[TV Recap] NXT – 11/7/2012

NXT Recap

This week on NXT, four men vie to become the newest contender to Seth Rollins‘ NXT Championship, Big E Langston pays for crossing Vickie Guerrero last week, Roman Reigns makes his speaking debut, a long-missed NXT regular makes his glorious return, and Kassius Ohno goes head to head with Trent Barreta. Click “read more” to see a full recap of the show.


-A video package opens the show, detailing Dusty Rhodes‘ announcement of a fatal four way match for this week to decide a new #1 contender to the NXT Championship. The men involved: Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Justin Gabriel, and Bo Dallas. It’s set to that overly dramatic music that wrestling companies like to use.

-After the usual NXT opening video, we cut to the NXT Arena where Tony Luftman welcomes the home audience. He hypes the fatal four way and also mentions that Big E Langston will be in action. He is joined on commentary by William Regal and, making his return to the announce table, Byron Saxton.

  • Thought: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!

Kassius Ohno makes his way out for the first match of the show, a rematch against Trent Barreta. We see clips of their first match two weeks ago, when Richie Steamboat cost Ohno the match due to a towel to the face (I love NXT guys, seriously). Barreta then makes his way out to the ring to his White Stripes rip-off theme music.


Match #1: Trent Barreta Vs. Kassius Ohno

Barreta goads Ohno into the corner, side steps him, then takes him down with a drop toehold. He sends Ohno into the rope and catches an attempted kick. Barreta delivers a chop and whips Ohno into the ropes. Ohno holds onto the rope and escapes to the apron. Ohno attempts a sunset flip but gets side stepped. Baretta attempts a floor sunset flip, but Ohno covers Barreta’s face with the apron curtain and kicks him. Inventive.

Ohno rolls Barreta back in and goes for the pin. 2-count. Ohno chops Barreta in the corner and locks on a modified Dragon sleeper. Barreta rolls through but Ohno transitions into a front chancery. Ohno whips Barreta into the ropes and attempts a back drop but Barreta reverses into a sunset flip for a 2-count. Barreta then connects with a clothesline and starts on his comeback. Ohno reverses an Irish whip but Barreta hits him with an elbow. Ohno blocks the enziguri and goes for the cover. 2-count.

Barreta fights back and hits a massive DDT for a 2-count. Barreta hits an elbow in the corner and whips himself into the ropes for momomentum but Ohno catches him with a forearm. Barreta then rolls him up for a 2-count, but Ohno responds with a Savate kick out of nowhere for a 2-count of his own. Ohno seats Barreta on the top turnbuckle and heads to the top himself. Barreta headbutts him off and connects with a front facing Missile dropkick. Barreta goes for his finishing knee but Ohno slides to the outside. Barreta gives chase and Ohno runs back in. Barreta follows suit but Ohno catches him with the rolling elbow out of nowhere. Barreta slumps to the mat and Ohno covers him for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Kassius Ohno (6:11)

  • Good opening match but for some reason I didn’t get as into it as I did two weeks ago. Not surprised to see Ohno get his win back here and glad he did. I also love the hell out of that “use the apron curtain to blind my opponent” technique. Anytime the curtain comes into play I get excited. (B-)

Post-Match: Ohno picks up the knocked out Barreta and goes for another rolling elbow but Barreta ducks and Ohno falls to the outside. Barreta then follows it up with a baseball slide through the middle and bottom rope. Barreta beckons Ohno to get back into the ring as his music starts playing.


NXT Hype: The fatal four way main event.

-Commercial Break-

-A hype video/promo for Graves plays. He talks about how every tattoo on his body tells a story but he won’t waste time telling you about these stories; instead he’ll show you. He then holds up his knuckles which are tattooed “Step Down”. Nice.

  • Thoughts: A solid promo from a guy I’ve never heard of. I like that his tattoos factor into his character. I was waiting for someone to do that in the WWE.

Big E Langston makes his way out for the next match. His opponent, Memo Montenegro, is already in the ring. A “Five” chant breaks out in the NXT Arena as he stalks his way to the ring. Luftman brings up Langston’s life as a powerlifter while Regal brings up that Langston used to be an amateur wrestler but was banned for using an illegal crossface, hence the powerlifting career change.


Match #2: Big E Langston Vs. Memo Montenegro

Langston repeatedly punches Montenegro in the gut then hits a running bodyblock, knocking him to the mat. Langston picks him up, holds up the five fingers, then connects with his unnamed finisher for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Big E Langston (0:57)

  • Yeah this was a non-entity of a match; it’s the aftermath that always seems to be the part worth watching whenever Langston’s out in the ring. (N/A)

Post-Match: Langston yells at the ref to count to five. The ref instead raises his arm in the air. The NXT crowd chants “ONE MORE TIME!” and Langston obliges, hitting his finisher once again. Langston pins him and counts to five, as the crowd counts along. Another “ONE MORE TIME!” chant breaks out. But before he can once again oblige, Vickie Guerrero shows up on the NXT-Tron to interrupt. Guerrero rhetorically asks Langston if he found what he did to her last week funny then announces that she has put a bounty on his head for “five…five…FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!”. Guerrero says Langston will quickly learn that she who laughs last laughs the loudest, then starts cackling. Langston is incensed and goes back to destroy Montenegro once again, but out comes Chad Baxter to claim Guerrero’s bounty. Langston runs him over and then hits him with his finisher before counting to, you guessed it, FIVE. The ring announcer announces him as the winner. Langston exits the ring and leads a “FIVE!” chant with the crowd.

  • Thoughts: An actual storyline that allows Langston to continue capping fools and counting to five? Sign me right up. Guerrero’s bounty is an interesting way to go and a good way to make his matches mean something rather than just having him continually squash people with little to no reason (a la Ryback before his out of nowhere push). The NXT fans love Langston and they are giving him the ball to run with. That’s refreshing.


NXT Hype: The fatal four way main event.

-Commercial Break-

Jason Jordan is already in the ring as we come back from break. His song stops, and out comes Bray Wyatt, making his return to NXT. He asks the crowd if they feel him and then he says he’s got his wings back before laughing. Wyatt then speaks in what I guess Italian, then preaches to the crowd and tells them it’s time to wake up from the lie they are living in. He asks the crowd if they are ready for him to change this world. Jordan stops Wyatt mid-rant. Jordan says all Wyatt does is talk and challenges him to fight him. Wyatt calls him a “foolish child”. Wyatt says he didn’t want to hurt Jordan, he wanted to help him. Wyatt says Jordan is no match for him because he’s a monster…and he is never alone. Out comes his follower who rushes to the ring.

  • Thoughts: I literally had to pause this to get all of my “YESSSSSSSSSSS!” screaming and hand-clapping out before I continued this recap. I have been dying to see Wyatt on this show since I started following it and since I do everything to avoid spoilers I didn’t see this coming since he was injured. And what a re-debut he made. Excellent crazy prophet promo…for the most part. He stepped out of his Southern twang here and there which was a little weird. BUT BRAY FREAKIN’ WYATT IS BACK. Awesome. I’m ecstatic and a little embarrassed that I admitted to marking out so hard for this.


Match #2: Jason Jordan Vs. Wyatt’s Follower

Wyatt’s mysterious follower attacks Jordan as the bell rings. Jordan tries to put up a fight but this giant man (with an awesome beard) is no match for him. A clubbing forearm followed by a massive uppercut. The Follower chokes Jordan on the second rope followed by another clubbing forearm. Shoulder blocks in the corner followed by a splash. The Follower throws him back into the corner, splashes him, and delivers a clothesline. He goes for the pin. 2-count.

The Follower tries for a boot in the corner but Jordan side steps. Jordan takes him down but The Follower gets back up and nails the Black Hole Slam for the 1…2…3!

Winner [via Pinfall]: Wyatt’s Follower (2:21)

  • Very dominating debut from this mystery man. And I love how absolutely deranged he looks; crazy begets crazy guys. This is going to lead to awesome things I hope. (C)

Post-Match: Bray Wyatt gets on the mic and introduces this bearded stranger as the “first son of the Wyatt family” Luke Harper. Harper then follows Wyatt to the back with a crazed look in his eye.

  • Thoughts: And thus begins the building of the “Church of Wyatt”. I am all freakin’ in on this, and I’m glad they found a way to bring him back while he rehabs his injury. The guy is a helluva talker and character. Yes I’m still ridiculously happy that he showed up on this week’s show.


Last Week on NXT: Roman Reigns made his debut. We see clips of all of his big moves as Luftman puts him over in a crazy big way.

Byron Saxton is on the NXT stage behind his interview podium. He introduces his guest Roman Reigns. Out he comes dressed in a grey suit. He beckons Saxton over to him with the mic. Before Saxton can start the interview, Reigns grabs the mic and shoos him away. Reigns says he’s sure everyone is doing better now that he’s in the building. Reigns says no one can feel any better than he does right now and says “when you’re the man, all you have to do is wake up”. Reigns says he’s the man, and calls people being for or against him irrelevant. Reigns says everyone wants to be him. And thus concludes the first promo of Reigns’ NXT stint.

  • Thoughts: A nice old school heel promo from Reigns to establish his character, but definitely very over the top with the language he used. He’s definitely going to be a great bad guy though because I already want to punch him in the face after hearing him talk. I’m really happy they didn’t try to make this guy a face; after the commentator blowjob he got on last week’s show that’s what I was fearing. Phew. Now that I can freely hate him, I may end up liking him because I am a goddamn mark through and through.

NXT Hype: The fatal four way is up next!

-Commercial Break-

Justin Gabriel makes his way out for the main event. Regal is joined at commentary by Jim RossDrew McIntyre makes his way out second and Ross reminds everyone that he was once considered the “Chosen One” of the WWE. That didn’t work out so well. Jinder Mahal makes his way out third and puts his hat in the clear glass case where it belongs. And finally out comes the final competitor in this match, Bo Dallas. 


Main Event: Bo Dallas Vs. Justin Gabriel Vs. Jinder Mahal Vs. Drew McIntyre in a #1 Contender Fatal Four Way

Gabriel/McIntyre and Mahal/Dallas pair off. Dallas tosses Mahal to the floor, and he and Gabriel connect with a double dropkick on McIntyre sending him to the outside as well. Dallas hits McIntyre with a baseball slide, but Mahal pulls him out and starts hitting a series of forearms. Gabriel takes to the air and hits a senton on all three men. He’s the last man currently standing as we go to commercial.

-Commercial Break-

Gabriel has McIntyre in a headlock as we come back from break. Mahal and Dallas are on the outside. Gabriel attempts to whip him into the ropes but McIntyre grabs the tights and applies a side headlock of his own. McIntyre is tossed into the ropes and takes Gabriel down with a shoulder block. Dallas gets back into the ring and clotheslines McIntyre. Gabriel/Dallas team up and connect with a double suplex. McIntyre ducks another double clothesline attempt and manages to take Dallas down with one of his own. Gabriel soars and takes McIntyre down. Gabriel goes back to the top but Mahal comes out of nowhere and crotches him.

McIntyre heads to the second rope and attempts a superplex but Gabriel tries fighting out. Dallas comes out of nowhere and powerbombs McIntyre who ends up superplexing Gabriel anyway. Mahal attacks Dallas, and then attempts to pin both McIntyre and Gabriel. Both attempts are unsuccessful. Mahal connects with a snap suplex on Dallas and he goes for the pin. 2-count. Mahal and McIntyre stare each other down, then start putting the boots to Dallas.

Mahal connects with a Russian legsweep on Dallas and then he and McIntyre take turns dropping knees on the fan favorite. They send Dallas into the ropes, but he hangs on to avoid a double clothesline. Mahal settles for clotheslining McIntyre instead. Mahal attacks both men, then concentrates on McIntyre. Mahal kicks McIntyre, but he responds with one of his own. Gabriel comes out of nowhere with a springboard cross body followed by a spin kick on McIntyre. Gabriel goes for a springboard moonsault on Dallas but lands on his feet. He clotheslines Dallas to the floor.

Gabriel hits the ropes and takes McIntyre out with a Tilt-a-whirl DDT. Gabriel delivers a powerbomb and Mahal and heads to the top rope. He connects with the 450 Splash but hurts himself so he can’t take advantage. McIntyre tosses him out, but Dallas runs in with a spear on him for the 1…2…3. Drew McIntyre is eliminated. Dallas then catches Gabriel mid-air with a spear for the 1…2…3! Justin Gabriel is eliminated. Mahal and Dallas stare each other down then look over to the stage where NXT Champion Seth Rollins is sitting on a bench watching the match. He waves at them as we go to commercial again.

-Commercial Break-

Dallas is in control of the match as we come back from the break. Dallas knocks Mahal down, who rolls out to the floor to escape further punishment. Dallas follows him out. Mahal blocks a strike and shoves Dallas into the ring steps to a loud smashing sound. Mahal rolls him back in and goes for the pin. 1…2…kick out. Mahal chokes Dallas on the second rope, making sure to do it right in front of Rollins. A series of kneedrops followed by a pin attempt. 2-count.

Dallas starts fighting back but runs into a high knee. Mahal goes for another pin. 1…2…kick out. Mahal argues with the ref about his decision. Mahal hits a very painful and awkward looking Full Nelson slam and goes for yet another pin. 1…2…KICK OUT. Mahal is beside himself, and stares down Rollins for a second. Dallas strikes Mahal with a series of elbows and side steps a corner splash. Dallas hits the ropes and connects with a running forearm to Mahal’s back. Dallas then hits a powerslam and goes for the Spear but Mahal side-steps and Dallas flies into the ropes. Mahal takes advantage and locks on the Camel Clutch. After a brief struggle Dallas taps! Bo Dallas is eliminated.

Winner [via Submission]: Jinder Mahal (13:46)

  • I’ve got to be honest here…this was not that exciting of a fatal four way match. Even though it went nearly 14 minutes, for some reason it felt like it was too short and the eliminations weren’t spaced out that well. Mahal winning wasn’t much of a shock, but it should be a good match-up. I say “should” because I didn’t see their original match from the Gold Rush tournament so I have nothing to base it on. Also anyone else find it funny that the #1 contendership match only had one actual NXT guy? Weird. (B-)

Post-Match: Mahal stares at Rollins as Ross announces their championship match occurs next week. He goes to reapply the Camel Clutch on Dallas, which brings Rollins to the ring. He attacks Rollins, then holds the NXT Championship in the air. Rollins jumps him and knocks him out of the ring. Rollins and Mahal stare each other down and jaw back and forth as we fade to logo.



Overall Show Grade: B-

  • In-ring wise this was not one of the better NXT shows, with half of the card being comprised of squash matches and the other two being rather underwhelming. But, oh, what an episode it was for actual storyline development! Big E Langston now has something to do as he deals with the bounty placed on his head and Bray Wyatt has made his glorious return and has brought with him a follower to do his dirty work while he’s legitimately out with injury. There hasn’t been much in the way of storylines on this show, at least the episodes I’ve seen, so I’m all for adding some more sizzle to this steak (especially if that means more Langston and Wyatt on my television screen). Here’s hoping that after Rollins wins his match and retains the belt next week against Mahal (like you don’t expect that to happen) he gets an actual storyline of his own as well. The NXT Champion needs a legitimate rival. My vote is for Kassius Ohno at least until Steamboat gets better.


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