[WWE News] El Generico Signs with Company

El Generico

For the past few months, rumors have floated around that indie star El Generico was on his way to the WWE. Well it appears that these rumors are indeed true. As first reported by PWPonderings, “The Generic Luchador” is making his way to Stamford, CT. According to PWInsider, who confirmed the story with their sources, one of the reasons the WWE is so interested in Generico is because of his ability to speak many different languages; it is believed that this could help the wrestling juggernaut in international markets. Also he’s insanely popular on the indie scene and damn good in the ring, but that’s a moot point apparently. No word on if the Generico gimmick is going with the man, but here’s hoping. Having a crowd of 20,000 singing along to “Ole!” would be amazing on so many levels.

Generico’s last big indy date was at last month’s Final Battle where he came up short in his bid to defeat ROH World Champion Kevin Steen. While initially pulled from PWG’s upcoming “DDT” tag tournament, it appears that he will be there in some form or another and it may be his last indie date for quite some time.

While not surprising news, this is definitely big time stuff. Indie fans already know how great Generico is, and the potential is there to make a big splash in the WWE. But, as always, we’ll have to wait and see.


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