[TV Report] The Highlights of…WWE Raw (10/15/2012)


Note: This is the ultimate trial run for an idea I had last night. “The Highlights of…” is a new TV report where I’ll break down and a show and report the stuff that I found good for a variety of reasons (entertainment value, match quality, made me smirk or think, etc.). Think of it as a guide for when you’re going through an episode of a show on DVR; the pieces brought up here are the pieces worth seeing. Let’s give this a shot, and if you have any feedback don’t hesitate to let me know.

*In-Ring Highlights*

Sheamus Vs. Wade Barrett:Last week, Sheamus and Barrett had the best match on the show and this week this put on a repeat performance. It was a little bit deja vu at times (the DQ finish, the long match length, Big Show coming out to watch) but the two still had an entertaining and physical bout. These past few weeks Sheamus has opened my eyes to how good he is as a wrestler; I just wish his character matched his ability. Nevertheless if you watch one match from the show last night, watch this one.

Justin Gabriel Vs. Antonio Cesaro: Cesaro and Gabriel locked up last week on Superstarsand while that match was much better, they still managed to put an entertaining back and forth encounter. Cesaro got to showcase his power and Gabriel got to showcase his high-flying offense and selling abilities (the dude takes a hell of a clothesline). The match is a hair below five minutes but they did a lot in that miniscule time frame. I could watch these guys wrestle every week…which will probably end up happening so I immediately regret putting that out into the universe.

Eve Torres Vs. Layla:The Nashville fans (and some on Twitter) completely sh*t on this match but I found it very entertaining and technically sound on Torres’ end. Torres mixing in her Gracie training into the match made for some entertaining submission holds and helped her look dominant. And outside of a minor botch, Layla was good as well and was a lot better using a more serious approach. No stupid dancing is always a plus.

*Segment Highlights*

Miz TV:The strongest promo of the night surprisingly didn’t involve CM Punk or Paul Heyman for once. Instead, The Miz and Kofi Kingston stole the show in that area with a very serious and very well-done verbal confrontation on the second edition of MizTV. Miz got some good verbal jabs in about Kingston being seen as a “B player” and Kingston fighting back both verbally and physically was good as well. It helped make Kingston seem more like a serious competitor and one not to be written off which he sorely needed if he’s going to get a push. The end game of this segment (a Miz/Kingston non-title match before their scheduled title match this Wednesday on Main Event) wasn’t great but everything before it was spot-on. I’m actually looking forward to the match on Wednesday…if it still happens after Kingston’s hard kick to the back of Miz during their match later in the night. That was brutal.

Contract Signing:Contract signings are played out at this point but I’m still considering this a highlight for two reasons: 1) we finally have a concrete WWE Championship match for Hell in a Celland 2) Ryback is actually getting the match. To be honest I didn’t expect the latter to happen given all the Punk/Cena build over the past few weeks but was a good swerve and one that genuinely caught me by surprise. John Cena helping to give the rub to Ryback on the mic was great as well and although most serious fans can’t stand the guy, his endorsement means everything to the younger fans and it helped make Ryback look like a serious player. Speaking of “Big Hungry” (sigh), I really liked him during this segment as well. No talking, just an intense stare. Even when he’s not chanting it vocally, his eyes are constantly reading “FEED ME MORE” and his staring daggers at Punk was unnerving and kind of awesome. Ryback dropping Punk with the Shell Shock was a good way to end the show and the Nashville crowd was 100000000% on board with the choice. Cheers for some new blood finally getting into the main event scene; it’s made Hell in a Cella hell of a lot more intriguing than it was before.

The Big Show’s Opening Promo:The Big Show gets a lot of flack but he’s damn good on the mic with this new character change and he opened the show pretty strongly. It wasn’t amazing but it was solid stuff from the man and he’s good at making the crowd absolutely despise him. Out of the three highlighted segments, this one is probably the most expendable but I urge you to watch it anyway because reasons.

*Other Highlights*

The Three Man Band:They debuted with a new look tonight and while I wasn’t a fan of that per say I was happy to see them featured on the show (them getting kicked out of a honky tonk was amusing for the most basic of reasons). They are entertaining and ridiculous, and though I know they will never become a main event stable they’re a good midcard act. Plus the novelty of seeing Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal, and Drew McIntyre in a group together has yet to wear off. Who the hell decided on that trio? I love it.

Kane Imitating Matt Striker:After Kane dispatched Striker in a quick match, he laid down next to him and pretended to interview him in the style Striker does every week. I’m a big fan of Kane’s deadpan comedy so I cracked up at this. Pointless? Probably. But it was entertaining and for a show that dragged as much as Rawdid, I’ll take my entertainment wherever I can get it.

Ricardo Rodriguez Mocks The Funkdactyls:Alberto Del Rio easily dispatched Brodus Clay tonight and his trusty ring announcer was there to announce his victory on the mic. As he did so, he did it right in the Funkadactyls’ faces with and smiled smugly. I love Ricardo Rodriguez.

And those are the highlights of this week’s Raw.If you have the show saved on your DVR, make sure to check these moments out for sure and feel free to fast forward through the rest. Be back with another version of this either this week for IMPACT Wrestling or next week for Raw.

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