughts: This triple threat match has been brewing since Final Resolution when Aries cost Roode his match against Hardy by outbidding him for the services of the Aces and 8’s. Since then Aries and Roode have been trying to one up each other and prove that they and they alone deserve to end the reign of the “Charismatic Enigma”. Their rivalry, which is also part-partnership due to their mutual hatred of the TNA World Champ, has been the highlight of the past few weeks of IMPACT Wrestling and since Hardy has barely done anything of note they should get all the credit for anyone even getting even 1/10th a damn about this contest. That being said…Hardy is going to win it. Although allied due to a common goal, their attempts to make the other look bad will blow up in their faces in some form or another, resulting in both of their eliminations and Hardy remaining at the top of the mountain to sell more merchandise. Hopefully we’ll get more of Aries & Roode bickering though afterwards…they rival Daniels/Kazarian in the entertainment department as a duo.
  • Official Prediction: Jeff Hardy retains.

Grudge Match: Sting Vs. The Director of Chaos

  • Thoughts: DOC was the one who put Sting out of action for the past month and change, and The Stinger has returned to get his revenge. With Mike Knox already soundly defeated this past Thursday Sting is coming into this match with all the momentum in the world. DOC? The Aces and 8’s especially? Not so much. Sting is going to win, either cleanly (which shouldn’t happen when you belong in a biker gang) or by DQ. I also wouldn’t be surprised if another Aces and 8’s member lost their mask in the ensuing aftermath.
  • Official Prediction: Sting wins.

X-Division Tournament Final: Christian York Vs. Kenny King

  • Thoughts: The winner of this match meets Rob Van Dam for the X-Division Title later in the show, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this opened the PPV. Kenny King is being positioned as RVD’s foil and it would be ridiculous if he was stopped by someone who has barely won any matches since winning Gut Check (his horrible match against Kid Kash to get to the finals notwithstanding). The story lies in King & RVD. But since King is going heel, let’s say he wins in a less than clean way (foot on the ropes, handful of tights, etc.).
  • Official Prediction: Kenny King

Rob Van Dam (c) Vs. Winner of the X-Division Tournament for the TNA X-Division Title

  • Thoughts: Yes RVD still wrestles for TNA and yes he’s the X-Division Champion but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you completely forgot about that. As stated right before this, I think Kenny King will be cruising to the finals, making it the second PPV in a row these two go at it. Although I’m not as confident in King winning and being new champion as I was in the 411Mania roundtable, I’m still hoping for it because he’s a much better fit as champion. Then King can go full cocky heel and gloat with the belt while dancing to his Vegas stripper music.
  • Official Prediction: Kenny King is the new X-Division Champion.

Joseph Park Vs. *TNA Television Champion* Devon

  • Thoughts: Well it’s official: after a few weeks down in OVW, Joseph Park has gone from a lawyer to a real-life professional rassler and his first target is none other than the “Sgt. in Arms” (and TV Champ, although that’s already being forgotten about yet again) Devon. With the Park character now allowed to do actual wrestling moves, I expect him to at least hit an armdrag or two amid getting the crap kicked out of him by Devon. And with The Aces and 8’s needing victories, it doesn’t make sense for Park to lay waste to what is right now the face of their group. Devon will win but I’m sure Park will go “Full Abyss” at some point, whether it be because he saw his own blood or he got really angry.
  • Official Prediction: Devon

Chavo Guerrero Jr. & Hernandez (c) Vs. Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan for the TNA World Tag Team Titles

  • Thoughts: This feud exists…barely. Also it’s sort of funny that Matt Morgan came back with all this hooplah, stealing Hulk Hogan’s precious cape and everything, and is now all but slumming it in an afterthought of a rivalry. Maybe his Direct Auto Insurance rates are really good. Either way I really don’t care about this match or even the outcome, neither team does it for me, but I want Joey Ryan to taste some TNA gold so here’s hoping we get new champions.
  • Official Prediction: Joey Ryan & Matt Morgan win Tag Team gold.

James Storm Vs. Christopher Daniels

  • Thoughts: Now that Daniels has “scared” AJ Styles out of TNA for awhile, he and Frankie Kazarian have set their sights on James Storm. It isn’t entirely out of the blue, Storm was teaming with Styles against Daniels/Kaz before Final Resolution, and a couple of really fun segments have occurred due to this whole feud (Kazarian’s Christmas party, Daniels doing a pitch-perfect Storm impression). But when you get down to brass tacks, this is more of a “we have no idea what to do with them so f*ck it here’s a feud”. Daniels/Kaz don’t really need a win to remain relevant so I’m thinking Storm is going to take it. However if AJ Styles decides to do a run-in…
  • Official Prediction: James Storm (also AJ Styles shows up)

Knockouts Gauntlet for #1 Contendership: ODB Vs. Velvet Sky Vs. Gail Kim Vs. Miss Tessmacher Vs. Mickie James

  • Thoughts: Talk about no build whatsoever, eh? All of these women, who pretty much represent 99.9% of the Knockouts division at this point, are all vying to get the next shot at Knockouts Champ Tara. Velvet Sky is really the only logical choice for a victor here. ODB, Tessmacher, and James have already had their run-ins with Tara since she became champion in October and Kim is both a heel and essentially enhancement talent nowadays (which is really really unfortunate), while Sky got a big splashy return and she’s supposed to be a big deal despite not being all that great in the ring. Sky’s the limit on this o…actually no f*ck ending with that line.
  • Official Prediction: Velvet Sky


Is This PPV Worth Buying?

  • TNA recently announced a change in the way they approach PPVs and Genesis is now one of the “Big Four”, but judging by the build you would have never guessed it. This honestly feels like a semi-stacked edition of IMPACT Wrestling and none of these matches with the exception of the main event justify spending money on this. The other three live PPVs will have much longer spaces between one another to allow for better and more thorough build; this had a couple of weeks. I say skip this year’s but keep an eye out for the 2014 version since it’ll have a longer time to gestate.

TNA Genesis 2013 airs live from the Impact Zone tonight at 8pm/7pm Central. You can order it on PPV or be all 21st century and order it on TNA On Demand.


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