[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 11/23/2012

This week on Smackdown, Kofi Kingston actually defends the Intercontinental Championship, The Miz invites John Cena onto MizTV, Ryback eats The Prime Time Players alive, and the R-Truth/Antonio Cesaro feud continues much to the joy of…I don’t know, someone probably.

Click “read more” for results/storyline notes from the show, taken from Jake Barnett‘s coverage of the event on ProWrestling.net.


The Matches

1. Ryback pinned Darren Young in 1:21.

  • Post-Match: Titus O’Neil tried to defend his partner and ended up eating a Shell Shock himself.

2. R-Truth pinned [WWE U.S. Champion] Antonio Cesaro in 1:41 (Non-Title Match).

3. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara by submission in 8:48.

4. [World Heavyweight Champion] The Big Show defeated [WWE Tag Team Champions] Team Hell No in 8:02.

  • Notes: Daniel Bryan tagged himself in and locked the “No Lock” on The Big Show. Feeling slighted, Kane left the ringside area and Show powered out of the No Lock before hitting the Chokeslam on Bryan for the victory. William Regal and Sheamus watched the match from a luxury box in the arena.
  • Post-Match: Kane returned to the ring to mock his tag team partner. Show attempted the KO Punch but Kane ducked. Show then attempted a Chokeslam on Bryan, but Bryan kicked him and then Kane kicked him out of the ring. Show mic’ed up at the top of the ramp and asked Sheamus how he felt about a giant getting his hands on a chair at TLC. Sheamus responded with his usual bravado up in the luxury box.

5. Kofi Kingston (c) pinned Damien Sandow to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship in 7:58.

  • Notes: Wade Barrett joined Josh Matthews and JBL on commentary for the match. He hyped up his IC Title match against Kingston (apparently) signed for TLC.

6. Dolph Ziggler pinned Randy Orton in 13:33.

  • Match Finish: Ziggler avoided the RKO and rolled up Orton for the win using a handful of tights.
  • Post-Match: Ricardo Rodriguez came out and met the business end of an RKO. Alberto Del Rio tried to sneak up on Orton, but Orton stared him down. John Cena came out and locked Ziggler in the STF as referees tried to get him to break the hold. This segment ended the show.

The Segments

-The show opened with the latest edition of MizTV. The Miz invited John Cena out at his guest. Cena played up his knee injury, talking about his MRI, and said he would be fine ultimately despite some loss in lateral movement. Miz then asked about the kiss Cena shared with AJ Lee and after some prodding, Cena admitted to enjoying it and called Lee a “good kisser”. Miz asked if they were more than friends, but Lee came out to interrupt and said Cena didn’t have to answer that. Dolph Ziggler then came out and said while Cena was a good man, Lee was a “bad egg”. Vickie Guerrero then came out and said Ziggler was a better kisser than Cena. Cena responded with a jab at her looks because, like, Be a Star. More insults flew, yadda yadda, Cena talks about Ziggler having no nuts, end segment.

Smackdown GM Booker T caught up with Sheamus backstage and said he was banned from competing due to his actions both at Survivor Series and last Friday’s show. Booker told Sheamus to grab some friends and enjoy the show from the luxury suite in the arena before announcing The Big Show would take on Team Hell No in a handicap match.

Team Hell No argued about their upcoming handicap match, with Daniel Bryan saying he’s beaten Show before (and for the World Heavyweight Championship) and Kane bringing up their tag team history. Kane then took a dig at Bryan, and Bryan asked if that was because Kane wasn’t invited to his house for Thanksgiving. They then made a deal that if they won tonight’s contest, Kane could spend Christmas at Bryan’s house.


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