[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 12/7/2012

WWE-Friday-Night-Smackdown (Small)

This week on Smackdown, Sheamus and The Big Show go head to head with old foes in singles action, The Miz gets into a verbal tussle with the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”, and 3MB pull a “Freebirds” and wrestle in six man tag team action.

Click “read more” for a full breakdown of the show in chronological order. All information from the show comes from Chris Shore‘s live (and far more detailed) coverage of the show on ProWrestling.net.


Josh Matthews read Vince McMahon‘s statement about CM Punk‘s injury and hyped up the TLC match change (Team Hell No/Ryback against The Shield in a six-man tag “TLC” match).


[Opening Segment:] Booker T held a contract signing in the ring to make sure Sheamus and The Big Show did not come into physical contact with another before TLC. The two jawed at one another as they signed the contract, and Show dumped the table over on Sheamus, almost causing a fight to break out. Booker settled it by announcing two matches: Sheamus would take on old foe Alberto Del Rio later tonight and The Big Show would take on the man who beat him in 45 seconds for the World Heavyweight Championship Daniel Bryan right…now!


[Match #1:] The Big Show pinned Daniel Bryan after a Chokeslam (11:15).

  • Post-Match: The Shield emerged after Show left to attack Bryan, prompting Kane to come out and attempt to make the save.  The Shield turned their attention on “The Big Red Machine” and triple powerbombed him through the announce table.


[In-Ring Segment]: Damien Sandow attempted to make an apprentice out of another person in the audience, and the audience failed miserably as usual on the third question. The Miz then came out and made fun of Sandow for wearing a “bath robe” and pink tights. This verbal barb left Sandow speechless, and essentially started a feud between the two.


[Match #2]: 3MB (Heath Slater/Drew McIntyre/Jinder Mahal) defeated Brodus Clay/The Usos when Slater pinned one of the Usos after a Future Shock (2:33).


[Backstage Interview]: Matt Striker was with Wade Barrett. Striker tried to ask about The Shield but Barrett said Randy Orton should worry about the Bull Hammer instead.


Kofi Kingston came out to join Matthews and JBL on commentary.


[Match #3]: Randy Orton pinned Wade Barrett after the RKO (11:15).

  • Note: Barrett tried to take a turnbuckle off, so Kingston went over to alert the ref. Barrett got distracted by Kingston, allowing Orton to hit the RKO for the victory.


[Match #4]: The Great Khali/Hornswoggle (w/ Natalya) defeated Primo/Epico (w/ Rosa Mendeswhen Hornswoggle pinned one of the Colons following a Frog Splash (2:52).


[Video Promo]: The Shield cut what was said to be an “nWo”-style vignette promo talking about their mission and reiterating the fact that they work for no one.


[In-Ring Segment]: U.S. Champ Antonio Cesaro came out to cut a promo in street clothes. He said that Americans used to chase the “American Dream”  but now look like “The American Dream” and a picture of Dusty Rhodes was splashed onto the TitanTron. R-Truth made his way out to defend the country, and ended up attacking Cesaro, who fled the ring sans-U.S. Title.


[Main Event]: Sheamus defeated Alberto Del Rio (w/ Ricardo Rodriguez) via submission with the Texas Cloverleaf (13:00).


[Closing Segment]: The Big Show climbed into the ring after the match and dared Sheamus to hit him. Sheamus instead grabbed Ricardo Rodriguez and threw him into Show’s crotch because comedy.


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