[TV Quick Recap] NXT – 12/19/2012

NXT Recap

On this week’s episode of NXT, The Usos take on Epico/PrimoBig E Langston takes on Camacho and a mystery partner in a handicap match, and in the main event World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show answers the challenge put forth by Bo Dallas last week. Oh and NXT Champion Seth Rollins has an in-ring interview conducted by Jim Ross. There’s that as well.

Click “read more” for a quick recap of the events plus my own thoughts. If you want more detail (i.e. a move by move breakdown of each match) check out my coverage of the show over at Lords of Evolution.


Quick Match Results:

  1. The Usos defeated Epico/Primo (12:01).
  2. Big E Langston defeated Camacho/Aiden English in a handicap match (1:13).
  3. Kassius Ohno pinned Percy Watson (5:20).
  4. *World Heavyweight Champion* The Big Show pinned Bo Dallas (4:53).


NXT opened with a video that summarized Bo Dallas laying out an open challenge last week and The Big Show promptly accepting it via backstage promo.


Tony Dawson and William Regal are on commentary and we go right to the action after the NXT intro video.


[Match #1] The Usos defeated Epico/Primo (w/ Rosa Mendes) in 12:01.

  • [Match Thoughts]: If you’re as big of a Superstars fan as I am, there’s no doubt you’ve seen this matchup at least 4,000 times in the past four months and although this match got more time than they usually do, it was the same ol’ from both teams. Thankfully their “same ol'” is pretty good and by proxy they had the best match on the episode. Also it was nice seeing Epico/Primo get a televised entrance again; granted it was because I love seeing Rosa dance (yes I let my man-side take over) but still.


[[Post-Match]]: The Ascension‘s music played and the NXT Arena turned a blue-ish hue as the team appeared via NXT-Tron. Conor O’Brian and Kenneth Cameron essentially said that their rivalry wasn’t over and “The Ascension will rise” as The Usos just sort of stared while in the ring.

  • [Thoughts]: Given that Cameron has pretty much been released, it was weird to see them still pushing the never-ending Usos/Ascension feud. Either they taped a blow-off match before Cameron’s incident happened or they’re just going to end up pushing this under the rug and forgetting about it. And while that’s good because seriously there doesn’t need to be another Usos/Ascension match, it also makes me kind of sad because I really do like The Ascension. Their promo here wasn’t half-bad and although there was still some hokeyness it was of a more toned down and believable variety.


-Commercial Break-


[Match #2] Big E Langston defeated Camacho/Aiden English in a handicap match by pinning English (1:13).

  • [Match Thoughts]: The usual Langston squash and with Camacho bailing on his partner, the whole handicap match part of the contest never really came to fruition. Instead English just ate a whole lot of Big Ends, both during and after the match during the “Five!” routine (which I’m really going to miss as they fade out Langston now that he’s on the main roster). Despite the “whatever” feeling of this match, it was still entertaining because Langston is entertaining and godDAMN does the NXT crowd love him. Maybe he can pull double duty and work both shows for the forseeable future? I need my damn “Five!” fix.


-Commercial Break-


[Match #3]: Kassius Ohno pinned Percy Watson after the Ohno Blade in 5:20.

  • [Match Thoughts]: I’ve only been watching NXT for the past two months but this is definitely the worst Ohno match I’ve seen  and I think it had to do with Watson more than anything; Watson was so sloppy and awkward in the ring, throwing horrible-looking dropkicks and botching a simple suplex, that he dragged the far out of his league Ohno down. Just an ugly, ugly match.


[[Post-Match]]: Ohno jawed at Regal, who was seated at the announce desk, while walking up the ramp and to the back in order to further their apparent feud.

  • [Thoughts]: I hope Tyson Kidd is still involved; I want to see a Kidd/Regal team even if Justin Gabriel would just end up pouting in a corner the entire time.


-Commercial Break-


[[In-Ring Interview]]: Jim Ross invited NXT Champion Seth Rollins to the ring for an interview. Rollins said some basic “I’m a fighting champion” stuff until Corey Graves attacked him and locked on his “Thirteenth Step” submission move. A group of refs came out and brought the hurt Rollins to the back and Graves “continued” the interview with Ross. Graves essentially said he had his sights set on the NXT Championship and welcomed Rollins to hell.

  • [Thoughts]: You know why I’m excited to see a Rollins/Graves match for the NXT Championship? Not only because I dig both guys in-ring, but because it’ll finally be an NXT Championship match without a main roster guy involved. After Rollins’ defenses against Michael McGillicutty and Jinder Mahal it’s nice to see NXT actually stay in-house for this one. I look forward to the match.


-Commercial Break-


[Main Event]: *World Heavyweight Champion* The Big Show pinned Bo Dallas after the KO Punch (4:53).

  • [Match Thoughts]: Definitely the worst NXT main event I’ve seen since the Hulu Plus era started; it was a slow match with very little in the way of exciting action or drama. Ross, who joined in commentary as usual for the main event, and Regal tried to put over the whole “Bo Dallas loves getting beat up” gimmick and that was interesting (as was Regal cheering Dallas on during a sleeperhold) but the match itself…ugh. While not as bad as Watson/Ohno, it was possibly even more forgettable and considering this was the main event of the show an even bigger sin.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • It’s a no-contest; this is the worst NXT episode I’ve seen since beginning my trek with the show back in October via Hulu Plus. Outside of the Rollins/Graves build, there was nothing of note going on and the matches were either dull or damn near unwatchable. The crowd must have agreed because they were dead for nearly the entire show (I guess this was the tail end of a long taping day?). Either way besides the Rollins/Graves stuff this is an episode fully worth skipping and forgetting about. Not a good showing.


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  1. Re the appearance of The Ascension….

    I had recorded this week’s episode and I thought about what you said about the possibility that the usos/epico match was a taped thing…with that possibility in mind, I went through the entire episode and paid attention the the people in the crowd…throughout the episode it was the same people in the crowd.

    Another possibility is that this week’s episode actually took place before that idiot’s run-in with the law?

    I use the word “idiot” because The Ascension are pretty much what got me watching wrestling again since i stopped over 10 years ago…now suddenly: “Boom! Ascension don’t exist anymore. wtf?!”

    Anyway, yeah, i hope that Cameron just got a slap on the wrist from wwe.

    • Yeah I knew this one took place before he got arrested, but I was hoping maybe the Usos/Ascension blow-off match already got taped, hence justifying keeping that whole spiel in this week’s episode. I won’t know for sure until new episodes come out though since I’m not someone who reads spoilers.

      Interesting that The Ascension got you back into wrestling. What about them drew you in?

  2. Dunno..i was channel hopping one night and stumbled across nxt just as the announcer was saying that justin gabriel’s south african so i kept on watching as I’m south african too…that was the episode where it was justing gabriel and tyson kidd vs the ascension…I was like “Cool intro..dunno what all the yelling’s about, but that cool too…cool finishing move…cool outro with some more yelling…i like it! I’ll tune in again next time”.

    How do you know this week’s episode was a taped one?…it would have to be over a month old!

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