[TV Quick Recap] WWE Superstars – 12/6/2012

wwe superstars recap

This week on Superstars…Zack Ryder takes on Tensai and in a completely chaotic sort-of main event Brodus Clay tussles with David Otunga complete with “special guests” and catfights. Click “read more” for a super brief recap of the show, or go to Lords of Evolution for a far more detailed rundown.


Scott Stanford and Matt Striker are the commentators this week.


Match #1: Tensai pinned Zack Ryder after a running senton (8:23).

  • Match Thoughts: A typical “David and Goliath”-style match, with Ryder trying to overcome Tensai’s size and strength and Tensai swatting down most of Ryder’s offense. A pretty good match, but nothing you would tell your friends about.


Extended Raw Segment Recap: The Miz challenges CM Punk to take a lie detector test.


Extended Raw Match Recap: The last five or so minutes of the John Cena/Sheamus Vs. Dolph Ziggler/The Big Show match from Monday was shown.


Before the next match, Hornswoggle is introduced as the special guest timekeeper, Natalya is introduced as a special guest commentator, and The Great Khali is announced as the special guest referee.

  • Thoughts: Uh…what? Why? Huh? Is this hell?


Match #2: Brodus Clay pinned David Otunga after the Running Splash (2:44).

  • Match Thoughts: I have no idea what the hell was going on through this whole match. Natalya gushed on commentary about Khali, comparing him to Stu Hart, before getting into a catfight with Rosa Mendes who assaulted Hornswoggle with flowers as revenge for two weeks ago. Clay and Otunga engaged in a comedy spot with Khali where they couldn’t understand his instructions during his attempt to break them up in the corner, which fell flat due to the commentary paying no attention to it. All of this insanity circled around a very routine squash match where Clay won using his usual moves. Just a whole lot of crazy crammed into about six minutes and I’m still 92% convinced it was just a fever dream.


RAW Rebound: The CM Punk lie detector segment that ended last week’s show is shown in a more montage format and also acts as the end of this week’s Superstars episode.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • And Superstars continues to edge its way closer and closer to being a “recap-only” show. Lots of Raw content this week, which I can understand since some viewers may not have caught it on Monday, but for me it created fast-forward moments and other moments where I groaned audibly. This is valuable pointless filler match time, people! The Ryder/Tensai match was okay, but generic, and the Clay/Otunga match was…well it was insane. So in the end I guess I could say I was entertained by the actual original content on Superstars but on the other hand I’m getting more and more disappointed that there isn’t more of it. Is it that bad to have a full-on C-show nowadays? WCW had like 40 of them! I just want the one.


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