[TV Results] WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 10/26/2012

This week on Smackdown, the final push for Hell in a Cell commenced, Randy Orton felt the barrage of Wade BarrettTeam Hell No went to war with The Rhodes Scholars in singles matches, and Sheamus and The Big Show met in for an in-ring verbal confrontation to sell their match for Sunday. Click “read more” for an overview of the match results/segments from the show.

All information from this week’s show is gleaned from Chris Shore‘s far more detailed coverage over at ProWrestling.net.

Match Results:

  1. Kane pinned Cody Rhodes.
  2. The Miz pinned Yoshi Tatsu.
  3. Wade Barrett pinned Randy Orton. [Alberto Del Rio caused a distraction to set up the loss]
  4. [WWE Divas Champion] Eve Torres/Aksana defeated Kaitlyn/Layla.
  5. Damien Sandow pinned Daniel Bryan. [Cody Rhodes interfered and attacked Bryan to set up Sandow’s win].

Storyline/Segment Notes:

  • Randy Orton came out to the ring to open the show. He told Alberto Del Rio that he was the wrong man to make an example of and he would be giving him the beating of his life come Sunday. Del Rio cut him off mid-promo and called Orton a garden snake before proclaiming himself to be the new “Apex Predator” of the WWE. Orton challenged Del Rio’s manhood in order to get him to come down to the ring, but after teasing he would, he stood back and said he’d see Orton on Sunday. Wade Barrett then attacked Orton from behind to set up a match between the two later in the night.
  • Smackdown GM Booker T met with The Big Show to talk to him about tonight’s in-ring verbal confrontation between him and Sheamus. Show told Booker he had nothing to worry about because he proved what needed to prove on Monday and Sheamus wouldn’t try anything either because he was scared. Show then said come Sunday he would be the new World Heavyweight Champion.
  • Later on, Booker T dealt with four Divas (Eve, Aksana, Kaitlyn, Layla) all yelling at him at once. Aksana also admitted to getting the same email Kaitlyn got from Eve. In walked Teddy Long to bust Eve, but Eve pleaded innocence and said she had left her iPad laying around so anyone could have sent the email last month. Booker finally had enough and booked the Eve/Aksana Vs. Kaitlyn/Layla tag team match for later in the night.
  • World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus met with Booker T. Booker asked him to promise that he would keep a cool head tonight during the confrontation. Sheamus said he respected Booker but couldn’t promise that.
  • The big in-ring verbal showdown/hard sell between Sheamus and The Big Show capped off this edition of the show. After a whole lot of bickering back and forth, Show said that Sheamus was scared, causing the pale warrior to fight through security to get a piece of Show. Sheamus attempted a Brogue Kick on Show, but he ducked and got out of the ring. Sheamus then hit a Brogue Kick on a security guy for good measure as the show went off the air.

WWE Smackdown airs every Friday at 8pm/7pm Central on the SyFy Channel, with the full episode going up on Hulu Plus a day later.

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