The Pro Wrestling Nerd Agenda for 2013

Before I get things started, I just want to wish everyone a safe, healthy, and happy New Year. It is time for new beginnings and a fresh start; I hope you all grab the bull by the horns and make all 12 months of 2013 worthwhile. PWN3


2012 was a monumental year for me as a professional wrestling fan; after nearly a decade of passive watching and “results reading”, I fell back in love with the entertainment medium that I was obsessed with for my entire youth. Almost immediately I restarted this blog (it existed as a “classic” wrestling think piece back in 2009 but died soon thereafter) as a way to express my thoughts, feelings, fears, and other ramblings. Over the past six months things couldn’t have gone any better: page views are higher than I ever expected, my writing has improved, and in keeping up with wrestling in all its various forms my appreciation for the artform has grown far beyond what I ever thought it would be. In short The Pro Wrestling Nerd is the goddamn best thing that happened to me in 2012, which may or may not be the saddest thing you’ve ever read.

And heading into 2013 I have big plans for the site, with many goals in mind and many avenues to explore. And frankly I wanted to share them with you for two very specific reasons: 1) I’m really f*cking excited about this and it’s my blog so suck it and 2) so you guys can keep me honest and make sure I stick to at least some of these. With my graduating college and on the job hunt, plus a potential move in the works as well as my movie journalism job that keeps me pretty busy, I’ll need all the reminders I can get. But anyway I’m rambling and I’ll get to the point. Here are my goals for 2013:

  • Website Overhaul/DotCom: The biggest item on my agenda is admittedly a cosmetic one but one that I feel is necessary: overhaul the entire site and move everything to a dotcom. I already have a website template picked out (at least to start) and I have a guy working on a new logo and such for the change. The plan is to launch this Wrestlemania weekend, since that’s when interest in pro wrestling is at its highest. Hopefully it’ll be a good move and result in a more “professional”-looking site.
  • More Features: When I started the site back in July, my original plan was to split my time between TV recaps and weekly features. If you scroll through this site you’ll notice that I’ve been focusing way more on the former. Frankly that needs to change and I’m already working on a host of features for 2013 to give my site more “personality”. Granted they’ll probably be in list form because it’s a fun way to write (I’m an avid reader of and they’ll pertain more to “older” stuff but I’m excited nonetheless. Time to give this site a true unique voice.
  • Movie Coverage: As a movie journalist (ugh I feel gross even stating that) this is obviously an area that interests me and since there’s a way to combine the two thanks to WWE Studios and wrestlers loving to act in things, I’m going to take it. Expect more reporting on movies as well as reviews of movies that feature wrestlers in prominent roles.
  • More Independent Wrestling Coverage: I love the internet age; it gives people access to indie wrestling in a way that many of us who grew up reading PWI only dreamed about. I want to take advantage of this and throw in some more independent coverage, at least of the U.S. scene since that’s where I’m based. PWG, DGUSA/EVOLVE, CHIKARA, and AAW are the ones currently on my radar but if there are others that interest me you better believe I’ll give them some e-ink.
  • “Classic” Recaps: In keeping with the “old school” theme that most of my features will include, I want to get in the habit of doing one Flashback PPV/Event Recap a month. I don’t know if anyone wants to read them but I think they’re fun to write and it’s cool to go back and look at how wrestling’s changed and how what were insignificant matches ultimately became historic (or vice versa).

Those are the five areas I’m going to be working on the hardest and hopefully I can get at least some of them done in 2013 barring real-life situations (work, real person job, loss of cable, etc.). The Pro Wrestling Nerd is a one-man show and there’s only so much one man can do, but I promise that I will be as hyper vigilant as I can in bringing you relevant news/results from this industry that we all love and obsess over. I got my feet wet in 2012; now it’s time to dive right in. Fingers f*cking crossed.


For more of the man behind The Pro Wrestling Nerd, you can follow him on Twitter and you can also be cool and “like” the site on Facebook. You can also email him at theprowrestlingnerd[at]live[dot]com with any comments, suggestions, threats, what have you.

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