[TV Review] WWE Superstars – 11/29/2012

Superstars Review

This week on Superstars, Santino Marella is in action against David Otunga and Brodus Clay goes one on one with JTG. Oh and a whole lot of Raw recaps.

Click “read more” for a review/recap of the show. For a more detailed rundown of this week’s episode check out my full blown recap over at Lords of Evolution.


Scott Stanford and Matt Striker are your commentators for this week’s show.

Match #1: Santino Marella pinned David Otunga after The Cobra in 8:38.

  • Match Thoughts: Not exactly a match that would set any world on fire, real or imaginary. Otunga, who had shown improvement recently, was back to his shoddy self and not only was his offense weak but he relied way too much on posing, flexing after nearly every single move he did. Marella did what he could and while he’s good in the ring (I’ve now accepted this), the comedy bits he performed are nothing you haven’t seen before. And to add insult to injury it almost felt like this match was stretched out far too long to stall for time which given how the rest of this episode was laid out is absolutely ludicrous.

RAW Recap #1: Remember that whole in-ring confrontation between Vickie Guerrero, John Cena, AJ Lee, and Dolph Ziggler? Well 90% of it was shown here.

RAW Recap #2: The John Cena/Dolph Ziggler match was joined in-progress and shown to its finish (Cena won).

  • Thoughts: Where are my pointless lower midcard matches? WHY IS THIS NECESSARY? WHAT THE FUUUU-

Main Event: Brodus Clay pinned JTG after the running splash (1:25).

  • Match Thoughts: Remember the 5000 Brodus Clay squashes you’ve seen for the past like six months? Yeah it was that. So there you go. Interesting note though: JTG got his full entrance while Otunga, a man higher in the pecking order, got the “already in the ring” introduction for his match against Marella. How the hell does that even make sense?

RAW Rebound: Montage video of the CM Punk/Kane main event, plus The Shield‘s involvement with Dean Ambrose‘s words playing over it. This ended the show. Seriously.


Overall Show Thoughts:

  • Having seen Raw already I found this week’s episode of Superstars to be an absolute waste. Both matches presented were dull, with Marella/Otunga working ugly and Clay/JTG just being the same squash match we’ve seen a million times already, and the overabundance of Raw recaps and segment/match replays were obnoxious. It’s pretty apparent that WWE wants to turn Superstars into a full blown “hey watch this Raw sh*t” again show, which breaks my heart; Superstars used to be the show I looked forward to the most. Maybe next week’s episode will be better.


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