[TV Review] IMPACT Wrestling – 12/6/12 (‘Final Resolution 2012’ Go Home Show)

Impact Wrestling Review

This week on IMPACT Wrestling, Bully Ray tries to hold the show hostage, Devon attempts to regain the TV Title he never lost, a former Beautiful Person makes her return to the company, and TNA remembers they need to have Rob Van Dam wrestle this Sunday and allow three X-Division wrestlers to actually showcase themselves for once.

Click “read more” for a review of the show. If you’re looking for a full-on recap, check out my coverage at Pro Wrestling Ponderings.


*What Worked*

Hardy/Storm/Styles Vs. Roode/Bad Influence: An excellent television main event that helped put the two most important matches this Sunday in the spotlight. Good stuff from all six men and I’ll never scoff at a match featuring these talented as hell guys getting 15 minutes.

The Opening Segment: A simple way to set up the six man tag team main event, but sometimes the simplest route is the most effective. The only detraction would be that it focused on Styles/Daniels more than Hardy/Roode, but it was good mic work nonetheless.

King Vs. Kash Vs. Ion: A chaotic and insane X-Division match that was really hard to keep up with and was essentially a botchfest. But compared to the matches that came before it tonight it was a goddamn godsend and it was really fun to watch. Kash especially deserves a nod for bringing his A-game tonight and unleashing some of that high flying offense that has been shelved in recent appearances.

Joseph Park is Going to OVW: It was a throwaway line, but Hulk Hogan telling Park (via cell phone) to go to OVW made me really excited. It was also a nice and short way to make sure TNA viewers haven’t forgotten about Park’s declaration that he was going to become a pro wrestler and personally it’s made me excited to watch OVW.

Todd Keneley: More love for Todd Keneley is in order; he’s a welcome third man on that commentary team and although Tenay/Taz continue to talk over him at times, I respect the guy for continuing to actually care about the match and call it.

Overall Show: After suffering through tons of horribly booked WWE go home shows, TNA’s simple approach to hyping their PPV is a welcome breath of fresh air. Although it wasn’t perfect, the entire show was built around PPV hype and did so through matches, vignettes, PPV lineup run-downs, etc. TNA cares about Final Resolution and it shows. Also the main event six man and the X-Division triple threat were also awesome, so that helped.

*What Was Okay*

Bully Ray Holds the Show Hostage: This segment had “crap” written all over it but thanks to Bully Ray and especially Austin Aries, it managed to float…for most of the time. The interactions between Ray and Hulk Hogan were nice and intense, but Hogan’s refusal to make the Aries/Ray match official and then all of a sudden making the Aries/Ray match official was needless and made it feel drawn out just to fill time. But seriously, Aries was awesome through out this whole thing; it’s like he doesn’t give a damn about this story and is just trying to entertain himself.

Robbie E Can’t Work a Tablet: It was nothing more than a DirectAuto ad, but it was still pretty funny to see Robbie E not understand a touchscreen then playing it off like he knew the entire time after Robbie T had to help him. I giggled. Sue me.

Samoa Joe Vs. Devon: Devon winning the TV Title makes sense now in hindsight, but it doesn’t make me any less angry about it. Joe was making the belt look prestigious and having him lose it, no matter how screwjob-y it was, makes me scared for its future. The “okay” is for the match itself because…well it was just that. Joe was good and carried Devon to a watchable match but what happens when he’s not there to bail him out? I weep for the future. As long as Garett Bischoff gets nowhere near it I’ll be happy I guess.

Kurt Angle Vs. D.O.C.: It was your usual Angle “C-game” match, but props to D.O.C. for still trying to make it interesting. The action was mediocre and the DQ finish was predictable, but the four on four match announced for Sunday was cool. I’m all for that.

Joey Ryan Promo: Ryan/Matt Morgan’s post-match attack on Chavo/Hernandez was okay as was Ryan’s sex-laden promo (it works with his gimmick). Ryan is intensely fun to watch, while Morgan continues to fade into the background. He really should’ve just tried his luck with the WWE; the promises TNA made him don’t really seem to be coming to fruition.

*What Didn’t Work*

The Return of Velvet Sky: I’m not against the return of Velvet Sky and frankly I’m happy she’s returned because the division desperately needs more wrestlers, but the way they handled the return was dumb. They had Tara and Mickie James sort of build their upcoming match on Sunday by just pulling out random insults out of their asses until Sky came out, and then once she showed up the focus turned to her and her proclamation of becoming champ in 2013. So not only was the Tara/James stuff dumb, their match was swept under the rug to begin the Velvet Sky hype. This was just all sorts of blah.

Chavo/Hernandez Vs. The Robbies: Every time I see Chavo/Hernandez my brain starts to wander and I lose focus. They do nothing for me. This match didn’t help. It just…was. I hope they lose the belts soon.

The Aces and 8’s Attack Hardy: The Aces and 8’s revealing they were paid by Roode to attack Hardy would’ve been awesome…if the post-match beatdown hadn’t looked so weak. These guys beat people with hammers and all they mustered here were some punches or kicks. It was about as much damage as Hardy took playing the babyface in peril during the six man tag match. I’m supposed to buy that Hardy is going to not be at 100% Sunday? Puh-leeze.

Aces and 8’s Celebrate With Hooker-Strippers: The post-TV Title celebration at the Clubhouse (or locker room) had an unintentionally funny moment (the women danced to the Aces and 8’s theme song) but otherwise was just dumb. A shoddy attempt to make them seem risque.


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