[TV Results] WWE Main Event – 10/24/2012

Here are the results of last night’s WWE Main Event which aired on the Ion Network. Results are gleamed from Chris Shore‘s live coverage of the event on ProWrestling.net so go there for a more detailed analysis.

Match Results:

  1. Ryback pinned Dolph Ziggler.
  2. Alberto Del Rio defeated Sin Cara by submission.

Storyline/Segment Notes:

  • After the Del Rio/Cara match, Del Rio got on the mic to tear down Randy Orton to help hype their match this Sunday at Hell in a Cell. Del Rio imitated The Prime Time Players when doing so, which brought Young/O’Neil out. They teased attacking Del Rio for his imitation of the “Millions of Dollars” dance, but instead attacked Cara instead. Orton then came out and hit the RKO on both members of The Prime Time Players while Del Rio managed to escape. Orton then got on a mic and said that Cara’s partner Rey Mysterio was making his return next week (but didn’t he…whatever) and challenged Del Rio and The Prime Time Players to face him and Mysterio/Cara. So that’s the main event of Main Event next week.

WWE Main Event airs every Wednesday night at 8pm/7pm Central on the Ion Network with the episode then put up on Hulu Plus later on in the week.

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