[Indy Wrestling News] And The New NWA World Heavyweight Champion is…

On Friday, NWA DAWG played host to the crowning of a new NWA World Heavyweight Champion with an eight man elimination match featuring the top independent stars in the country as well as the NWA itself. But things took a completely different turn towards the end of the match and a man not even scheduled to wrestle, NWA National Champion Tokyo Monster Kahagas, joined in and became the new champion. Here’s the official press release of what occurred, courtesy of NWA Wrestling’s official Facebook page.

On November 2 at NWA DAWG in Clayton New Jersey, Tokyo Monster Kahagas pinned Damien Wayne to become the new NWA™ World Heavyweight Champion.

Kahagas was a last minute entrant in to a scheduled eight man elimination match that advertised Chance Prophet, Justin “The Gift” Kincaid [PW Nerd Note: It’s Jason Kincaid, actually], Lance Erikson,  Anthony Nese,  “Greek God” Papadon,  “Phat Daddy” Biggie Biggs,  Lance Anoa’i and Wayne. 

With only Wayne and Prophet remaining in the ring, Kahagas’ manager Dontay Brown emerged with the reigning NWA™ National Heavyweight Champion. Brown was on the phone with NWA President R. Bruce Tharpe. Brown informed NWA™ Head Official Fred Richards that Tharpe had approved Kahagas’ entry in to the match. Richards confirmed Brown’s claim by speaking directly with Tharpe and allowed Kahagas’ participation. Wayne then surprised Prophet with a quick pile driver and secured a three count. Shortly thereafter, Kahagas finished off Wayne with a “TMD” (Tokyo Monster Driver).

So there you have it. Interesting turn of events to say the least. But like always when reporting NWA news I’m not familiar enough with the product to say anything intelligent or insightful so I’ll just leave it at that.

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