[TV Results] WWE Main Event – 11/14/2012

Here are the results for last night’s Main Event plus any pertinent storyline/match notes. All information about this episode taken from Chris Shore‘s coverage of the event over at ProWrestling.net.

Match Results:

  1. Team Hell No (c) defeated The Rhodes Scholars to retain the WWE World Tag Team Championship.
  2. Santino Marella pinned David Otunga.

Match/Storyline/Etc. Notes:

  • Commentary was handled by Michael Cole and The Miz, who opened the show at the announce table rather than in the center of the ring.
  • Josh Matthews attempted to interview Team Hell No, but Daniel Bryan and Kane couldn’t stop bickering. Kane walked off and Bryan was attacked by The Rhodes Scholars. He was later “medically cleared” to compete for the match.
  • During the Hell No/Scholars match, Cody Rhodes took an errant backdrop from Kane, causing him to land awkwardly on his right shoulder. He suffered a concussion as well as a strained shoulder from the fall. He spent the rest of the match on the apron letting his partner Damien Sandow handle the rest of the contest. More information on the injury can be found at WWE.com. He’s up in the air when it concerns Survivor Series.
  • After the match, Matt Striker interviewed Team Hell No at ringside and asked if Daniel Bryan would bury the hatchet with The Miz before Sunday (they had some issues on Raw). Miz got up to shake his hand but Bryan refused. Finally after Kane goaded him into it, Bryan opened his arms out for a hug. Miz refused the hug and went back to the announce table, saying he won’t hug someone who tried to cheap shot him.
  • Michael Cole conducted an interview with Dolph Ziggler. Cole was in the ring while Ziggler appeared via TitanTron. Ziggler trumpeted his team’s chances at Survivor Series and brought up the dissension within Team Foley. Ziggler then insulted The Miz, saying that the “washed up” Foley was him in a few years. Miz fought back with Foley’s WWE Championship wins and his own headlining of Wrestlemania. Ziggler continued to insult him so Miz challenged him to a match for next week’s Main Event. Miz insulted Ziggler and Team Ziggler but before he could say his catchphrase, Ziggler cut him off and accepted the challenge. The Miz Vs. Dolph Ziggler next week on Main Event.


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