[TV Review] IMPACT Wrestling – 10/18/2012

This Week on IMPACT Wrestling: Devon and The Aces and 8’s made their presence known, new World Champion Jeff Hardy lets everyone know his distaste for cookies, Tara and her Hollywood boyfriend Jessie Godderz did a whole lot of making out, and Samoa Joe continued on the path to making the TV Title relevant again.

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Match Results

  1. Samoa Joe (c) defeated Robbie E (w/ Robbie T) via submission to retain the TNA Television Title.
  2. ODB pinned [TNA Knockouts Champion] Tara (w/ Jessie Godderz) in a non-title match.
  3. [TNA World Tag Team Champions] Chavo Guerrero Jr./Hernandez defeated Kid Kash/Gunner in a non-title match.
  4. Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels in a triple threat match. [Angle gets a spot as one of the four possible contenders to the World Title on next week’s “Championship Thursday”; the other three are James Storm, Mr. Anderson, and Bully Ray]
  5. Sting defeated Devon by disqualification after The Aces and 8’s interfered.

*What Worked*

Samoa Joe Dominates Robbie E: The Samoa Joe/Robbie E match was a very one-sided affair, with Joe not only decimating him but his bodyguard Robbie T en route to a successful defense of the TV Title. While the match itself was whatever, not even going 3 minutes, I have to give it up for Joe’s dominance; the way he’s been tearing people apart since becoming TV Champion is not only elevating him but it’s also elevating the TV Title as well and that makes me happy. In fact I’ll even venture to say that he’s the best TV Champion TNA has ever had and he’s barely into his run.

*What Was Okay*

Devon’s Opening Promo: His debut as a member of the Aces and 8’s at Bound For Glory on Sunday was a reveal many people weren’t that excited about and although I did enjoy the fact I was genuinely surprised by it, I had to agree with the majority on this one. His promo to start the show, however, did help him a little bit in establishing himself as a heel and more importantly not as the leader of the group (he’s their “Sgt. in Arms”). He didn’t get to say much or go into much detail unfortunately, but his tone and the disdain he showed towards the fans worked well enough. But it wasn’t the knockout promo that they needed to build off of Sunday.

AJ Styles Vs. Christopher Daniels Vs. Kurt Angle: Having these three competitors in the ring at the same time will never result in a bad match but their triple threat tonight was also nothing to write home about. It was proficient and had some good spots but it was just a vehicle for the Styles/Angle feud to continue slowly burning. Plus it was only given just a shade under 7 minutes so it never truly got going as a match.

James Storm Superkicks Bobby Roode: I toyed with putting this in the “doesn’t work” section but the mic work from both men was good (especially Roode’s) and I liked Storm hitting Roode with the Last Call instead of going through another lengthy “you didn’t carry me!” argument. And while this would work as a cap to their feud, part of me is scared that it isn’t quite over yet. I don’t think they can top their bloodbath from Bound For Glory and would hate to see them try.

Matt Morgan Threatens Hulk Hogan: It looks like Morgan and Joey Ryan are going to be pals from here on out and jury’s out on how that goes, but I dug Morgan’s intensity towards Hogan when they ran into him backstage. His choice of words were poor (talked about shoving things up Hogan’s ass and such) but I appreciate where they’re going with it. And Hogan’s creepy laugh after being accosted was kind of cool too.

*What Didn’t Work*

Overall Show: I got back into TNA in early July and I’ve got to say this is definitely the worst episode of IMPACT Wrestling I’ve seen since becoming a fan once again. The in-ring action was mediocre to terrible, the backstage segments were very hit or miss (mostly the latter), and it felt like they were just killing time until next week’s “Championship Thursday” which they hyped up constantly at the expense of having a good post-Bound For Glory outing.

Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries Get Juvenile On Our Asses: Jeff Hardy‘s first outing as new TNA World Champion was by no means a success. Before Aries came out, his mic work consisted of name dropping the fans and the Impact Zone in order to get a series of cheap pops and after that, he yelled about not liking cookies. It was…odd. Aries was a bit better but not by much, bringing out balloons and the earlier mentioned cookies to “celebrate” his win. The whole exchange between the two felt childish and Aries spitting on Hardy’s new custom belt (we’ll get to that next) made my eyes roll. This whole segment was just bad overall.

Jeff Hardy’s Custom Belt of Doom..and Sh*t: Here’s a little secret: I hate when a wrestler wins a title and customizes it to suit his/her persona. It always looks stupid and in some cases ends up devaluing the title the person holds at the time (perfect example: the WWE Championship which is still in John Cena custom mode all these years later and looks like a piece of dogsh*t). So you can guess that when Hardy came out sporting a new custom TNA World Title that I wanted to put my fist through my television screen. Plus it just looks ridiculous. But I’ll give him this: at least it isn’t purple like the last time he had a custom World Title (2010-era TNA).

Tara and Jessie Godderz: Their backstage promo, which involved a photoshoot and constant generic Hollywood talk, was so unappealing and so badly acted that I almost felt embarrassed for both of these performers. I get that they’re supposed to be annoying but right now they’re operating at a “turn my TV off whenever they show up” level. Not good. Which leads me to…

ODB Vs. Tara: The overarching story in this one had to do with both women being obsessed with their significant others, Tara constantly smooching with Godderz on the apron and ODB having a conversation with hubby Eric Young on a cell phone (before and during the match) which is already insulting to begin with. But the match itself was pretty wretched and the finish, ODB beating Tara clean, was horrifying and made her look weak. If it’s part of a “Godderz is distracting Tara from her wrestling goals” story then fine so be it but it didn’t make for good or even passable wrestling television.

Sting Vs. Devon: A slow-paced ugly stepchild of a match that felt like it was killing time until the Aces and 8’s inevitably ran in to cause the DQ and have the show end with a giant TNA Vs. Aces brawl (which, funny enough, is sort of how the show started). I couldn’t stand this match on an entertainment level whatsoever; it was just too boring. I did like Devon trying to really hammer home his heel persona though. That man was going almost over the top to make it work and part of me respects that. But yeah this and the run-in afterwards was not a good way to end the post-Bound For Glory show.

Hulk Hogan Threatens Devon: The Aces and 8’s don’t work for Hulk Hogan or TNA; although they have infiltrated, they are their own little motorcycle gang who play by their own rules and do what they want to do. And thanks to their win on Sunday they have FULL ACCESS to the Impact Zone and can come and go as they please. Got it? Good. Now someone tell Hogan that because in goading Devon to face Sting in the main event, he yelled at him to do it or to get out of TNA forever. He doesn’t have jurisdiction over Devon; he’s not under contract and he’s not beholden to the whims of Hulkamania. In other words, that is not a threat Hogan can make to Devon. With The Aces and 8’s given full access, expect more storyline hiccups like this to happen on a weekly basis. They’ve backed themselves into a corner with it.

And that’ll do it for this review. To read my full detailed coverage event of last night’s IMPACT Wrestling, head over to Pro Wrestling Ponderings. See you next week with another review and hopefully it’ll go a lot better.

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    • Muttley
    • October 22nd, 2012

    I think the Roode/Storm feud should have ended at BFG. I still dont get the whole King Mo thing. All he did at BFG was skulk about the ring glaring. Waste of time and money having him there IMHO. Perhas instead he could have interfered/tried to break up the match in some way, to the point of pissing off both Roode and Storm and they double teamed him to stop him interfering. At this point perhaps they could realise they wrok well together and reform Beer Money…. Just a suggestion on how King Mo could have been used better.

    • While that would have gotten King Mo into the match more, I think that would’ve been a mistake. The Storm/Roode match was bigger than Mo and deserved taking center stage over the special enforcer. But I do agree that he was absolutely pointless. They should’ve shoehorned him into something else where he could’ve done something more substantial.

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