[TV Quick Recap] NXT – 1/9/2013

NXT Recap

This week on NXT it’s all about the NXT Championship as Seth Rollins defends against Big E Langston in a No-DQ match. Will The Shield get involved? Spoiler alert: A-DUUUUUUUH. Also on this week’s show The Wyatt Family takes to my new favorite jobber tag team and the “Anti-Diva” Paige goes one on one with Australian Diva Emma.

Click “read more” for a very brief recap of the show. You can also the more detailed version of my coverage over at Lords of Evolution.


Quick Match Results:

  1. The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper/Erick Rowan) defeated Percy Watson & Yoshi Tatsu in 4:14.
  2. Paige pinned Emma in 2:40.
  3. Primo & Epico defeated Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty in 10:20.
  4. Big E Langston pinned Seth Rollins (c) in a No-Disqualification Match to win the NXT Championship in 7:45.


This week Tom Phillips is joining William Regal on commentary. They announce that the Rollins/Langston main event will now be No-Disqualification.


Match #1: The Wyatt Family (Luke Harper/Erick Rowan) [w/ Bray Wyatt] defeated Percy Watson & Yoshi Tatsu when Harper pinned Tatsu after a spinning Lariat in 4:14.

  • Match Thoughts: A very dominant performance by The Wyatt Family, with Harper/Rowan absolutely wrecking Watson/Tatsu (who are now my favorite loser tag team and I hope to see them every week). As a side note if The Wyatt Family never existed, I think Harper and Rowan would’ve still been united as a tag team due to their giant beards. I mean WWE is rolling with the “Cody’s Mustache” thing so it’s not like they wouldn’t go with “The Unkempt Beards” as a team. Oh man I just gave them a free idea. TO THE COPYRIGHT OFFICE!


-Commercial Break-


Match #2: Paige pinned Emma after the Paige Turner in 2:40.

  • Match Thoughts: Emma came out doing a weird snake dance, and if there is a God the NXT office will realize it’s a horrible idea and end it immediately. It does nothing for anyone. This was short but sweet, as both Divas are well-equipped in the ring (Regal Fact: Emma was trained by Lance Storm!). The announcers played up Paige’s winning streak in NXT so expect that to become a thing in the future. Maybe they’ll go back to the Audrey Marie feud that set up then completely forgot about.


Backstage Segment: Newcomer Adrian Neville hyped his debut on next week’s show.

  • Thoughts: I’m sure 99.9% of you know this, but Neville has spent years wowing independent crowds across the world under the name PAC. You PAC fans should be happy to note that he kept the nickname “The Man That Gravity Forgot” so it looks like they won’t be stifling his insanely acrobatic abilities as much as feared. Having seen PAC do some tremendous things, I’m pumped to see him debut and since he actually is built somewhat like a WWE wrestler there’s a good chance he could actually get a real person push in the future. Yay!


Match #3: Primo & Epico defeated Bo Dallas & Michael McGillicutty when Primo pinned McGillicutty after the Backstabber in 10:20.

  • Match Thoughts: This seeds for this match were planted last week during a confrontation between all four men, and it was cool that it resulted in a payoff this week. McGillicutty’s constant use of the side headlock takedown absolutely delighted the NXT crowd as they chanted for more headlocks throughout the match. I guess the NXT crowd is made up of hipsters who love being ironic (okay fine I’ll admit that it got me excited to see him do more side headlock takedowns as the match went on). Dallas didn’t really play up his masochism gimmick up all that much, but this probably wasn’t the match for that anyway. Solid tag team affair, glad to see Primo & Epico get a win. Also…two tag team matches on one NXT? Here’s hoping that’s a sign that the NXT tag team division will be a real thing with its own championship as 2013 continues on.


-Commercial Break-


[Main Event]: Big E Langston pinned Seth Rollins (c) with the Big End in a No-Disqualification Match to win the NXT Championship in 7:45.

  • Match Thoughts: Obviously Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns interfered; the whole No-DQ stipulation would’ve been pointless if they didn’t. But the fact that almost the entire NXT locker room emptied out in order to chase them off and give Langston a fair fight was a cool visual. Also as a big Langston fan I was happy to see him win the NXT Championship and Langston looked genuinely excited during the post-match celebration (although he ignored the whole “Five!” part of his gimmick  which was super upsetting). Given that he’s been called up to the main roster I don’t expect Langston to be NXT Champ for too long but I’m glad that he at least got the nod. WWE brass believes in him and so do I.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • Not much going on here other than Langston winning the NXT Championship but that’s such a major situation that it almost makes sense that they didn’t do anything else storyline-wise; they would’ve risked Langston’s win overshadowing it (or, even worse, vice-versa). A good episode of NXT with a major development and what seems like a new emphasis on tag team wrestling. 2013 is going to be an interesting year in the life of NXT.


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