[TNA News] ‘Final Resolution 2012’ Preview; Lineup + Predictions

final resolution hardy roode

This weekend TNA presents their last PPV of 2012, Final Resolution, live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL. Click “read more” for a full lineup plus my thoughts and predictions for each one.


Main Event: Jeff Hardy (c) Vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

  • Initially scheduled to be Hardy/Storm, “The Cowboy” lost his title shot in a match against his former partner/heated rival after Roode goaded him into putting it on the line by insulting his family. And besides that…the build-up has been very minimal between these two. They’ve crossed paths and beaten each other up here and there but the build for this is certainly not main event caliber. Apparently the Aces and 8’s and Bully Ray/Brooke Hogan are considered a higher priority than the World Heavyweight Title. Having seen Hardy/Roode many times before, and recently on IMPACT Wrestling to boot, I have no doubt they’ll put on a good match. But it’s not going to be all that memorable and I think that TNA will keep the title on Hardy to continue keeping him on their side and away from Stamford. I don’t know how successful they’ll be at that though.
  • Prediction: Jeff Hardy retains the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

“One Final Time”: AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels

  • After years of consistent feuding and countless matches, TNA is promoting this as their “final” encounter, which is pretty apt considering the name of the PPV. If you think this match is going to be terrible in anyway, then you’re crazy; these guys have torn the house down so many times that betting against them would be ludicrous. Will it measure up to their X-Division wars back in the mid-2000’s? Of course not. But it’s going to be great. As for the winner…Styles’ current arc has him down on his luck and a shell of his former self due to a loss of confidence, so I think that Daniels is going to come up with the win to further that and to give him tons of promo fuel.
  • Prediction: Christopher Daniels

Grudge Match: Bully Ray Vs. Austin Aries

  • Ray/Aries had a feud earlier in the year, but with the roles reversed (Ray as the heel, Aries as the face). Now the tables have turned and not only that but this feud concerns one Brooke Hogan as well as her father, TNA GM Hulk Hogan. Aries has done a good job acting as the instigator, but he feels second fiddle in his own feud as the focus is on Ray/Brooke/Hulk, and his constant talk of having beaten Ray during their original feud makes me think that Ray is going to come out on top. Well…either that, or wishful thinking. Ray is on an upswing though, so I’m pulling for him.
  • Prediction: Bully Ray

Eight Man Tag: Kurt Angle/Garett Bischoff/Wes Brisco/Samoa Joe Vs. The Aces and 8’s

  • This is one of the many hastily put together matches on the card, having just come to fruition on Thursday’s go home edition of IMPACT Wrestling. It’s undetermined which four Aces and 8’s members show up but if you think Devon and D.O.C. won’t be there you’re insane. While this match has the potential to be a fun and chaotic brawl, Brisco and Bischoff being there sort of kills the buzz for me because I have absolutely no desire to see them in the match. However the Aces and 8’s do need another reveal to keep things spiced up, so I expect The Aces and 8’s to win after Brisco reveals himself as a member and costs his team, and his “mentor” Angle, the match. And once we get there, it’ll be time to figure out a way around the “why did Brisco even need to do the Gut Check in the first place?” hole in the storyline.
  • Prediction: The Aces and 8’s win; Wes Brisco reveals himself as a member

Championship Match: Tara (c) Vs. Mickie James for the TNA Knockouts Championship

  • Mickie James made her return to the TNA ring after a health scare, winning a Knockouts battle royal to gain the #1 contendership…and that’s about it. They’ve crossed paths sort-of over the past couple of weeks, but their big “drive the match home” verbal confrontation ended with Velvet Sky making her return and taking the spotlight completely off the match. James is good and everything, but Tara is going to retain; she’s just too entertaining with her “Hollywood BF” Jessie Godderz and if Sky is supposed to be #1 contender to the Knockouts Title for the beginning part of 2013 there needs to be a heel at the helm.
  • Prediction: Tara retains the Knockouts Championship

Championship Match: Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez (c) Vs. Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan for the TNA World Tag Team Championship

  • This match came about because…I don’t know actually. Because Ryan/Morgan attacked them or something? Whatever. Either way here we are. Chavo/Hernandez haven’t really done much since winning the belts in October and they aren’t really clicking on any measurable level (though there is improvement). TNA seems invested in Ryan and Morgan so it would make sense to have them take the straps and…do nothing with them because there really isn’t much of a tag team division anymore. Damn. Maybe it’ll justify them bringing in Ryan and reinvesting in Morgan I guess.
  • Prediction: Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan become the NEW Tag Team Champions

Championship Match: Rob Van Dam (c) Vs. Kenny King for the TNA X-Division Championship

  • Another hastily put together match, King won the right to challenge Van Dam after winning an insanely chaotic (and entertaining) triple threat match last Thursday. This match intrigues me and hopefully the fresh match-up will light a fire in RVD and cause him to accidentally give a sh*t again. TNA has done next to nothing with King since poaching him from ROH and this PPV would be a good time to make good on their investment. King has a future as X-Division Champion and could potentially make things interesting; RVD would just maintain status quo and not do much. Here’s hoping they go for the former.
  • Prediction: Kenny King wins the X-Division Championship


Final Resolution 2012 takes place live from the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL on December 9th. Order the PPV via your cable/satellite provider or go 21st century by ordering it on TNA On-Demand.



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