[TV Quick Recap] NXT – 1/2/2013

NXT Recap

The Shield makes their presence felt in the first episode of 2013 and with NXT Champion Seth Rollins now on the dark side it’s up to Corey Graves to defeat him and bring the belt home. Also in action, Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger debut as a tag team and Bo Dallas continues his masochistic ways.

Click “read more” for quick match results and a very brief recap of the show. For more detail you can always visit my coverage at Lords of Evolution.


Quick Match Results:

  1. Bo Dallas pinned Epico (w/ Primo) in 5:06.
  2. Tamina Snuka pinned Sasha Banks in 2:48
  3. Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger defeated Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel in 9:16.
  4. Corey Graves defeated Seth Rollins (c) by DQ when The Shield interfered in 4:43; Rollins retains the NXT Championship.


[Opening Segment]: The usual NXT intro video is interrupted by the arrival of The Shield to the NXT Arena, who attack two unnamed wrestlers who were supposed to wrestle the opening contest. NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes comes out to confront them and tells Seth Rollins that he will defend his title against Corey Graves tonight or be stripped of it. Rollins agrees and tells Rhodes to be careful what he wishes for.

  • [Segment Thoughts]: A jarring but awesome way to open up the show. I was intrigued to see how they pulled off Rollins’ new main roster role and they really just went all out with it. Plus it’s always good to hear Dean Ambrose speak. Roman Reigns, however, not so much and his ending line of the whole segment nearly ruined it.


[Match #1]: Bo Dallas pinned Epico (w/ Primo) after the Spear in 5:06.

  • [Match Thoughts]: A decent match to start the show although I super hate the Spear being Dallas’ finisher. I dig the new “masochist” character he’s using now though; he’s got the crazy eyes/crazy smile to pull that off. He was in need of a personality and this might be it.


[Post-Match]: Primo & Epico corner Dallas, but Michael McGillicutty makes his way out to even the odds and chase the heel team off. McGillicutty raises Dallas’ arm in victory.

  • [Post-Match Thoughts]: Well that came out of nowhere. New actual team or just a way to fill the card over the next couple of weeks?


[Match #2]: Tamina Snuka pinned Sasha Banks after the Superfly Splash in 2:48.

  • [Match Thoughts]: A total squash for Snuka, but Banks looked impressive yet again in her minimal bouts of offense and even in the selling of Snuka’s power moves. She helped make Snuka look absolutely dominant. Banks has impressed me immensely in her two losing efforts; a little polish and she could take the Divas division by storm. And it’s always awesome to see Snuka in action; she got shafted when AJ Lee turned heel out of nowhere and I’m glad she’s still showing up somewhere.


[Match #3]: Kassius Ohno & Leo Kruger defeated Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel in 9:16, when Kruger pinned Gabriel after Kruger‘s End.

  • [Match Thoughts]: As soon as the two teams were announced I knew I was in for some good stuff and I was in no way disappointed by what we got. Excellent stuff from all four men; Kidd/Gabriel make a really fun team to watch and although this was their first time teaming Ohno & Kruger worked together like they’d been together for years. With this new team as well as the sort-of team of Dallas & McGillicutty, will we get an NXT Tag Team Championship some time in the future? I hope so.


[Main Event]: Corey Graves defeated Seth Rollins (c) by DQ in 4:43 when The Shield interfered; Rollins retains the NXT Championship.

  • [Match Thoughts]: Poor Corey Graves; it looked like he and Rollins were going to have a much longer rivalry but thanks to the main roster call-up they hot shotted it by necessity and made the blow-off match too quick. Them’s the breaks of being in NXT I guess. At least Graves got a little limelight before shunting back down for the time being. The Shield run-in was inevitable and cast a shadow over the match which was disappointing but it is what it is; also Graves stuck out his chest every time Rollins chopped him in a very obvious and off-putting way. Just a random observation.


[Post-Match]: The Shield continue assaulting Graves, until NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes shows up on the entrance ramp. He ushers in a whole host of NXT roster members, who rush to the ring to stop the menace. They do well for awhile but The Shield eventually get the better of them. “I Can’t Keep Still” hits and out comes Big E Langston. He heads to the ring and gets in, causing The Shield to back off. Rhodes announces that Rollins will defend the NXT Championship next week against Langston, and the man continues to silently stare The Shield down as they make their exit to end the show.

  • [Post-Match Thoughts]: I’ll admit it; when Langston’s music hit I marked out a little bit and got excited. Unfortunately the way he stalked The Shield and their reaction to him are not going to help his Ryback comparisons. Still this was a really fun end to the show and set up a match that I’m genuinely excited about (even if everyone already ruined the outcome online). Too bad Langston is also on his way out of NXT so anything awesome will be short-lived.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • A good way to start off 2013 with NXT. The matches were all good to great, with the tag team match especially being a highlight. The Shield making their presence felt at the beginning was chaotic in a good way and gave the show one hell of a reason to keep tuning in, and the end of the show gave me a reason to anticipate next week’s show. Just good stuff all-around and NXT continues to be my favorite wrestling show each week.


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