[TV Review] IMPACT Wrestling – 11/1/2012


On this edition of IMPACT Wrestling, The Aces and 8’s revealed a new member, Jeff Hardy upped the ante for his World Title defense against Austin Aries at Turning Point, Christian York went through the Gut Check, and ODB welcomed Jessie Godderz to the TNA ring in a vicious way. Click “read more” for a full review of the show.

*The Matches*

1. Samoa Joe (c) defeated Magnus by DQ in 3:43 to retain the TNA Television Title.

  • Magnus hit Joe with a wrench found under the ring to get the victory. A lopsided match with Joe spending most of the match on the offensive, but much like the last time they had a match that ended in a DQ it was there just to set up a PPV rematch which was made official later in the night. (C+)

2. Zema Ion pinned Christian York in 4:21. [TNA Gut Check]

  • Given that York has been wrestling for 16 years, it should come as no surprise that he had the best Gut Check match since the concept first started. It was also good to see Ion show up on TV again as I feared he would be forgotten now that he wasn’t the X-Division Champion. Overall a good showing for York (outside of a few missed spots and awkward timing issues) who really did give it his all in an attempt to prove himself. (B)

3. Jessie Godderz [w/ Tara] pinned ODB in 3:54.

  • Tara distracted ODB, allowing Godderz to roll her up for the victory. Entertaining match overall and ODB destroyed Godderz’s chest with chops. It seriously looked nasty by the end. Either way this and the earlier promo finally sold me on Tara/Godderz. They’re pretty awesome. (B-)

4. [TNA World Champion] Jeff Hardy pinned Robbie E (w/ Robbie T) in 7:38.

  • Hardy’s talking segments are still lacking, but he’s definitely stepped up his in-ring game and had a really good match with Robbie E (who also deserves his share of the credit as well). TNA is limiting his promos and sticking him in matches, which is the best way to book him I think. Showcase his strengths, limit his weaknesses. (B)

5. Joey Ryan (w/ Matt Morgan) pinned [TNA X-Division Champion] Rob Van Dam in 1:34.

  • Matt Morgan moved Ryan out of the way of a Five Star Frog Splash which allowed Ryan to then roll him up for the win. Way too short and the ultimate tease but as you probably guessed, they’re waiting on the full monty for Turning Point. It hasn’t been announced officially but you know it’s coming. I’m definitely all for it; I like both of these guys. (N/A)

*The  Segments*

1. Joseph Park opened the show to challenge The Aces and 8’s for Open Fight Night. Five members came out and surrounded him, prompting Sting and Kurt Angle to come out and make the save. Sting then promised that one member of The Aces and 8’s would be unmasked tonight.

  • A good opening segment that delivered a nice hook for the viewers to keep tuning in. Park was great as always. (B)

2. Jessie Godderz protested having to fight ODB tonight while Tara told him everything was going to be okay. He then had her sanitize his body with hand sanitizer.

  • Ugh this segment was far funnier than I want to admit. It’s still annoying in spots but as the weeks go by Tara/Godderz are improving in their chemistry with one another. (B-)

3. Kurt Angle busted into Hulk Hogan‘s office along with his friends Wes Brisco and Garett Bischoff and demanded Devon‘s head on a platter. Hogan said Bully Ray had dibs but if there was anything left he could finish him off at Turning Point. They, plus Hogan and Sting, then got all hyped up about beating up The Aces and 8’s or something and a lot of yelling went down.

  • A bit on the blah side, especially since Angle has poor choice in friends. Nice subtle way to announce a match there though; I don’t know if everyone caught that. (C)

4. TNA World Champion Jeff Hardy applied his makeup in slow motion as his inner monologue said that Austin Aries was a thief and his overconfidence would “kill him”.

  • I can’t believe TNA is still going with these inner monologues. It was slightly less ridiculous than last week and it’s an inventive way to do things, but all in all it takes away from the “reality” of the proceedings. Why can we hear his thoughts but no one else’s? What makes him so special? Where can I buy the mic that picks those thoughts up? (D)

5. Christopher Daniels/Frankie Kazarian came out and ran down TNA Tag Team Champions Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez by making slightly racist comments and such to build up the Turning Point match. They then challenged the Spanish announce team, Hector Guerrero and Willie Urbina, for Open Fight Night. It was as one-sided as it sounded until Guerrero/Hernandez came out to make the save.

  • I hated everything about this; first off, cheap heat or not, the racism on display here was both forced and unsettling. It was a lame shortcut to add some heat to this match and for me it didn’t work. It was more eye-roll worthy than anything. Daniels/Kazarian usually can make everything work but I think they’ve reached a wall with casual racism towards Hispanics. Also didn’t Kid Kash/Gunner approach them the same way? Sigh. (F)

6. Garett Bischoff caught up with Bully Ray and offered his support despite his own history with Devon. Their pow wow was interrupted by a giant TNA/Aces and 8’s brawl outside which they participated in.

  • Yay another Aces and 8’s brawl! An okay segment I guess, although Bischoff all but told Ray he was going to turn on him, but nothing special. Sting working like a motherf*cker to make it work by overacting was charming though in a weird way. (C)

7. Austin Aries came out with the actual TNA World Title belt after Hardy’s win to run him down some more and say that he would be champion once again come Turning Point. Hardy rolled to the outside, pulled out a ladder, and sat on top, turning their rematch in two weeks into a ladder match. Aries naturally protested.

  • Nice wrinkle to add to the match and good mic work from Aries. I’m always down for a ladder match. (B)

8. Footage from the opening of Hulk Hogan‘s beach shop over the weekend aired. Matt Morgan showed up and got all bully-like with Hogan before stealing one of his old robes.

  • Wow. Just…wow. First off, stealing is a crime. Second off, Hogan normally drops fools left and right but cowered in front of Morgan. Third off, STEALING IS A CRIME YOU CAN ARREST HIM FOR. This didn’t make Morgan look all that impressive and it made Hogan look like a pussy. (C-)

9. Bobby Roode came out to the ring but instead of challenging someone for Open Fight Night, he said he should’ve been chosen to face Hardy last week during “Championship Thursday”. AJ Styles interrupted him and told him to stop whining, saying that at least he’s had a shot to be champion. Styles then said he was stuck dealing with personal stuff and then awkwardly mocked the WWE for having a “similar” situation with another AJ. Hulk Hogan came out with James Storm and booked a triple threat match for Turning Point with two stipulations: the winner gets the next shot at the TNA World Title while the one who takes the pin will not be eligible for a title shot until Bound For Glory 2013.

  • Styles was off on the mic his whole promo; in addition to his awkwardly delivered WWE dig (which was still adorable), he was stepping over his words and stuttering. Not a great segment promo-wise but overall I enjoyed it because it created a potentially awesome triple threat match for Turning Point with big implications. But I have to ask…why is Styles in this match? Weren’t they teasing a Styles/Angle feud? What happened to that? (C)

10. Bully Ray came out and officially challenged Devon for Open Fight Night. Devon came out and was reluctant getting into the ring until his Aces and 8’s brothers showed up. They all got into the ring and surrounded Ray, who defended himself by swinging his chain. Soon enough out came the TNA Locker room to brawl with the Aces and 8’s for the 23498345343th consecutive week. Joseph Park also made his way out to get him some, but was easily overpowered by a guy in a skull mask. Park ripped it off, revealing it to be Drew Hankinson (Festus/Luke Gallows in WWE). He then proceeded to chokeslam Park through a table to end the show.

  • I feel like every episode of IMPACT Wrestling has ended with a brawl between the two groups since The Aces and 8’s first started appearing and the enjoyment for that is very long gone. Now it just elicits “goddammit, AGAIN?” responses. I should have expected Ray/Devon to not actually get going but I was still disappointed it didn’t happen. But on the plus side, The Aces and 8’s finally unveiled a new member and while not a life-altering reveal, it’s a solid performer and more importantly it gives the faction another face. Since this storyline, holes and all, will continue whether want it to or not, that’s a good thing. Either way it was an anti-climactic end to the show and I was left feeling flat about the whole thing. (C)

*In Conclusion…*

Overall Show Grade: C

  • The Good Stuff: Hardy/Robbie E, Godderz/ODB, York/Ion, Godderz/Tara’s shenanigans, interesting matches added to Turning Point.
  • The Bad Stuff: The constant TNA/Aces and 8’s brawls, lackluster Matt Morgan promos and petty theft, AJ Styles flubbing it on the stick, the Daniels/Kazarian racism-palooza, overall show.
  • The Show in a Sentence: An okay night wrestling-wise, but left a lot to be desired in the storyline department creating a show that left me feeling “blah”.

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