[TV Results] WWE Super Smackdown – 11/6/2012

Last night WWE presented a special Super Smackdown special on SyFy to counterbalance all of the Election night coverage (guess which one I paid more attention to). Click “read more” for results from the show, as well as storyline/segment/etc. notes.

All information taken from Jake Barnett’s detailed live coverage over at ProWrestling.net.


*Match Results*

1. Kofi Kingston (c) pinned The Miz to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

  • Note: The Miz tried to shake Kingston’s hand after the match, but Kingston instead kicked him and sent him packing to the floor like the gentleman face he is.

2. The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil) defeated Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara.

  • Note: Matt Striker interviewed The Prime Time Players after their win and they mocked him for having no rhythm after he tried doing the “Millions of Dollars” dance.

3. [World Heavyweight Champion] The Big Show/Wade Barrett defeated Sheamus/William Regal.

4. Randy Orton pinned Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

*Storyline/Segment/Etc. Notes*

  • The narrator from Raw returned to open the show with a brief recap of storylines in his awesome newscaster voice. Looks like he’s here to stay.
  • Michael Cole brought out Sheamus to open the show proper. Cole showed the WWE Universe “cell phone footage” of a bar brawl that occurred between Sheamus/The Big Show/William Regal that happened earlier in the day. Sheamus said he couldn’t excuse Show for attacking Regal given how helpful he has been to the WWE superstars and challenged him to “finish what he started”. Show made his appearance via TitanTron and called Sheamus a “ginger” and said he didn’t have anything to prove by coming down to the ring. Wade Barrett showed up on the entrance stage and questioned Sheamus’ sanity for wanting to fight Show the day before his match with Barrett on Main Event. Barrett then hyped that match up, saying he would leave nothing left for Show to beat up at Survivor Series. Sheamus challenged him to fight right now, but Barrett backed off after feigning like he was going to head to the ring.
  • Smackdown GM Booker T caught up with Wade Barrett backstage and made the Sheamus/Regal Vs. Show/Barrett match for later in the night.
  • After a Raw Rebound, and a plug for more evidence coming from Vickie Guerrero next Monday, we caught up with Booker T and Teddy Long in the back. Booker asked if the upcoming Sheamus/Regal tag match was something Guerrero would come up with and Long said maybe. Booker got on Long about calling him “unoriginal” but laughed it off after he looked insulted and offended.
  • Before the Falls Count Anywhere match, Alberto Del Rio cut a backstage promo on becoming the new Apex Predator. He then came across Rosa Mendes again who wished him luck tonight. Right after we caught up with Randy Orton who said he was looking forward to getting “sick and twisted” in their match tonight.
  • Fandangoo hype video played once again but without the second “O”. I guess it’s actually Fandango which makes much more sense.


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