[TV Quick Recap] NXT – 12/5/2012

NXT Recap

This week on NXT, Antonio Cesaro butts heads with a now face Michael McGillicutty, Yoshi Tatsu keeps busy now that there isn’t enough time on Superstars to include him every week, Bo Dallas looks for a fight, and in the main event Leo Kruger attempts to make Tyson Kidd his next trophy.

Click “read more” for a basic recap of the events, plus my thoughts. If a move by move recap is more your thing, check out my coverage of the show over at Lords of Evolution.


Tony Dawson and William Regal are on commentary.


Match #1: [WWE U.S. Champion] Antonio Cesaro pinned Michael McGillicutty (6:00).

  • Match Thoughts: A solid opening match with typical excellent feats of strength/killer Swiss Death from Cesaro. McGillicutty was working face for only the second time I’ve seen him do it and he was a lot better at it than I expected it. It helped that the NXT Arena loves the guy. But it’s still weird that a guy who was challenging Rollins for the NXT Championship a month ago is now all of a sudden a good guy. NXT likes to randomly switch things up too much.


Match #2: Bo Dallas pinned Axl Keegan (2:38).

  • Match Thoughts: A quick squash to give Dallas a strong return win, after a losing effort over the past few outings. Keegan is an NXT newbie, having cut his teeth on the New England independent scene under the name of Max Bauer, and didn’t get much to do here other than take Dallas’ offense, including that weak ass Spear Dallas uses as a finisher but shouldn’t. Keegan has an interesting look to him though…he seems like a lock to join The Wyatt Family at some point.


Post-Match: Bo Dallas challenges anyone in the WWE to a fight. Not a wrestling match, a fight.

  • Thoughts: At least they’re giving Dallas something to do. It’s not much but it’s something. I wonder which main roster guy ends up taking him up on his offer.


Match #3: Corey Graves defeated Yoshi Tatsu by submission (2:57).

  • Match Thoughts: A much more fun squash match to watch than Dallas/Keegan. I’m digging everything about Graves, from his look to his offense to his finisher, and see big things for him. Tatsu, for what it’s worth, was good at selling the offense and his brief flourishes of offense were fun to watch. I feel for the guy though; he came to the WWE with big dreams and he’s been Funaki-ed.


Match #4: Roman Reigns pinned Gavin Reid (2:09).

  • Match Thoughts: And the squash hat trick is complete! As much as I’ve mocked the Roman Reigns character, last week’s press release schtick and this week’s squash match have started to make me a believer. Dawson/Regal reigned it in a little bit on the overselling of the guy which helped, but Reid was also awesome in taking Reigns’ offense and making him look like a million bucks. Reigns came off like a monster and it worked out nicely. 


Post-Match: Reigns threatened ring announcer Byron Saxton and told him to get his announcing duties right or he would pay next time.

  • Post-Match Thoughts: This was well-done and helped solidify the character. The gimmick is still way too on the nose but they’re ironing out the wrinkles. I just doubt we’ll see the finished product since Reigns is now a member of The Shield and I assume making his way out of NXT.


Backstage Interview: Tom Phillips attempted to interview Tyson Kidd about tonight’s main event but they were interrupted by Kassius Ohno. Ohno threatened Kidd, and Kidd responded with an Albert Einstein quote.


Jim Ross replaced Dawson and joined Regal on commentary.


Main Event: Tyson Kidd defeated Leo Kruger by submission (13:18).

  • Match Thoughts: You read that right folks; Kidd actually won a match for once and by submission no less (although it wasn’t the Sharpshooter). But given the Kruger/Ohno partnership, it wouldn’t be shocking if Kruger quickly tapped just to set up the post-match beatdown which followed this match. Anyway this was a really fun TV main event that made up for the squashatude of the rest of the show. Love watching Kidd work and love watching Kruger’s character exist.


Post-Match: Ohno and Kruger double-teamed Kidd until Regal intervened and dragged Kidd out of the ring. He helped the young Canadian back to the dressing room as a confused Ohno looked on. This concluded the show.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • Yet another filler week of NXT but still an entertaining show with a couple of good matches (Cesaro/McGillicutty and Kidd/Kruger) as well as some interesting looks at other guys via squashes (Corey Graves especially). With the big Rollins/Mahal match coming next week it shouldn’t be too shocking that this resembled a developmental system version of Superstars but given that Superstars is one of my favorite wrestling shows obviously I was fine with the pointless squashes and aimless matches. The lack of storyline, stored up until the end, was a little weird though; you figured they would have something more going on. Oh well. I guess that all begins anew next week anyway.


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