[WWE News] The DVD/Blu-ray Cover for ‘The Attitude Era’ is an Eyesore

WWE DVD News snagged an exclusive peak at the DVD/Blu-ray cover art for WWE’s upcoming release The Attitude Era but since nothing in this world is exclusive anymore you can check it out below, watermark and all.

Well…that was certainly one way to go with it. Although some older fans are no doubt squealing while naming off everyone on this cover, I’m trying not to recoil at how freaking ugly it is. Photoshop is great and everything but that’s no reason to go overboard. And being the nitpicker I am, the fact that Marc Mero and GTV are included is a bit ridiculous; Mero himself didn’t matter to the The Attitude Era other than being the vessel for which Sable was introduced and GTV is a storyline that is not only forgotten by a lot of fans but one that is made fun of by those that do remember it. 

But regardless of its aesthetic appeal, WWE is sitting on a gold mine with this set and I’m sure it’s going to sell a whole lot of units. The Attitude Era is a fondly remembered time by a lot of fans who grew up during that time period (I’m not one of them, but that’s a rant for a different time) and arguably the most successful period in WWE history in terms of revenue. To think that people won’t be buying the hell out of this is foolhardy. Also I just found a way to use foolhardy in a news piece so I am pumped.

The Attitude Era will be released in stores and online on November 20, 2012 just in time for the Holiday shopping season. Pre-order your copy on DVD or Blu-ray right this very second.


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