[TV Results] IMPACT Wrestling – 12/27/2012

Photo Credit = TNA

Photo Credit = TNA

TNA held its final 2012 edition of IMPACT Wrestling and to commemorate the occasion made it “Open Fight Night”. Click “read more” for the results/storylines (yes they had some) from the show, taken from Jason Powell‘s much more detailed coverage over at ProWrestling.net.


[[The Matches]]

1. [OFN Challenge] Samoa Joe defeated Masked Aces and 8’s Wrestler with the rear-naked choke (3:00).

  • [Post-Match]: Joe went to take the mask off, but more Aces and 8’s members came out to prevent it from happening.

2. [OFN Challenge] *TNA X-Division Champion* Rob Van Dam pinned Christian York (4:00).

  • [Notes]: York and Kenny King talked before the match and King arrogantly thought RVD would be calling him out. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

3. [OFN Challenge] *TNA World Tag Team Champions* Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez defeated Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian when Guerrero pinned Kazarian (14:00).

  • [Notes]: Before the match Kazarian did a full-on AJ Styles impression, gear and all, telling Daniels that he just couldn’t beat him as well as making a reference to Claire Lynch. Guerrero/Hernandez had enough and interrupted to challenge them for Open Fight Night.

4. [OFN Challenge] Gail Kim pinned Miss Tessmacher (5:20).

5. [OFN Challenge] Austin Aries and Bobby Roode fought to a no-contest after Jeff Hardy interfered.

  • [Post-Match]: Hardy celebrated in the ring to end the show after clotheslining Aries to the floor and dropping Roode with a Twist of Fate.


-The Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan/Hulk Hogan saga opened the show. Ray came to the ring and called out Hulk to talk after doing his whole “you still don’t trust me” spiel, but out came Brooke who told him that her father knew about them (having seen it at the end of last week’s show). Ray left the ring saying “there’s nothing to know” and Brooke followed him up the ramp. As The World Turns…

Robbie E challenged Jessie Godderz (w/ Tara) to a Bro-Off for “Open Bro Night”, which meant they had to pose/dance and end sentences with “bro”. Godderz ended his sentence with “dude” and was disqualified. Before Robbie E could claim to be the winner, Robbie T interrupted and entered himself into the Bro-Off. Robbie T posed, lifted Robbie E over his head, did some pelvic thrusts on the mat, then ended with an emphatic “bro” before leaving the ring (his way of dropping the mic).

-We caught up with Joseph Park still training at OVW. Head trainer Danny Davis talked positively about Park’s outburst last week after seeing his own blood and then questioned Park’s commitment to pro wrestling.

Devon invited Mr. Anderson to the Aces and 8’s Clubhouse to offer him a gig in helping their cause. He said he would think about it after two women whispered something sultry (and inaudible) in his ear.


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