[PPV Results] WWE Hell in a Cell 2012


We are now a few hours removed from Hell in a Cell and the internet wrestling community is in an uproar over the controversial ending as well as some unexpected match surprises. What exactly happened? Click “read more” to find out.

Information on Hell in a Cell is taken from Jason Powell‘s live coverage of the event over at ProWrestling.net so go there for more detailed analysis.

Match Results

1. Randy Orton pinned Alberto Del Rio.

2. The Rhodes Scholars (Damien Sandow/Cody Rhodes) defeated Team Hell No (Daniel Bryan/Kane) (c) by Disqualification; Team Hell No retains the WWE World Tag Team Championship.

  • Notes: The DQ was caused by Kane continually roughing up Sandow/Rhodes until the ref had no choice but to call it in The Rhodes Scholars’ favor. The bickering  between Kane/Bryan continued through out the match as usual.

3. Kofi Kingston (c) pinned The Miz to retain the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

4. Antonio Cesaro (c) pinned Justin Gabriel to retain the WWE United States Championship.

5. Rey Mysterio/Sin Cara defeated The Prime Time Players (Darren Young/Titus O’Neil).

  • Notes: Sin Cara appeared to injure himself during the match and had trainers checking on him after Mysterio scored the victory. He ended up being okay enough to get to his feet to celebrate the win with his tag team partner. From what I’ve read Cara got hurt from a Sliced Bread from O’Neil, landing on his head.

6. The Big Show pinned Sheamus (c) to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

  • Notes: The ending saw Sheamus attempt a Brogue Kick and Show ducking and hitting the K.O. Punch out of nowhere to score the victory. No Dolph Ziggler to cash in his Money in the Bank afterwards too.

7. Eve Torres (c) defeated Layla and Kaitlyn to retain the WWE Divas Championship.

8. CM Punk (c) pinned Ryback in the Hell in a Cell to retain the WWE Championship.

  • Notes: Brad Maddox refereed the match and screwed Ryback out of the championship, delivering a low-blow and laying on top of his legs while making a fast-count to give Punk the victory. After the match, Punk and Ryback made their way to the top of the cell and Ryback delivered a Shell Shock to Punk on top of the structure to end the PPV.

Storyline/Segment Notes

***Commentary of tonight’s event was handled by Michael Cole, John “Bradshaw” Layfield, and Jim Ross.

***The pre-show saw John Cena answering questions about the “affair” scandal with AJ Lee and other topics. A TOUT from Dolph Ziggler asked Cena to “come clean”, and Cena then challenged Ziggler to come out and fight him. Vickie Guerrero came out alone, and Ziggler tried to sneak attack Cena but to no avail. So it looks like we’re headed for a Cena/Ziggler program which is completely cool with me.

***The “affair” storyline continued during the show briefly, as Vickie Guerrero was interviewed by Josh Matthews. She said that he had pictures to “prove” that the accusations were true and invited AJ Lee to come to Raw tomorrow and defend herself in person.

***Paul Heyman tried through out the night to get Vickie Guerrero to throw the HiaC match out to no avail.

***Before the triple threat match, Eve Torres tried to talk to Smackdown GM Booker T but Booker blew her off. Teddy Long came in and said she had screwed Kaitlyn and Layla and now tonight they would get their revenge. Zack Ryder strolled in dressed as a witch but said he was dressed as Eve because she’s, erm, a witch. Santino Marella then showed up dressed like Lady Gaga which resulted in Ron Simmons making his return to “DAMN!” the proceedings.

***CM Punk made a last ditch effort to get his match with Ryback called off by talking to Vince McMahon. McMahon refused and told Punk to go out there and prove that he’s the “Best in the World”.

Did you like Hell in a Cell? Did you hate it? Were you indifferent? Sound off in the comments below. I won’t be able to add much since I didn’t see the event but I’d like to hear what you have to say.

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