[Indy Wrestling News] Tokyo Monster Kahagas Making First NWA World Title Defense This Friday

NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe has announced via Facebook that new NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas is set to make his first title defense this Friday for NWA Houston. The first man to get a crack at the new champ is Damien Wayne, the man Kahagas eliminated to win the “ten pounds of gold”. Check out Tharpe’s official statement below:

This statement is to acknowledge that “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas was authorized as a late entry to the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Tournament that took place in New Jersey last week – however – in view of the circumstances in which Kahagas became the NWA World Champion, the NWA Board of Governors has decreed that an immediate rematch shall be ordered between Kahagas and Damien Wayne with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

It is hereby ordered that this rematch shall take place this Friday night, November 9th at NWA Houston’s “Decision 2012” event. For event and ticket information visit www.nwahouston.com.

As a courtesy to our fans, the NWA will post the results of this match as soon as possible thereafter, and release a videotape of the match on official NWA media outlets.

We congratulate “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas on his recent NWA World Heavyweight Championship victory, however we caution Kahagas not to relax and enjoy his victory for long, because the challengers are burning up the NWA telephones as they line up for their shot at the “Ten Pounds of Gold.”

Right away the new NWA is ready and willing to have the World Title defended all over its territory system and for that I commend them. Now it’s time to build momentum and regain the momentum lost due to Tharpe’s takeover a few months ago. I’ll definitely be checking the match out once it’s posted and will probably post it here too.

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