[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 11/2/2012

This week on Smackdown, Randy Orton and Wade Barrett wrestled each other again, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara wrestled The Prime Time Players in singles action, the World Heavyweight Championship rematch build continued, and a certain freakishly tall Hindi made his return to the ring.

Click “read more” for quick results/storyline notes from the show, taken from Greg Parks‘ far more detailed live coverage of the show on PWTorch.

*The Matches*

1. Darren Young pinned Sin Cara.

2. Rey Mysterio pinned Titus O’Neil.

  • Notes: O’Neil challenged Mysterio immediately after the Cara/Young match as both were ringside to support their respective tag team partners. This was the quicker of the two matches.

3. Wade Barrett pinned Randy Orton.

  • Notes: Alberto Del Rio attacked Orton before the bell rang, and then he and Ricardo Rodriguez distracted him later on, allowing Barrett to get the win.

4. The Great Khali pinned David Otunga.

5. R-Truth pinned Justin Gabriel.

  • Note: Truth and Gabriel shook hands before the action started, so this wasn’t a Truth or Gabriel heel turn or anything.

6. [World Heavyweight Champion] The Big Show/The Miz defeated Sheamus/[WWE IC Champion] Kofi Kingston.

*Storyline/Segment/Other Rundown*

  • Josh Matthews/JBL were once again on commentary. I hope this is permanent.
  • The show opened up with the latest edition of MizTV. His first guest was Sheamus and Miz ran him down for having cliched responses to losing the championship at Hell in a Cell. He then took credit for The Big Show‘s dominant return after being “fired” by John Laurinaitis earlier in the year. IC Champion Kofi Kingston made his way out once Miz said he’d beat him in a rematch. Kingston verbally fought back, and Miz countered with saying he’d eliminate Kingston at Survivor Series and help his team win. World Heavyweight Champion The Big Show then made his way out to the ramp and knocked Miz for both taking credit for his change of heart and for not interviewing him despite the fact he’s the new champion. Sheamus offered to fight Show but Show said he’d wait for Survivor Series. Miz tried to attack Kingston from behind but was sent to the floor for his troubles.
  • Smackdown GM Booker T caught up with The Big Show after the commercial and gave him the news that’d he be teaming with Miz to face Sheamus/Kingston in the main event.
  • Teddy Long discussed Vickie Guerrero‘s takeover of Raw with Booker T and said the locker room would soon rebel. Natalya showed up and said that since Eve Torres, Booker’s normal secretary, was wrestling overseas she should take over her duties for the week. David Otunga interrupted and mocked her for suggesting it. Booker then told Otunga that he would be facing the returning Great Khali in a match tonight. This news caused Otunga to spittake his coffee all over Natalya. Otunga said it made her look better and took another swig of coffee. This time, thanks to a retaliatory slap by Natalya, the coffee ended up all over Long.
  • Matt Striker tried to catch up with Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez after they cost Randy Orton his match, but Orton attacked Del Rio from behind and they fought all over catering while a whole host of midcarders watched. The big spot saw Orton backdrop Del Rio on a table.
  • After winning his match, The Great Khali was stopped in the back by Natalya who told him she was impressed by both his destruction of David Otunga in the ring and the size of his hands. She then walked away. So that happened apparently.
  • Before the main event, The Miz and The Big Show talked strategy backstage. Miz tried to take control and tell Show to follow his lead, but Show said that he was now his superior and it wasn’t like when they used to team together. Show then threatened Miz with a Knockout Punch if he wasn’t careful.
  • WWE announced Randy Orton/Alberto Del Rio in a Falls Count Anywhere match during this Tuesday’s live Smackdown special.
  • After The Big Show/The Miz won their match, Show booked it as Sheamus seethed in the ring. Sheamus then took his frustrations out on The Miz, flattening him with a Brogue Kick to end the show.

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