[TV Quick Recap] NXT – 12/12/2012

NXT Recap

On this week’s edition of NXT Bray Wyatt adds a new member to his family, Dusty Rhodes addresses the bounty placed on Big E Langston‘s head, and in the main event Seth Rollins defends the NXT Championship against Jinder Mahal after almost a month of build-up (and Mahal in his new 3MB gear).

Click “read more” for a quick recap of the show (as well as quick match results if you’re into that sort of thing). If you’re looking for more detailed coverage of the matches and segments, check out my write-up over at Lords of Evolution.

Quick Match Results:

  1. Paige pinned Sasha Banks (4:05).
  2. Rowan pinned Oliver Grey (1:57).
  3. Seth Rollins (c) pinned Jinder Mahal to retain the NXT Championship (21:42).


[Opening Video]: A video package outlines the Seth Rollins/Jinder Mahal feud over the past month or so, ending with Mahal’s post-confrontation attack two weeks ago and his raising of the NXT Championship afterwards.

  • [Thoughts]: Hell of a way to start the show and hype up the main event. This brief video, expertly put together like you would expect given the company NXT is run by, helped to give it a true “big-match” feel and also caught up anyone who was just tuning into NXT for the first time. Great stuff.


Tom Phillips and William Regal are on commentary.


[Match #1]: Paige pinned Sasha Banks after the Paige Turner (4:05).

  • [Match Thoughts]: Not only was it a good Divas match, far better than the other women’s wrestling matches on mainstream TV this week (TNA included), but it was also an interesting one for a couple of reasons; first, they had Paige working a more heel style after spending the past few weeks being a face which was undermined by the NXT crowd going absolutely apesh*t for her. I don’t know why they decided to do this, but at the very least it proves Paige can work a heel style if necessary, like say if she ends up called up in the future. The other interesting aspect was the fact that although this was her NXT debut, Banks not only got a full TV entrance but also got a liberal amount of offense in. Either she’s an old FCW standby or they’ve got some plans for her because normally the newbies get jobbed out in dominant fashion their first time out (Emma from the episode two weeks ago immediately comes to mind). It led to a more competitive match which made it more entertaining to watch, no doubt, but just seemed…strange that it was so competitive. That’s just me being weird though.


[Backstage Interview] Tony Dawson attempted to interview Roman Reigns but was instead insulted by the man. Reigns then answered a call mid-interview and walked away before Dawson could ask any questions.

  • [Interview Thoughts]: They’ve kept Reigns’ mic work minimal since his over the top outing on the stick early last month. I say it’s working like gangbusters; by not talking he comes off even more egotistical and the few moments he does say anything are usually him talking about himself or mocking someone for not being like Roman Reigns. It’s refreshing to see WWE recognize a flaw and work it into the character; hell they continue to do it now with The Shield.


[Backstage Promo]: After showing clips of their attack on Tyson Kidd last week, we caught up with the oddball duo of Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger. Ohno did the bulk of the talking, talking about the people they’ve sent into the ICU (Richie Steamboat, Kidd, and Trent Barreta got namedropped) and how if William Regal ever sticks his nose into their business again (he helped Kidd out last week) he would join them. Kruger also added in some stuff about trophies while also stroking his hair and laughing. You know the Kruger drill by now.

  • [Promo Thoughts]: It’s weird to see Ohno and Kruger team up but I like them both so I’m not entirely against it (although the lack of a tag team championship in NXT sort of keeps their momentum grounded). Kruger compliments Ohno’s brains with his form of insanity rather well. I assume this’ll lead to Regal either facing each man on his own or teaming up with Kidd for a big tag team match. Either way it looks like Regal is throwing down in an NXT ring sooner rather than later.


As Oliver Grey stood in the ring awaiting his opponent, Bray Wyatt made his way out all the way to the apron and brought out the newest member of his family. Sporting a bald head, a giant red beard, and what looked like a mental asylum jumpsuit, the man emerged dragging Wyatt’s rocking chair to the stage.


[Match #2]: Wyatt Family Member pinned Oliver Grey after a sidewalk slam (1:57).

  • [Match Thoughts]: Impressive outing from the new family member. His offense wasn’t flashy or original, but it was done with added power and oomph to make it more effective so a simple sidewalk slam sounded like a gunshot rather than a leisurely drop. I respect and dig that.


[Post-Match]: Bray Wyatt introduced the new member as simply Rowan.

  • [Thoughts]: Rowan is Erick Rowan for those of you wanting to look him up. His pictures on the NXT website make him out to be some sort of viking character but obviously that’s changed. Also The Wyatt Family is now my favorite stable in professional wrestling, bar-none. I can’t wait until they get into a feud of some kind.


[NXT Arena Segment] NXT Commissioner Dusty Rhodes came out to deliver a “State of the NXT” Address. He officially voided Vickie Guerrero‘s bounty on Big E Langston‘s head which prompted Camacho to come out. Camacho said he needed the money to get his buddy Hunico out of Mexico and threatened Rhodes. Langston came out in defense and Rhodes decided to make a handicap match for next week: Langston against Camacho and a partner of Camacho’s choosing. Langston then did the whole “Five!” thing with the fans.

  • [Segment Thoughts]: Always fun to see Rhodes out there, and he seems to be having the time of his life (or he’s gotten really good at faking it). But as entertained I was by Rhodes and Camacho (the Hunico bit was hilarious to me which probably makes me racist and now I hate myself), the bit didn’t really make much sense. Camacho wanted the bounty money but got a handicap match against Langston instead. He shouldn’t have agreed to it since that’s not what he was looking for. Maybe they’ll throw in that Rhodes will give him the cash if he and his mystery partner beat Langston or something, I don’t know. Speaking of Langston, good to see him, sad he didn’t get to talk. I love his voice. Actually I just love that character.


[Earlier Today…] World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show stopped by and officially answered Bo Dallas’ open challenged that he issued last week. This match happens on next week’s show.

  • [Thoughts]: I speculated that a main roster guy would be the one to answer Dallas’ challenge but I gotta say…I’m shocked that it’s Show. I mean he’s World Champion and stuff, he’s got bigger fish to fry. Just getting some ring time with a World Champion should do a lot for Dallas and that’s all it’ll be because there is no damn way he’s going to win. Here’s hoping the match is watchable though; Dallas’ ringwork hasn’t impressed me much and we all know Show is down to only a few moves, so this match rides on their ability to gel together. Fingers crossed.


Jim Ross replaced Phillips on commentary for the main event.


[Main Event] Seth Rollins (c) pinned Jinder Mahal after a Skywalker to retain the NXT Championship (21:42).

  • [Match Thoughts] A really f*cking good championship match and definitely one of the better matches I’ve seen this week on wrestling TV. Some of the momentum of the match ended up being lost due to commercial breaks and an overindulgence of chinlocks but these two pulled out all the stops and really threw down with one another. Great way to end the show, and I loved the fact NXT gave them that much time to go at it; between that, the in-ring introductions, the opening video package, and the constant hype, this really felt like a super important match. Great promotion, great match.


[Ending Segment] As Seth Rollins celebrated, he was stopped in his tracks by Corey Graves who was in the audience. Graves sarcastically gave him a standing ovation then jawed at him inaudibly. Rollins eventually shook him off and the final shot of the show was of Rollins lifting the NXT Championship in the air triumphantly as Graves looked on in the background.

  • [Thoughts]: So it looks like Graves is getting the next crack at Rollins and I’ve gotta say…it seems out of left field. Don’t get me wrong Graves has been awesome the few times he’s been on the show but it’s surprising that he’s being given the next shot over someone like Ohno. The big question is does this match ever actually happen or does Rollins’ main roster call-up kill this rivalry before it even starts? We’ll see how it shakes out.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • After a string of lame duck shows, this NXT had the epic and important feel the recent ones were missing (for obvious reasons but just roll with me here). The main event was stellar both on a quality level and a promotional level, and the little storyline elements (the new member of the Wyatt Family, the Ohno/Kruger promo, etc.) all added to a fun, brisk, and more importantly newsworthy episode. I look forward to next week immensely.


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