[TV Results] WWE Super Smackdown Live! – 12/18/2012

super smackdown

 In case you weren’t already burned out from Raw on Monday (recap for that here), WWE put on a special commercial-free Super Smackdown yesterday on the USA Network with the main event pitting John Cena/Sheamus against Dolph Ziggler/The Big Show.

Click “read more” for results/storyline notes from the show taken from Jason Powell‘s live recap of the event over at ProWrestling.net.


[The Matches]

1. Damien Sandow (w/ Cody Rhodes) pinned Sin Cara (6:15).

  • [[Notes]]: Rey Mysterio was scheduled to come out but didn’t show up for storyline reasons. The Shield came to ringside during the match and Roman Reigns threw a Mysterio mask into the ring, causing Cara to get distracted long enough for Sandow to hit the Terminus. After the match The Shield laid waste to Cara’s knee, injuring him and effectively putting him out of action.

2. Santino Marella pinned Tensai (4:20).

3. *WWE Intercontinental Champion* Kofi Kingston/*WWE Tag Team Champions* Team Hell No defeated Wade Barrett/The Prime Time Players when Kane pinned Darren Young (Time Not Recorded).

4. Ryback pinned *WWE United States Champion* Antonio Cesaro in a non-title match (5:05).

5. Kaitlyn defeated Eve Torres (c) by DQ; Torres retains the WWE Divas Championship (5:45).

  • [[Notes]]: Torres tripped the ref, causing the DQ. Before the match Kaitlyn got into a backstage fight with former friend AJ Lee so she came out feeling the effects.

6. Brodus Clay pinned Brad Maddox (2:05).

  • [[Notes]]: The Shield reemerged and attacked Clay after the match, delivering a triple powerbomb inside of the ring.

7. John Cena/Sheamus defeated Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ Lee)/*World Heavyweight Champion* The Big Show when Big E Langston interfered (11:25).

  • [[Notes]]: Much like Raw the night before, the show ended with Langston delivering the Big End onto Cena and Lee skipping around the carnage. This time, however, Ziggler was in on it and posed along with them.

[Important Segments/Other Notes]

Michael Cole joined usual Smackdown commentators Josh Matthews and JBL for the night.

-MizTV opened up the show, with The Miz bringing on Dolph Ziggler, Big E Langston, and AJ Lee as his guests. Lee said that John Cena only cares about himself, citing the fact he wouldn’t let her come to the ring with him last week on Raw as well as the fact he didn’t appreciate the “bows” she had made for him (in reference to the bows Vickie Guerrero found in her locker and used as evidence many moons ago). Lee ended with the line “John Cena broke my heart so I helped Dolph Ziggler break John Cena”. Miz mocked Ziggler/Lee, which prompted Langston to attack Miz and drop him with the Big End, much like he had with Cena the night before.

Teddy Long caught up with Booker T and introduced him to his special guest for the evening: Brad Maddox. After some prodding, Booker agreed to give him yet another match for a WWE contract.

-WWE Champion CM Punk and Paul Heyman came out to the ring to address the WWE Universe. Punk referenced Ric Flair‘s appearance on Raw and how the voting was “rigged” for the Slammy Awards. He said he deserved to be Superstar of the Year and hyped up his title reign once again, then put over the fact he was here in Pittsburgh entertaining the fans despite the injury. Ryback made his way out and Heyman said that Punk wasn’t cleared to wrestle. Ryback said he would be and challenged him for the WWE Championship on the first Raw of 2013.


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