[TV Results] WWE Tribute to the Troops – 12/19/2012

tribute to the troops 2012

In addition to WWE Main Event on Ion yesterday (results here), WWE also ran its 10th annual Tribute to the Troops show on the USA Network continuing with “WWE Week” festivities.

Click “read more” for the results from that show, taken from James Caldwell‘s much more detailed report over at the PWTorch.


[The Matches]

1. Sheamus/Randy Orton defeated Dolph Ziggler/*World Heavyweight Champion* The Big Show when Sheamus pinned Show following a Brogue Kick (12:05).

  • [Notes]: Sheamus/Orton originally won by countout when the heels decided to abandon the match but Smackdown GM Booker T came out and forced the match to restart.

2. Ryback defeated Alberto Del Rio by DQ when Ricardo Rodriguez interfered (1:30).

  • [Notes]: Rodriguez jumped on Ryback’s back, causing the DQ. This was taped before Del Rio’s face turn so I don’t know how they ended up playing that off.

3. The Miz pinned Damien Sandow with a crucifix (3:30 of the match shown).

4. R-Truth/*WWE Tag Team Champions* Team Hell No defeated 3MB in a six-man tag team match when Truth pinned Slater after the Little Jimmy (3:26).

5. John Cena pinned *WWE United States Champion* Antonio Cesaro after the Attitude Adjustment (5:10).

[The Segments/Other Notes]

-President Barack Obama opened up the show with a pre-recorded message for the troops.

Michael Cole and JBL provided commentary.

Flo Rida and Kid Rock each performed two songs a piece (Rida doing “Let It Roll” and “Wild Ones” and Rock throwing down country-style with “Let’s Ride” and “Born Free”) though out the show.

Statler and Waldorf made an appearance during a pre-Miz TV moment with Josh Matthews and Kermit the Frog to crack jokes. Then Kermit appeared as The Miz‘s guest on Miz TV. Miz grilled Kermit about his relationship with Miss Piggy, who them came out to join the segment. Miz said Kermit should ask Piggy to marry him but before anything escalated, Damien Sandow interrupted things and made fun of Piggy, which caused Miz to defend her honor with a left hook. This led into the Miz/Sandow match.

Sam the Eagle also made a brief cameo, being saluted to by John Cena.

-After the Cena/Cesaro match concluded, the WWE superstars and Divas came out to salute the troops with Cena. Cena got on the mic and thanked the special guests before thanking every single troop. He then introduced Santa Claus who came out on a sleigh driven by mid-card wrestlers wearing reindeer costumes (HA!). Cole signed off as Cena threw out T-shirts to the crowd.


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